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Ideas for recurring Sonic villains

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by dredd, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. dredd


    Aside from Dr. Eggman, what if there were other villains that Sonic has to face frequently? (Though the Deadly Six may be potential candidates) Possible ideas of mine include,
    • A Devil-type character with godlike powers who antagonizes Sonic and his friends for seemingly no reason other than his own amusement. Kinda like Mephiles but with a design that's more akin to theological demons.
    • An immoral geneticist that runs a terrorist organization with the intent of creating a "perfect world". He creates artificial organisms akin to the likes of the BioLizard and Artificial Chaos.
    What do you guys think?
  2. That geneticist extremist sounds pretty neat actually.

    I wouldn't mind seeing more autonomous creations of Eggman that either further his goals or pursue their own. I love Metal Sonic, but the doctor really needs to branch out. I'd like more "classic villainy" too, as in more in line with 1 and CD where Eggman is either intentionally or unwittingly destroying the planet with all his construction and resource gathering.
  3. dredd


    An evil biologist would also serve as a foil for Eggman. For obvious reasons.
  4. Aesculapius Piranha

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    I really liked Infinite. Yes he had some meme-tier English voice acting, but his plot was one of the most fleshed out things in Forces and he made a compelling villain. Something really dangerous about a character who can manipulate reality who also has a major inferiority complex. High threat level for a speedster character like Sonic.
  5. Crimson Neo

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    I wanted another villain in the same scale of Mephiles. He's one of very good things from Sonic '06.
  6. SuperSnoopy


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    I think Infinite was really cool and should definitely come back. I mean if they bring back Zavok in every game they can, I don't see why Infinite should be abandoned.
  7. Linkabel


    The Hard Boiled Heavies is the only true answer to this thread.
  8. 1) Wes Weasley (Archtype: Corrupt Corporate Guy. Contrast Eggman, who spends extravagantly on ambitions, to a guy who's primary concern is profit and will go as far as to switch allegiances based on it.)
    2) Dave the Part-Timer (Archtype: A guy simply lashing out at the world getting in over his head on power)
    3) A femme-fatale villain that doesn't face-turn or is revealed to be a government spy or something
    4) Yandere Chris Thorndyke
    5) A "bad counterpart" to Sonic that's based more on amplifying Sonic's character flaws (Being an outright bully/jerk rather than just snarky, having arrogance disproportional to his actual ability and probably cheating to play it up, having no patience AT ALL, etc.) than just being "an evil hedgehog who's fast like Sonic".

    6) Knuckles, except Sonic is actually guilty.
  9. 1) The Battle Bird Armada could easily work as Tails' main enemy. And give them zero connection to Eggman or the Babylon Rogues
    2) WitchCart and her goons could be revived as another independent enemy, seeing as the supernatural is a thing in Sonic's world.
    3) A pirate crew consisting of sea animals. Should they be based on classic pirates or modern world pirates?
    4) Villain for Knuckles? I'm thinking of a power hungry creature similar to a Beholder from D&D that has a history with the Echidnas of Angel Island.
    5) Gangsters that serve as an enemy for Team Chaotix. With a boss that towers even Vector.
    6) A large sea monster that lives under the backside of South Island. Very territorial, destroys any boat or ship that ever comes close.
  10. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    I think Archie Sonic handled side villains really well in the Flynn era (Both pre and post Super Genesis wave). Team Hooligan was just excellent, Fang/Nack, Bean, and Bark are a group that work so well together as like sub bosses or bandits or whatnot, and might even make perfect villain counterparts to Chaotix. Both are money for hire groups but whereas the Chaotix only go after like pure heroic work, the Hooligans will do any type of scummy thing.

    Similarly I thought the Battle Bird Armada was great as Tails' main enemy (although in Archie they had a very loose connection to the Babylon Rogues. I think they implied Jet was once a member of their organization but left because, well he's a rogue. Bean was also a member at one point I think). I think they're better off not being a subsect of Eggman though as they were in Archie. Let them do their own thing, or have them fight Eggman even I'd like to see that.

