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If Sega only cared about pandering to YOU, what kind of Sonic game would they make?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Josh, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. So with an overworld connecting stages and without alternating characters after each stage?
  2. Gestalt


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    2D: A remake of Sonic 1, 2, 3, &K and CD in a similar style as Sonic Advance, but just the levels in form of one big level select screen, where you can freely choose which level(s) you want to play and in which order, with a long list of achievements/trophies that need to be unlocked to enter the special stages and pick up the Emeralds, as well as different modes and characters. That'd be cool.

    3D: Sonic Adventure 3 :shobon::oldbie::thumbsup:
  3. I've already brought it up on these forums before, but an Adventure 2/Rush hybrid. But since Sega won't ever make that, I'll fucking do it myself lol. :eng99:
  4. Forte


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    Fun topic :)

    For me it would basically a spiritual successor to Sonic ADVENTURE 1/2, a game that takes best things from that series and mix it together with what we love from never games.

    3 playable characters - Sonic, Tail's, Knuckles.

    Sonic levels are basically day levels from unleashed.

    Tails levels are akin to Sonic ADVENTURE style gameplay, focusing more on platforming.

    Knuckles levels are open-worldish, you basically hunt for things, solve puzzles etc.

    The plot I don't care about as much, just make it feel adventurous, high stakes at the end etc.

    Music should be created by Jun Senoue.
    And throw some Chao into the mix.

    Also, DLC. Because game could be expensive to make with 3 playstyles - just charge a few dollars for level packs, I don't mind that - really. As long as the levels are exciting.
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    Sonic Unleashed, but only the day stages, and without the autoscrolling interceptor/laser drone thing sections, and with loads and loads more levels of the quality of Jungle Joyride 1-2.

    Failing that, a Sonic 6 that takes primarily from Sonic 3 & Knuckles but also the best bits of Sonic Advance and Sonic Mania (so basically playable characters and Mania's special stages) to produce the 2D Sonic game to end all 2D Sonic games.
  6. The Joebro64

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    To be honest? A new version of Sonic Generations with more levels added to each era. Quartz Quadrant and Ice Cap in Classic, Cyber Track and Sky Troops in Dreamcast, and Levitated Ruin and Shrouded Forest in Modern. Then another era after Modern that includes Oil Desert, Tropical Coast, Studiopolis, and Metropolis. It'd be ideal if the Mania devs designed the new classic stages and the original devs the modern.

    , I'd make some modifications to the Time Eater to make it less of a chore and more of a fun, epic finale. I would also tweak Classic Sonic's physics and some of the level design to be more in line with the Genesis games, and add a modding API in-game so you can install mods easily. Definitely include more unlockables, like Adventure physics for Modern Sonic and the Drop Dash for Classic.
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  7. Wraith


    A 3D platformer that fused Classic Sonic's gameplay with Dreamcast Sonic's aesthetic, interpenetrating the series's pinball physics focus in 3D as a big fantasy skatepark. Rolling physics return and are the primary focus of the game, but a lot of SA2's tempo based mechanics, like grinding, swinging off poles and well timed tricks leak in as well. Some very light parkour elements make it in, but nothing that takes the focus away from executing a plan based on how the terrain looks.
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    My thoughts…

    First of all, he’s Robotnik again, not Eggman, like why does he call himself “Eggman”, I digress…


    A 2D Sonic game, that plays like Mania, set in the same universe.


    It would embrace the 90s – Sonic CD anime style for promotional materials and media, and animation shorts like Sonic CD had for the into and outro, using Hesse’s designs. Pixel art, like done in Mania would be preferred, but if some extremely talented people were able to make a 2.5D experience like DK Tropical Freeze, and in the Hesse style, I would welcome that. Although, I just don’t see this being done competently, and expect a lot of the charm in the design would be lost.


    I would bring back the environmentalism, technology v. nature, and industrial themes. Roboticization would return along with badniks, and then a menacing sci-fi plotline, like idk… Robotnik is attempting to robotisize the entire planet, or build a dyson sphere around the sun for some reason. Robotnik’s boss machines would return to looking more dieselpunk and less like plastic toys. Just a slightly darker tone overall.


    Techno and 90s house. Stuff that synergizes with the players heartbeat. There should also be MANY throwbacks to melodies from games past, like Chrome Gadget, Endless Mine, Diamond Dust, etc.


    I would introduce set pieces. Remember in Sonic CD, how you would come across those machines, or the projections of Metal Sonic. I would include more things like this, for instance, maybe you gain enough momentum to land on a high ledge you can’t normally reach, then walk a little further and find Tails having trouble with the Tornado. You do a spindash, and clear some debris around the tires, then Tails takes off… In another zone, you stumble across Amy and help her push a raft full of flickies into a river, idk.. This could lead to additional content in the game, or alternate ending, pathways, or tallys. People really love the transitions between zones, and these would be like that, just mid-zone. I would also include the transitions for each zone, of course.

