Introducing the Sonic Retro Discord Server

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  1. David The Lurker

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    EDIT: Oh hey so here's a new Discord Link for the Retro server. If you weren't in it before, go ahead and click. It'll be fun maybe I dunno.

    Hello all you persons of interest!

    This is David the Lurker, silent administrator of Sonic Retro. With the Sonic Anniversary Party coming up in only a couple days, we know that people will want to talk about everything that is happening. Will anything get announced? Will the stream rock? Will we get something we were not expecting at all? Sure, we have the forums, but nothing beats instant communication. That is why, in preparation for Friday, we are announcing the Sonic Retro Discord Server.

    What's Discord, you ask? Well, it is a messaging service similar to Skype. Beginning as a way to converse with people while playing video games, it's grown into itself over the last few months. You join a server, you can type to your hearts content (within reason, of course), and you can even join into a voice channel. Get excited to hear those mystery voices! Or decide that maybe it was better when all you did was type. And just like the forums, there are also rooms dedicated to fangame and hacking discussion, since that is still at the heart of what Sonic Retro is.

    Sonic Retro has always looked towards the latest and greatest in social media, and Discord is an extension of that. The app can be used through multiple devices, so you can be chatting on your home computer, jump on the bus and keep on talking through your phone, then sit in an internet cafe and log onto the browser version, all without missing a beat. You don't have to download the app anywhere to use the web-based client either, so if you join and go "nah, not for me," you can do that too. Though it should go without saying, we want to make sure that anyone who joins is having a fun time. There's no reason to sully up the chat, so practice some common courtesy, and if you follow along the general rules of the forums, you should be fine.

    Click here to check out the site, and when you have the service set up, click here to jump into the server.
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  2. The 64th Gamer

    The 64th Gamer

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    It says the invite has expired, mind updating the invite link?
  3. Vangar


    Hey, can someone invite me to to the channel? Cheers.
  4. BSonirachi


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    Can you consider making a non-expiring invite link?
  5. There's always the never-expiring IRC server if y'all want to hop into there. :v:
  6. Miles Prower

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    Yeah, you guys still use Discord in 2017? IRC is where it's at.
  7. David The Lurker

    David The Lurker

    For some mysterious reason... Administrator
    well heck
  8. GerbilSoft


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    I have altered the Discord invite. Pray I do not alter it any further.

    EDIT: Updated both links now.
  9. MiSHiKiS


    ive been waiting to be verified on the Retro discord for about 3 months
  10. Overlord


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    I'm looking at the list of users online right now and no-one's waiting for Validation. Either yours has been done or you're not online when staff are.
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    The link seems to be not working anymore.
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