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If Sega only cared about pandering to YOU, what kind of Sonic game would they make?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Josh, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. astroblema


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    Mania 2 or Adventure 3. Sorry. I'm a simple guy :(
  2. shilz


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    Now that I feel terrible for providing an honest answer of what an ideal traditional platformer sonic would be, I'll throw in a bonus idea I've had for a bit:

    A Sonic Smash clone. Sonic himself would play almost identically to how he plays in Smash, and most characters would have a bit of a common moveset to share, with enough to set them all apart. (So maybe all characters share a spindash)
    It would have a story mode just as Team Sonic Racing did, but preferably with fully animated cutscenes - if not, it would at least steal the text-based system from Sonic Rush adventure and Sonic Colors DS instead of taking years to swap between the dialogue.
    You'd have fairly traditional 2.5d Sonic levels and would potentially implement a "light" version of momentum into the combat. Rings would be the main form of health, and would follow the Sonic Rush style "losing rings makes them go further out", but percentage and regular health modes could also be included.
    The game's actual cast of characters wouldn't be restricted to any "classic" or "modern" divide, and would be fairly sizable. Since this is supposed to pander to me, specific fighters included are Zeena, Zavok, Gemerl, Mighty (Using his Archie design), Honey, and probably Shade, even if she couldn't get a story explanation.
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    If game mods talk is allowed here, Zeena IS actually a playable fighter in Sonic Duel (that one SSBB mod).

    Her attacks aren't ice-based due to her being over Zero Suit Samus but I would love to see ice attacks for her in a possible Sonic Smash clone game.

    At least she's getting some attention. She's also the only member of the Deadly Six I like.
    (the other 5 can eff off for all I care, especially Zavok.)

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  4. shilz


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    Yeah. She's over Zero Suit Samus and only in just because that was on Brawl Vault when the creator was pooling together existing mods to use as a base.
    I'd actually been asked for my pitches for what her moves might be as a fleshed out character, which eventually led to me thinking about my big Sonic Smash idea in the first place.
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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    I'd like to see Sega make character genre games with their supporting cast for example:

    Tails' Adventure 2 - A comfy collectathon

    Shadow the Hedgehog 2 - F.U. I liked it. Give me a Platinum Games action platformer where he's a GUN agent, but no actual guns. He's got Chaos Spears for that.

    Metal Gear Rouge - Gimme a cute stealth platformer where I'm stealing shit!
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  6. Alright, its Christmas and I'm going full fanfic today.

    Sonic Destinies

    Full 3D game with Sonic, Knuckles and Shadow as the main playable characters.

    I want to finally explore Knuckles' background as well as the meaning behind the mural on Hidden Palace Zone. It's basically canonizing that Sonic is the true ultimate lifeform and that Shadow is a copy based on that mural whom Gerald created.

    Cue existential crisis on contemplating his purpose. Sonic, being who he is, would just shrug it off as he doesn't care what role he plays and has to help Shadow understand the same.
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    A direct sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles that not only builds off of the strengths of that formula — big levels, exploration, being rewarded just the right amount of exploration or punished for TOO MUCH exploration, the creative bosses etc. Ideally it'd also build off of the strengths of Sonic CD as well — interesting villain or rival besides Eggman/Robotnik himself, animated opening and ending, interesting bosses and of course THE MUSIC etc; everything that made Sonic CD good.

    Ideally they'd continue to build off of what made S3&K great and evolve it with the times, add in or omit certain things to keep it from becoming redundant.

