I'm running a poll about Sonic fandom

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  1. Classic buh

    The real meat of the series

    The rest is just fluff

    But of course I'm gonna say that :)
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    Question: Is this just for people on Retro or are you gonna post something similar on other Sonic forums?
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    Kinda late, but I voted 'Adventure and it's my favorite' cause that's true. I did kinda want to say this, though. So, I had the Gamecube and I pretty much at some point or another (often through renting and trade-ins), had every Sonic game that ever released on it including both Adventure games, both Mega and Gems Collections, and Heroes. I had them all at once, without 90s marketing, or even much current marketing because my internet use was low and I didn't have cable for most of my kidhood. I never saw any difference between classic and green eyes. It was all just Sonic, and until I started reading on the internet more frequently, I don't remember ever thinking that there was anything that made the older games and the newer games distinct.

    It's for this reason that I really don't like these distinctions between eras, at least officially speaking. I kind of understand why we have them as fans to an extent, and this is kind of a tangent, but I really don't like that "Classic Sonic" as it's own character and game series is a thing. I don't like the idea that the Sonic from Mania and the one from Adventure are different characters. To me it's a pointless distinction, especially when the current games are so poorly defined and tend to borrow heavily from past stuff. The way it is now, I'd much rather they just did what they wanted for any given game, and let us sort through it like it was before Generations drew these muddy and blurry lines in the sand.
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    Wow. Very interesting to see both Classic options in the majority AND the minority respectively. Then again, I got into the series of off a Game Gear game, so maybe that would have something to do with me being in the latter. Well, truth be told, I don't really have a favorite either as you can probably deduce, but I suppose the era that comes closest would have to be Modern. For me, Classic only has 1, Adventure has nothing, and Modern has... I guess 1.5?
    I dunno. I was thinking making Unleashed - Sonic 4 Episode II it's own separate era and calling it either the Unleashed era or the Generations era. Then later on down the line, we could call this era we're in now the Mania era... but then that might start getting too cliche.
  5. Very late to the party, sorry, but the poll is very interesting so I put down my tick.
    Due to my circumstances, the first console I could pick up, was a Dreamcast, and with that, Sonic Adventure 1 + 2 and Sonic Shuffle. The latter really didn't impress me much.
    At the time, the only exposure I had was passing experience (at friends' homes) with Sonic CD and playing that.
    But serious time, and playing experience was gained on Dreamcast, with Sonic Adventure and its sequel. So I fit into the "Adventure Era"
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    Wow, nice. I'm in the minority!

    Born '86. Just the right time to be able to play Sonic 1 well enough and grew up with the Classic series.

    However I got the most love for Sonic Adventure, easily. Possibly the 'everything was better when you were twelve' symptom, but that era was great. Unironic enjoyment of Shadow the Hedgehog also plays a part.
    I know, I'll get my coat..
  7. Old man here... I got Sonic Adventure when I was 26. I am now 43 and I still play that game every day.
    How do you know a Sonic game will stay on the Cool Wall? When your dear old MOTHER wants to play it.
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    Been a fan since 1995, ride or die with the classic series although Adventure 2 is the closest a 3D game came to capturing the old magic.
  9. Yeah, that's true.
    I could say it depends when and where you jumped into the series. Classic, Modern, or Postmodern