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Is there good reason anymore to have 2 Sonic designs?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by High Fidelity, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. mr.jinjin


    I don’t know about merging them together. It just doesn’t work when i think about it

    I kinda prefer the simplicity of classic sonic. The whole design philosophy of sonic, was to make him easy for children to draw. As a result, he had a simple but recognizable design.

    When my little brother draws sonic, he draws classic sonic. i asked him why and he said

    “cuz it’s easier for me to draw, without looking at a picture.”

    You’re gonna hate me for this. But i think that scrapping modern sonic in favor of classic sonic, would be a good marketing move.

    Yes, the fanbase would be on fire, but the mainstream audience wouldn’t care.

    Classic sonic is more marketable, and more people associate him with the golden age of sega.

    But i don’t think they should just mindlessly pander to classic fans.

    That being said, i don’t want the movie design to come to the games. It would only add to the confusion.

    (and the blue arms are slowly killing me inside)
  2. Trickster's Joke

    Trickster's Joke

    This statement makes no sense for a few reasons

    Your anecdotal evidence does not apply for all children. My cousin draws shadow the hedgehog all the time, he likes shadow finds him easy to draw. That is not the key to some larger take about how classic sonic should be removed its an personal experience. But also , do you know what makes the most money with sonic, not mania , not 3d games. Mobile games, mobile games where kids can play as their favorite adventure era designed character. Classic sonic is there too in some cases, but its a bonus. Getting rid of the "modern" designs wouldn't be a good idea, it would be slashing your potential markets. Shadow the hedgehog is still more popular than...every other character that isn't sonic and he only really works in one era of design you would be essentially slashing this character so some older guy can go " ahh the golden age?" who cares. That's not a thing he can go sonic mania and wax nostalgic or play a port. The series has essentially experimented with getting rid of a lot of modern era elements and that didn't work. People like those things, its why they started coming back.

    It also hurts this argument that most people do not care about a " golden age" they just like the sonic stuff they like. If when whatever, sega makes some type of adventure send up and its good, there will be people on other forms suggesting all other forms of sonic should go for brand synergy. And those people will be silly too. It doesn't work for fans, it doesn't work for the business to do this.
  3. mr.jinjin


    Meh. what do i know?
  4. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    I think there is so much that can be done with classic Sonic and his world/style, and it's unfortunate that some people think it's either modern Sonic, or nothing but Green Hill and Chemical Plant. So many incredible new locations and environments you could visit, Mania's four original zones being a perfect example. So many characters that haven't had much more than a cameo. I'd love to see a fully 3D classic Sonic where guys like Fang or the Chaotix play a big part in the story. There's an awful lot of "world" in pre-SA1 Sonic that's barely been explored.
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  5. BlueFrenzy


    I will describe a huge problem existing with the Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise:
    This Franchise has been alive for 30 years. Not only that, during these 30 years the franchise has explored many different concepts, even some contradictory ones.
    Right now the sonic fanbase is split in many different segments it's almost impossible to please everybody. Most of the people ends up loving the game they first played and they seek more of those games which were the ones that made them love sonic on the first place.

    Since most positions are hard to reconcile, having two different character designs identifying the two major successful playstyles can help the players to quickly indentify their niche. Because, another thing that is true, is that the character design is also part of that experience. I don't see any issue having two different characters to differentiate the two different playstyles. What I would avoid is to mix them in the same game. It was ok as an anniversary gimmick, but what happens in forces is stupide, since it pleases no one.
  6. RDNexus


    I'm not sure if you'll deem it as off-topic or not, but since @CynicalSonicGuy already did it, I'll try my luck.

    Yesterday, I made an interpretation of mine of how Sonic could look like from here onwards:

    And a "blue arms" version:

    My inspirations for these designs were the following:
    Nibroc-Rock's Dreamcast Sonic
    hextupleyoodot's Realistic Sonic
    Runners Sonic
    Movie Sonic

    I know MANY people would rather not have a new redesign of the overall cast (with BOOM having done enough damage already), but who knows?
    Maybe a new style for a potential new era, promising more success and a return to the Glory of Yore...

    Anyway, given how amateurish the designs are, you're free to laugh at them xD
    Still, what's your opinion of them?
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  7. Gestalt


    Sphinx in Chains Member
    I like it a lot. It makes me think of Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush, and it reminds me of the Olympic Games, which is always nice. But I'm not a fan of Movie Sonic, so yeah... ^^