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Identifying data in a Playstation 2 ELF... nids help

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Travelsonic, Aug 8, 2014.

  1. Travelsonic


    So quite a while back I found myself looking through the ELF for Konami's DDRMAX2 PS2 game - Japanese version. Near the end of the file, I found a SHIT TON of this:
    Maybe I am not correct, maybe I am, but it looks almost like symbol data - and very important symbol data at that. Funny thing is, whether using PS2DIS, IDA Pro, or anything else to disassemble the file, none of these symbols are actually used, which makes me wonder if it is symbol data that got tossed out during assembly and just stuffed at the end of the file [in which case, that leaves me wondering, what would the data between each recognizable piece of text be?] - this has been bugging the fuck out of me for a LONG time now, and I really want to figure it out... if it is useable data it can be used to make crazy hacks of this game, and if it isn't usable I can stop pounding my head over what this is.

    Any and all help in helping me crack the mystery of this is much appreciated.