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Is Boost Sonic a comedy of errors?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Laughingcow, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Laughingcow


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    Originally I was gonna ask, "Is the boost in Sonic Rush necessary?" because I'm currently playing through Sonic Rush and the Boost (which is separate from Boost Mode) is just pointless. Maybe it is cause I just replayed through the entire Advance trilogy but I'm finding myself thinking about Plinkett's Last Jedi review where he compares it to National Lampoon's Vacation and how the things that happen are due to incompetence instead of actual challenges presented in development. Just follow me for a moment.

    Why does Sonic have a Boost which grants him immediate speed?
    Because Sonic doesn't have natural momentum anymore. He stops on a dime without player input and cannot roll properly because of this.

    Why does Sonic no longer have natural momentum?
    Because in Sonic Advance 3, his forward movement was increased making general platforming difficult leading to many frustrating deaths.

    Why was Sonic's forward movement increased?
    Because they were continuing the philosophy of Sonic Advance 2 of making Sonic faster.

    Why did they try to make Sonic faster?
    Because they believed this was how to evolve the Classic Sonic formula.

    Why did the Classic Sonic formula need to evolve?
    Because it was old game design they didn't think would stick with modern audiences.

    Satan's anus....And it doesn't end here.

    Why do the levels in Sonic Rush have enemies placed directly in the player's path?
    To encourage using the Boost with its semi-super Sonic invulnerability which has little value otherwise. It isn't faster than Sonic's Boost Mode state and the level gimmicks can be triggered without top speed.

    Why does Sonic need to build meter doing tricks?
    Because a majority of the time is spent either on Rails or being launched by Springs which automates the level and having a do something button gives the player a false sense of doing something.

    Why is the level design full of springs, rails, and long stretches of running?
    Because they focus on the speed aspect of Sonic's character when designing a level instead of the platforming Sonic games were originally known for.

    Why did they focus on the Speed?
    Because they thought this was how to evolve the Classic formula.

    The more I play, the more I see them trying to fix problems they themselves caused. It's beautiful in a way. Like a trainwreck or a plane crash. It's weird cause I do enjoy Sonic Rush but it's not an improvement over say Sonic Advance 2. Lastly, I have one question left:

    Why doesn't Boost Sonic evolve the Classic Sonic formula?
    Because the Classics already had Super Sonic which allowed you to boost through the levels with reckless abandon. You took a reward the player had to earn and turned it into an overpowered mechanic by accident.
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    I LOVE your post. Even if we already knew that, it's crystal clear written that way, and all together in a not so long post.
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    At least Rush is fun to play. The 3D boosts games... I mean they're fun, but I think they'd be more fun if they didn't have the boost ¯\_(?)_/¯ (except Unleashed that was specifically designed with it in mind)
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    Wow I wasn't expecting such a detailed eloquent post with so many facts supporting your opinions. It's all so true. Its exactly how I felt when I played it. Its only a little better than Sonic Advance 1.

    Its incredible how Dimps revitalized the classic sonic gameplay in a truly amazing way during the GBA era. Dimps starts to ruin it with boost making spindash useless in Sonic Rush. This led Dimps to remove spindash in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors. Which led to the destruction of good 3D Sonic games. Which led to the split in the sonic community game preference style. The chaos they created eventually them to appease both sides in the same game which led to Sonic Lost Wold doing so poorly. I say Sonic Lost World because he has spin dash but it there's a way to use it indefinitely like boost and it borrows elements from colors etc...
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    I take it your playing through the entire series as a sort of retrospective?

    I wish I could be this articulate when critiquing games.
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    Yeah, I'll be playing both Rush games. I'm looking at Sonic and the changes from a game dev standpoint to understand how we got to this point. Ultimately, this ends with Sonic 4.
  7. Dr. Mecha

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    You Just explained everything wrong with how Dimps handled Sonic.

    Thank You.
  8. Great post!

    I love Mr. Plinkett reviews and can't wait for the Red Letter Media guys to get hold of Sonic the Movie :v:

    Boost is a gimmick that has outstayed it's welcome