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I have access to the original Sonic 1 assembler source code

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by ChronoZ, Feb 26, 2022.

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  1. JoseTB


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    I think this thread is a mistake and you should get in touch with a mod to delete it.

    There are ways to share things anonymously and in such a way that they are untraceable back to you as you probably know, and there can be situations where doing the morally grey thing is worth the risk for the common good it does, but you need to juggle with that decision in private. Confide about it to people that have a good track record of being trustworthy (i.e. Hidden Palace staff) but otherwise don't post about it publicly, you are just exposing yourself for no good reason.
  2. biggestsonicfan


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    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    They have not logged back in yet (still!) to see the replies. :colbert:
  3. RDNexus


    And at this rate, they may never log back again...
    They either doubted/regretted what they've done, got caught red-handed or trolled hard and left.
  4. saxman


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    If they trolled (which I suspect is the case... though open to being shown otherwise), they didn't really succeed in any significant way. I think nearly all of us were skeptical. But whatever.


    I meant to reply to this earlier. Please excuse my ignorance, but I know nothing about M2. But I did get the indication that the Glu port was a port of another port. Here's in part what my contact said to me once it became obvious the data for GHZ wasn't the same...

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  5. Brainulator


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    M2 did the Sega Ages port for the Nintendo Switch... I don't know how much its code resembles the original 68K version.

    I really want to think that the OP is being legitimate and simply has not gotten around to checking the thread, but that might just speak to me not being as jaded from past false flags as many others are. If this is a case of limited Internet access or being very busy, I'll just give until Monday before calling it quits.
  6. Eoncats


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    Seems like ChronoZ completely forgot to actually check this thread. Guess we just gotta watch and wait, watch and wait…
  7. DeltaW


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    Another chance won't bite from what I see with ChronoZ. They look to be promising until the end where I think it's trying to troll us as everyone mentioned.

    Honestly, this is basic logic: if you think you have something you want to show that you think will interest people, release it. Don't ask us what we think otherwise you're going to look very suspicious. Not to mention the plethora of people claiming they found sometimes related to Sonic 1's development/beta. So I'm not surprised that another one is about to bite the dust but this time, here's what I'll say to ChronoZ if you're reading this:

    If you claim to have something and walk away from us, that solves nothing and makes the problem worse than you think. Either admit you don't have it or release it. A lot of us have our doubts, especially with the fact you came out of the blue and said that. Who'd even say in a forum that they have something they want to show and not release it; absolute child's play. Make up your mind, come clean or release it ASAP.
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  8. drx


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    It appears I've been summoned.

    ChronoZ, if you're interested, we deal with this kind of thing a lot at Hidden Palace and we can definitely help. It's worth thinking about preserving the source long-term even if you don't want to release it right now.

    We can be reached at [email protected] as well.
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  9. evilhamwizard


    Quoting to emphasize. I wouldn't post any more and just get in contact with Hidden Palace as soon as possible.

    Please get in touch.
  10. Sappharad


    This whole situation sounds very familiar. Hasn't someone come here in the past (years back) claiming that they worked on those mobile ports?

    The comment about the source code being part of the package makes me wonder if one of the existing j2me based releases floating around online already has this data present by accident and OP doesn't need to leak anything? It wouldn't be the first time extra files accidentally got packaged with a mobile release, later builds of the Taxman remakes handled entirely by Sega without his involvement were how we ended up getting the files for the extra content that didn't get approval for the final games. I know some people have dug into these, but to what extent? It took 8 years before the knowledge that all of Sega's Windows Mobile games were not obfuscated became public knowledge because those of us who knew about it back in 2013 kept it private.
  11. MykonosFan


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    The appropriate people to contact have been provided, so I'm going to close this up.
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