Is there good reason anymore to have 2 Sonic designs?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by High Fidelity, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Honestly, I think the Sonic Runners render is one of my... favorites?
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  2. Vanishing Vision

    Vanishing Vision

    I love both designs and want them to stay, but have no interest in any more interaction between the two of them. It was good fun in Generations, but really unnecessary in Forces. The goofy "other dimension" bit certainly didn't help.
  3. Ben™


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    Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic should stay separated, in my opinion. Sega has been pushing the idea for around a decade, and it allows more people to enjoy Sonic. Classic Sonic can be appealing to those who prefer gameplay over story, and Modern Sonic can be appealing for those who would be interested in the reverse. Also, since both Sonic designs have appeared in the same game together more than once (Generations and Forces), Sega would have to retcon certain events and create official Modern designs for many characters who still don't have one, such as Mighty and Ray. If, instead of merging both into Modern, the designs are merged into Classic Sonic, Sega would still have to create new designs for characters like Shadow and Silver who don't have official Classic designs. As long as the designs don't cross over just for the sake of doing it instead of for story, Sega should keep Classic and Modern Sonic separated.