Is there any lost Sonic 4 financial information about?

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  1. Having read the page for Sonic The Hedgehog 4 here on SR, I became intrigued to piece together a record on the business side of the project (as opposed to the less or more public development side). So far my contacts have left me with unsatisfying results. I was interested to see if any SR member has valuable lost media to share be it financial leaks or financial reports and interviews.
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    Sega-Sammy's financial reports are all on Sega Retro. A simple google search would have let you there, you know.
  3. There seems to be a misunderstanding. What I intended was lost financial leaks, reports and interviews as in lost media. Please share anything you find fitting this criteria.
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    If any of us had such things, they would not be lost. Nothing is really coming to my mind that fits the criteria you're looking for, but maybe something got posted in one of the old Sonic 4 threads here? They're very long, full of back and forth bickering that will be very tough to sift through. But I imagine if there's anything we could offer for this, it would be buried in one of them.
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  5. I see. Very well then.
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    Are you specifically looking for information that pertains to the game's sales records, sales predictions or....?