    I'd also want to see a PROPER GG/SMS interpretation of S3&K (I say "proper" because while I can see where Triple Trouble does indeed draw obvious inspiration from S3&K, Triple Trouble also doesn't cut it for me. Perhaps if TT had mixed in some downsized and reimagined versions of S3&K's levels then maybe I'd feel differently). I don't expect it to be nearly as big, but aesthetically speaking, let's get some 8-bit versions of levels like HCZ, FBZ, MHS, LRZ etc. Downsize it however you need to in order to make it work in 8-bit, but dammit use the artwork and make 8-bit versions of the songs. I'm not gonna lie, I also always did imagine what a lock-on GG cart would be like; Knuckles in 8Bit Sonic 2, Sonic 1 or even Sonic Chaos? I'm game!
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  8. Tiberious


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    Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing them take another crack at Fighters. Lord knows there's plenty of characters to use, and mechanics that could be fixed up without even resorting to innovating anything or adding new systems.
  9. Metalwario64


    Add in Advance 4 and you basically have my ideals. Also, so long as "Mania 2" is all new zones this time so it's a true, full continuation where 3 left off.
  10. RDNexus


    I'd like to see a reboot of the Classics that connected nicely to SA1. A proper one, that is, done right.
    2/3 stages representing each Classic game, a funny and engaging plot, battle against Metal Sonic, maybe an EggRobo being equally relevant.
    Proper presentations and backstories for Sonic, Tails, Knux, Amy and Eggman. Maybe even the Chaotix as well.
    The stages being fully 3D, with great visuals, mechanics and physics, and tons of nostalgia pandering.
    Each main area of stages could have a hub space ALA Sonic JAM's Sonic World, with tons of nice things to see, hear, read, remember and unlock.
    And stage select screen depicting each main area nicely ALA SA2 or so, with chances of additional stages through DLC.
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  11. Sai Start Marker

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    A fully realized sequel to Sonic CD by Evening Star, with the instant-time-travel transition Ohshima could only dream of in 1993.
  12. Snowbound


    This joke has been done before... but I’ll do it anyways: this game better be called Sonic Blueray! Seriously tho I would LOVE this game
  13. Sonic Forces was bascially exactly what I've wanted out of a Sonic game. Be careful what you wish for.
  14. Hmm...

    Well I've always wanted an open world exploration with physics based 3D sonic game. Looks like frontiers is gonna fulfill at least a small part of that.

    My dream, assuming that frontiers actually does have satisfying physics and fluid gameplay, would be to see the same thing but in a more Sonic-y world. The art style and design of Sonic CD/3 brought to life.

    I want to be able to pull off a manuever very similar to the Sonic CD opening and then explore the varieties of environments with a similar style as those games. A great storyteller and artist could create a more in depth world and the lore to go with it, expanding from the source material.

    But I'll be honest with you, it's not like it absolutely has to check all the classic sonic boxes. SA1 already was pretty close to a dream sonic game for me, at least the Dreamcast version with the in game models. You could just expand from that with a lot more focus on the sonic gameplay and I'd be a very happy camper. Its literally what I've always wanted, with the opportunity to explore.larger environments when not in the actual action stages.
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  15. plushifoxed


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    a knuckles solo game by ryu ga gotoku studios.
  16. BadBehavior


    Noticing that Mania 2 is kinda of being repeatedly brought up in the same context as SA3: some lofty example of what the series should strive to be by fans with varying levels of butthurt that the series isn't pandering to them. Can't wait for sonic forums to start making "No topics about Mania 2" rules.

    Speaking of other forums, thats where I layed out my preferred Sonic game:

    Judging from what we know about Frontiers, it looks like at least one of those rather profanity-laden wishes has been granted. Yay!
  17. shilz


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    I mean, it's an acceptable answer if it's honest since that's what pandering to those people would mean, and that's the entire point of the question.
  18. qwertysonic


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    True, but I think the spirit of the question was "what weird Sonic idea would make you happy that wouldn't necessarily be popular or successful?"
  19. Josh


    Not really, there was no particular spirit to the question beyond what was stated. You're free to interpret it any way you like. And considering Sonic Mania itself was ALREADY a pie-in-the-sky dream game for so many of us, of course a sequel would be, too.
  20. qwertysonic


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    Fair, but I disagree. We know that a Mania 2 would not be "only pandering to you" because Mania was massively successful, way more successful than Sega ever expected. And there's probably very few people on this forum that don't want a successor.