    Also, it would be totally unexpected to have a few instances where you play as Eggman and have to complete a little puzzle or something like that. Just another way to round out the game, add depth, and create a memorable installment. Like, imagine a situation where Robotnik has to choose from 1 of 3 animals, and then 1 of 3 “elements”, to place into the roboticiser, and then there exists 9 (3 x 3) different potential outcomes for the badnik that comes out. But the player doesn’t see the result, until Sonic gets to the end of the next stage and has to battle against a fire-pig-robot, or a water-monkey-robot. Or in another instance, Robotnik has to play a “claw game” to pick up an emerald and then place it into an engine compartment. These would basically serve as minigames between zones and influence the gameplay for Sonic.
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  10. Sid Starkiller

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    Not trying to crap on anyone, but can people please say more than "Sonic Adventure 3"? Just the title alone means nothing. Describe what Adventure 3 would mean to you please
  11. Flygon


    Sonic 3 & Knuckles the art style and execution but a new game.

    So basically Mania 2 but all original zones and the Sonic 3 & Knuckles art style.

    I know, hedonistic.
  12. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    A spiritual successor of sorts to Sonic Unleashed with:
    --Bigger hubs with more going on (shops for cosmetic items, minigames, more in depth NPCs, etc.)
    --Less tedious/demanding collectible-based progression
    --More balanced stages in terms of Sonic's and the other gameplay type's taking up the same amount of time
    --More upgrades for Sonic (and whoever else) in the Entrance Stages. Sonic's had the same moves for quite some time now, so it would be cool to teach him some new or less explored tricks (example: Sonic Wind from SA2: he could use some of the boost gauge to blast airborne enemies while running by below them, or hit distant switches to activate doors/bridges/generators)
  13. Dark Sonic

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    That's true, Sonic's moveset has been basically the same for a while (and in some cases has gotten even more restricted over the years, Forces Sonic can't even drift). Lost World tried mixing up the attack system, and I kinda respect it at least for trying. But all the new moves keep getting given to wisps as temporary powerups.
  14. qwertysonic


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    Honestly just a Crush 40 album in the form of a game
    • Sonic Mania 2, but with all-new levels and hand-drawn assets, kinda like how Sonic Freedom or Sonic 2 HD looks.
    • A giant open-world playground like Sonic Utopia, but with new Generations style action stages. Essentially what Frontiers sounds like it's aiming for, except with slope physics and momentum and Sonic can roll into a ball.
    • A solo Knuckles game focused on his moveset, either 2D or 3D, I'd be happy.
  15. Shade Vortex

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    An open world action-based collectathon in the same vein as the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (I know Spyro isn't open world but a world would definitely need to be a lot bigger than Spyro's with Sonic's speed). Replace gems with rings and eggs with red rings. Have red rings you can't get to unless you make use of the terrain and Sonic's abilities in unique and progressively more challenging ways. Instead of rescuing dragons, you can rescue small animals. You could even still have some minigame activities but field them in Sonic-y ways- instead of a free roam skateboard area, there could be a skateboard race.

    Oh, and it needs: Momentum, rolling physics, and a good spindash. Multiple playable characters and a story that's of a Pixar-ish tone like Unleashed would be great.
  16. Dark Sonic

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    I also want to see 2 player mode return and I want it to be online. The fact only the DS/3DS titles (along with Sonic 2 mobile) have online is ridiculous. I want to race people in Generations PC, I want to race people in Mania without jumping through hoops I don't understand to get it to work on PC (and I know you can do it through Steam too but I don't have enough Steam friends to make that ever happen, I need a random lobby or something). But instead of adding online we get nonsense like leaderboards that are destroyed in weeks time due to cheating, or 4 player local split screen, because I have so many people over these days thanks to covid (I know, this wasn't a thing when Mania Plus happened but my point stands).
  17. VectorCNC


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    I really LOVE this idea, but am skeptical it could be pulled off authentically, why:

    I think part of what makes Sonic 2 HD so authentic, is how they took the original sprites as an objective base, and then used artistic subjectivity sparingly to "upscale" them. Admittedly, greater creative license was used as the project evolved, but the more creative assets still needed to harmonize with the assets which were not uplifted, and their artists seem to have really understood the source material, to a similar overall affect. However, given the wisdom I have acquired over the years, I simply cannot believe that creating new assets from scratch in HD would capture the same aesthetic harmony.

    It is said that limitation breeds creative solutions, and similarly, more rudimentary forms of art are not necessarily inferior, but are unique, and with their own merits. For example, when computer animation started to replace hand drawn animation, a lot of people probably interpreted it as upgrade, an evolution to a superior artform. However, looking back today, we can see that hand drawn animation is it's own style, with it's own virtues which cannot necessarily be captured by 3D animation (unless I suppose it is intentionally replicated).

    For this reason, I don't think new HD assets, intending to capture the aesthetics of the 2D games would likely be met with success. I suspect it would look like something slightly alien, and fail where Sonic 2 HD succeeded (... like, imagine if Nintendo had made Sonic 2, it would just look a bit different, no?). A true passion project might go so far as to first create the assets in low resolution 2D, and then be passed off to another team to be "uplifted", but this would require additional investment from a company which does not appear likely to do so.

    But I want to second Grantpa on this idea. I agree, if this could be pulled off properly, it would be ideal.
  18. The Joebro64

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    A Cuphead-style Sonic game would hit different.
  19. SEGACast


    I'm sure many people would answer immediately with "Sonic Adventure 3"...

    I think a Sonic Mania 2 would be nice. I really enjoyed playing the first game so a new addition would be amazing if executed properly! (●ˇ∀ˇ●)