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I made a Sonic level maker!

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by XPointZPoint, Jun 9, 2022.

  1. XPointZPoint


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    In Game Maker 8.1 and with my Sonic engine, I created a Sonic maker called "Super Sonic Creator."

    It's in a bit of an early stage with the only thing you can place down and remove being a solid block for Sonic. You can also change the spawn location of Sonic. I will try to introduce a save and load file feature in a coming update, but for now, this is what I got. Here's how to play:

    SPACE - Test Mode
    BACKSPACE - Create Mode
    ARROW KEYS - Move
    A - Jump
    LEFT CLICK - Place Down
    RIGHT CLICK - Remove


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  2. Billy


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    Sounds promising! Sounds like you're showing this off a little... prematurely. Still, wanna show a screenshot or two, even if it's just a block? Screenshots are a much better way to drum up interest than just a link to a github. Personally, I don't download anything that I haven't seen first. I look forward to your progress.