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I kind of feel the spin dash takes away about as much as it adds

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Technically Inept, Feb 3, 2022.

  1. Maybe you could record while also using whatever software people use that tracks the controller inputs? I’d also give it a try myself since I’m also curious what my hands do while I play lol.
  2. nineko


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    You can use Gens ReRecording, it can still dump AVI files even if you're playing in real time instead of replaying a recorded movie.
  3. Xiao Hayes

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    Uh, I know nothing about this, I literally asked a streamer friend this week how OBS works to just record the gameplay because I've never installed or touched it. His answer almost was "Open it and push the record button in the corner, second only to the stream button". I would use the Steam version of SCD, btw, no emulator involved in that one.

    I think I can shock you even more: I never use mods, I only touch romhacks because they're small self-packaged files run on independent programs (emulators). Well, I've used mods sometimes when I had no choice, like using the Tweaker to play and translate japanese PSO2.