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I found an alternate pressing of Shadow the Hedgehog on CD. Bootleg? Reissue?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Carl Bagel, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. Carl Bagel

    Carl Bagel

    I bought a used copy of the Shadow the Hedgehog (Original Soundtrax) CD on eBay in 2020. Last year, several brand new copies popped up at a lower cost, and I bought one to replace my old copy. When I ripped the new CD, I was surprised to find different CRC values (different audio data). Both albums have the WM-0518~9 catalog number, but the inner matrix on the CDs is different.

    I contacted the eBay seller, who said the following:
    I found a listing on Amazon JP, and it looks to me like the CD became available again in May 2022.

    So what's up? Was the soundtrack reissued in 2022? I've never heard of Wavemaster reissuing a Sonic CD.

    Log files for CDs:
    CD scans:
    I will try to provide more information if requested.
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