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HQ/Genesis SFX for Sonic & Knuckles Collection

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by TheArcadeStriker, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone! There may be some people that already may have seen me around in the Dreamcast mods topic (Formerly SADX99), but after a conversation in IRC (Specifically, someone asking that SMPS Player for S&KC did use GEN SFX, which wasn't the case), wanting to check S&KC again, and with the help of SKCsnd (A sound editor), I done a custom SONIC3K.DS2 (Sound pack) that restored/replaced sounds with ones ripped from Genesis/MD Sonic 3K. It seems to complement pretty well the SMPS Player (MD music for S&KC, by MainMemory), and I also recommend the SEGA PC Reloaded launcher, which can make S&KC work in modern systems without a lot of hassle.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that for now some sounds seem to be specially loud (Rings, Spinning and spindash, etc), and it's recommended that you LOWER the volume to avoid loudness. But I already plan in fixing the sound volume/loudness issue soon. (Sorry for using that certain word/term , didn't remember that it wasn't allowed)

    HQ/MD SFX for S&KC Download

    Here are also the SMPS Player topic (Thanks to MainMemory and ValleyBell) and SEGA PC Reloaded topic (Thanks to Korama) links, if you want to get any of them:

    SMPS in Sonic & Knuckles Collection

    Sega PC Reloaded

    Thanks to:
    MainMemory for all the awesome hacking stuff, for SMPS Player and for SKCsnd
    ValleyBell for contributing with SMPS Player
    Korama for Sega PC Reloaded
    SEGA for making Sonic 3K (And for creating the PC port)
    The Sounds Resource for the sounds used
    Mr Lange (The Sounds Resource) for ripping and uploading S3K MD sounds used in this mod
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    It's decent in concept but some of the sound effects come from inaccurate YM2612 emulation (most glaring example being Tails' flight SFX).