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Is Sonic Unleashed the Fastest Sonic Game to Date?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Rhythm Raccoon, Feb 16, 2021.

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    I can't believe nobody has mentioned Blue Sphere (Sonic & Knuckles locked on with Sonic 1). When Sonic reaches top speed as you take too long, the speed just gets completely insane.
  2. Tbh, my ideal sonic game would basically be adventure 2 with rush's trick system. As you run around, you can perform tricks, collect rings, and destroy enemies to fill up a constantly depleting tension gauge (so you actually have to play well to fill the gauge all the way up). Once the gauge is full, Sonic explodes with adrenaline and enters advance 2's boost state, getting afterimages for as long as the tension gauge is fed (there'd be like a 10 second cool down (like in rush) if you do nothing before the state is gone and you have to build it back up again).

    While in the adrenaline rush, sonic would essentially get sonic 2 style super sonic stats, including running twice as fast, jumping higher, SA1 instant spindashes, etc etc. I've always wanted a sonic game like this, and maybe way down the road I can mod SA2 to play like this lol. A guy can dream.
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    No, the correct answer is Rad Mobile. That little plastic sonic dangling from the rear view mirror gets across the USA in just 17 minutes.That's about 10,000mph or 13 times the speed of sound.
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    I really wish the only official perfect port of this game wasn't trapped on a device with no analog controls.
  5. Time to resurrect this old thread with this video I just found:

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    Something I learned recently is that Sonic Heroes on PC regularly doesnt have a speed cap. This explains a lot of why every game since has just felt incredibly slow. Unleashed I wouldn't necessarily call faster; twitchy, sure. That game as noted really did ask for a lot, especially in an era where HDTVs tended to have quite a lot of lag