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If Sega only cared about pandering to YOU, what kind of Sonic game would they make?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Josh, Dec 22, 2021.

  1. Snowbound


    I mean playing around bugs and jank is very different than the bugs and jank not existing. Unless you’re a speedruner having to play around issues can restrict the gameplay experience.
  2. And you first have to know where the issues are to avoid them
  3. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    You'd have to know what the issues are for any fixes to really impress too, though. Maybe some people will struggle to avoid the bugs, but I never had any particular struggle with it. The point is, 06 would suck to play even if it functioned correctly.
  4. darkspir


    If Sega was pandering to me, they would bring back Naka-san, clearing him of any legal wrongdoing in the process. He would then go on to create a "Chao Garden" experience the likes of which has never been seen before in gaming, using everything he's learned from SA1&2, Billy Hatcher, the Mepians in NiGHTS, the Tims in Balan Wonderworld, etc. I want to see his dream of an innovative and immersive 'digital life simulation' game become a reality!
  5. Jucei


    It would be cool if a new Chao Garden was more interactive with the task of raising a Chao, because if it wasn't a side part of a bigger game, I don't think it would hold up by itself. Also, if they were to bring it back into a new game, it should benefit the main game.

    An online mode where you could borrow Chao ala Sonic Forces' Avatar levels and being able to race or battle other's Chao to compete on a leaderboard would be incredible.
    In general, Sonic games should have online mode, either racing in real time or racing a ghost sounds like a lot of fun.
    They could also go like Mario Odyssey, where you can place markers on a map and get to it in a set time.

    ...But I'd rather see the people who actually designed the Chao Gardens to work on a game, I feel like we give Naka far too much credit than he deserves.
  6. kyasarintsu


    My ideal 2D game is another Evening Star 2D platformer. Remove the act-1 boss fights and make the remaining bosses less annoying. Make the storytelling something memorable and coherent. Zoom out and pan the camera at high speeds for better visibility and reaction. And I think it goes without saying that I want the game to be more original in its design and assets.
    My ideal 3D game is just SRB2 but finally finished. I don't think a single other existing game, fan-made or official, comes even close to what I want from a 3D Sonic game.
  7. As someone who rarely messes with the chao garden and does not care about it at all, I am very much concerned as to what you mean by this. For example, I have no interest in adding unnecessary grinding in order to efficiently play the stuff I actually want to play, if that is anything like what you have in mind.
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  8. GeneHF


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    I mean...

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  9. Sonic The Hedgehog 5, a straight up 2D continuation in the style of the Genesis games. I don't think I'd ever complain about the franchise again.
  10. Gestalt


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    SA1 has a semi 2D section at the start of Sky Deck.
    It's nothing special, but it made me notice how close Yuji Naka & co. were to successfully replicate the feel of the classic games in 3D. I can't help but imagine what it would be like to have a full level like this, let alone a full game. Would it work? Is it possible to turn Sonic Adventure within its own engine into a decent 2D game? I'd love to see this (or something similar).

    And yeah, I know Sonic Rivals is a thing, but eh.
  11. This 2D section which is farther from the Classic’s level design than even the 3D sections of this very game makes you feel they were close to replicating the Classics in 3D.

    Idk. It might just be that I don’t like the game, but I’m not seeing it
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  12. Gestalt


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    SA1 running, jumping and spindashing feels good in 2D. I think it's better than in Generations or Forces. The section itself sucks!
  13. Snowbound


    I highly recommend Noah Copeland’s Sonic Triple Trouble 16 bit. I would also like an official Sonic 5 that captures the magic of the genesis games… but in the meantime TT-16 is REALLY good
  14. Taylor


    I look Iizuka in the eye and politely, but firmly, say: "One copy of Sonic Robo Blast 3, please."
  15. Snowbound


    This is my dream Sonic game that appeals strictly to my tastes. Since this is a fantasy scenario I’m not considering how feasible this game would be to produce… since it ain’t happening:

    Sonic Mania 2
    • The 5 Returning Characters from Plus with newcomers Amy and Bunnie Rabot
    • Amy has her advanced/SA1 hammer abilities. She can roll into a ball but she can’t spindash (like Sonic in Sonic 1)
    • Bunnie has a grappling hook mechanic
    • 6 original zones
    • 4 retro zones: Wood Zone, One from Spinball, one from Chaotix, and one from the 8 bit games
    • Each character gets at least one act exclusive to their campaign
    • New Environmental Shields in addition to the returning three; the plain shield from Sonic 1 and 2 is dropped
    • New Special Stages
    • Mania’s special stages return in revamped forms as signpost minigames
    • Story introduces freedom fighters in a way that cleverly ties them and Sonic Spinball into the classic world
    • After beating the game you unlock an encore mode where you switch between the characters by hitting monitors
    • After beating encore mode you unlock the ability to switch characters at will
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  16. Aesculapius Piranha

    Aesculapius Piranha

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    A direct sequel to Sonic CD in the universe of the OVA. Levels would be momentum playgrounds more than time attack hold right to win dashfests (except for the inevitable racing boss.) Time travel mechanics would be elaborated on to where the path to the perfect ending requires solving puzzles across time, though maybe done in such a fashion where it doesn't railroad players into a single path. They would have to fall in love with the sheer redundancy of designing the same level at least 4 times, but hopefully more to increase the amount of timelines you could travel to. Bosses would also be in the vein of SCD where they all have their own personality and win conditions that aren't always just smack it till it dies. Soundtrack would have to be spot on amazing with proper vocal tracks (I mean SEGA does this now anyway.) There would be hidden endgame bosses and story because I am a sucker for that sort of thing and it would be hella cool in Sonic (I mean Super Sonic in Adventure is kind of this but not really.)

    Also A-Life and a create-a-character akin to Forces since this is a literal "If it were to pander to me specifically" thing.

    Oh, also Time Stones and Chaos emeralds would be two different things and Time Stones would do their own unique awesome thing that is separate (and possibly combineable) with Super Sonic.
  17. This would be my dream. Some amalgamation of CD + OVA aesthetics and worlds would be the one, true Sonic in my eyes. I think those two designs had enough edge (non-ironic use here) to them that they sort of straddle the line between classic and modern Sonic. I think the current design and model (especially the model) is a touch too corporate nowadays and a slight visual overhaul would be appreciated.

    This won’t happen anytime soon though with the series’ popularity skyrocketing due to the movies and Frontiers. There is a huge risk of damaging the brand and not much benefit except pleasing a single dork named me.
  18. wonder-inc


    A good Sonic game obviously!!

    In all seriousness, I'd probably say a game that controls similarly to the earlier 3D titles (Adventure 1 - 06), but with emphasis on things like racing an A.I, online races, local multiplayer, perhaps a customizable camera on the fly (similar to THQ's WWE games in the late 2000s).
  19. RDNexus


    A modern Sonic R, then. Or an evolution of it, at least ^^"
  20. wonder-inc


    Well kind of... Really I still want a platforming get to the goal type Sonic title, but I would like a focused side racing mode too if that makes sense.