    I'd love to see a character similar to Finitevus and Post Genesis Wave Snively as well. Finitevus was a great villain for Knuckles who was just completely fucked in the head (I remember Flynn made that kinda fan fiction of what would have happened if his reborn Enerjak did defeat Sonic and it was kinda dark). Meanwhile Snively had an interesting back story post Genesis Wave, he was once Eggman's lackey but he also worked for GUN playing like a double agent role. He'd of been like a great character in SA2 or something.
  11. TheInvisibleSun


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    +1 for money hungry, double-crossing Nack/Fang. It'd be nice to have an irredeemable, but lighthearted character in the series. He would make for a fun, unpredictable wild card that switches allegiances on a dime when convenient, even the world is at stake. No 'moral center' that makes him do what's right in the end; just an incorrigible selfish scammer/hustler archetype that can aid either side when it benefits him.
  12. Endgame


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    Personally, I think they've done monsters to death. I think what could be interesting is having someone with the technology to rival Eggman himself - sort of like Brandon Quark from AoStH (but serious).

    It could go a few ways: either they team up to stop Sonic, but then turn on each other, or they start off as rivals but join forces to defeat Sonic - and eventually betray each other in the end; and it soon becomes a power battle to see who can build the best machines.
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  13. I think it could be fun to have another mad scientist that rivals Eggman in prowess. Perhaps the new doc is even better than Eggman.

    A humorous scenario involving the new doctor would be something like this: Doc creates a Doomsday device that almost goes off without a hitch until Sonic intervenes at the last second. Doc had no grudge, or possibly even knowledge of, Sonic before this. Now the Doc is absolutely furious at the hedgehog, and so constructs a Mecha-ferret that nearly succeeds in killing Sonic. Catching wind of this, Eggman actually teams up with Sonic and co to defeat Doc. Naturally if anyone is going to defeat Sonic, it has to be Eggman himself.

  14. EmerlForgotten


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    Having Knuckles being retconned to a recurring villain/rival would be cool. His hotheadedness would be a boon to Sonic's snarky attitude.
  15. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I actually liked Lyric. He was another scientist, but a lot more vengeful and serious, given his ailment from the crystals and having to rely on his own technology to stave it off after the other ancients failed to cure him. I wish they had done more with him; a lot of RoL's story felt rushed/incomplete. I would be totally fine with it if they found a way to retool him for the main series.

    It'd be cool for Sonic to have a rogue's gallery that was on par with that of Batman or Spidey. Bring on some more (interesting) recurring villains.
  16. doc eggfan

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    Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 8-bit

    I was happy that it made a cameo in Mania, but I always imagined that this particular metal sonic design had a lot more potential as a main villain, (rather than cannon fodder). It has the Robocop mono-eye visor, the seamless T-1000 liquid metal outer shell - used for brute-force bludgeoning instead of the slicing action of the saw blades in the 16-bit counterpart - and lets not forget the tentacle chest claw reminiscent of the infamous chest-bursting scene in Alien - there's something interesting about how it has rockets for arms, but can use its chest limb for grabbing stuff.
  17. Dark Sonic

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    I feel like mecha Sonic from S3K would better fill that role. I always felt that Silver Sonic was a bit too goofy looking (mainly that weird grin).
  18. Chainspike


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    I think Metal Sonic should be given a break and Silver Sonic should be used from time. This seems to have actually been the original intent, with appearances in Sonic Pocket Adventure as a boss, and a tube with Metal Sonic in Sonic Adventure (which sadly amounted to nothing in the sequel). 16-bit or 8-bit version, it would be cool to see Silver Sonic again.

    As for Mecha Sonic, I think his role in S3&K is one of the best as far as robotic counterparts in the series. We see Mecha Sonic take a role as the 3rd major villain of the game after Robotnik and Eggrobo. What stands out about Mecha Sonic is the continued loyalty to Robotnik despite the latter's absence. All we've seen since Adventure is the constant betrayal of Robtonik, whether machine or monster. Mecha Sonic and the Eggrobo manage to steal the Master Emerald a second time, and almost do so successfully.
  19. ICEknight


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    Here's a great original idea:


    Oh wait.
  20. Endgame


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    Or, why not have a 'Mecha Knuckles' - like Fleeetway's Sonic the Comic did (and then Archie's version 4 months later)?

    That way they wouldn't have to find another excuse to dupe Knuckles - yet again - and we'd still technically have a 'Sonic vs. [Mecha] Knuckles' fight.