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How would you remake Sonic Adventure for today?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Sonic5993, Nov 27, 2020.

  1. Metalwario64


    I'd really like to see a 3D Sonic that plays something like SRB2, just without the limitations of the Doom engine (and with the post Adventure designs, because that's my preferred look in 3D).

    I should specify that that's just a general sentiment of mine, not that I'd like an Adventure remake to follow that design.
  2. First, I'd just polish up the physics from SA1 and implement the things that worked from that Era. Next, I would make new models for the Sonic characters, because the ones used now don't look good tbh. Then, I would add some bonus content such as unlockable unused stages, Super Forms(maybe Hyper.), make the Chao Garden closer to SA2, but with a bit easier, Sonic Jam models and the beta lighting. Finally, I would add a penultimate boss fight which would basically make you play as all characters attempting to get the Chaos Emeralds, using all abilities the characters have learned along the way. Sorta like Cannon's Core from SA2 or Metal Madness from Heroes. Also, FIX BIG!
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  3. Eggnog


    I've literally had dreams about waking up and seeing news about a SA1 remake.

    If it were me, I would adjust the controls just a little bit. I'd make Amy a little faster, and make Gamma control more similarly to the others'. For Amy, I don't think her running speed should be as fast as Sonic, but I think it'd be really cool if her hammer jump thing acted somewhat like a long jump from the 3D Mario games. Instead of hitting the ground and sending her up like a regular jump, I think it should give her a smaller jump but a big boost of horizontal speed. You'd also have to chain your hammer jumps together to maintain max speed, which should be comparable to Sonic's top running speed. Pretty much any change to make Amy more fun to play is pretty necessary IMO, but that's my best idea for her. I need to think a bit harder on the specifics on how I'd adjust the controls of the others, but I don't think I'd adjust them by much, if at all. Amy and Gamma are just the first two that come to mind.

    I do agree that Big's campaign is pretty boring and doesn't really fit in with the rest, but in my ideal remake I don't think he'd be removed or changed too dramatically. I feel like that'd take some charm and uniqueness from the whole 6 gameplay styles thing. Instead, I think some additions to his stages and adding a bit more involvement with his fishing would make it a lot more bearable. Maybe adding some some under water enemies or obstacles of some kind you'd have to maneuver your line through in order to catch Froggy would make the fishing less boring and more difficult. Maybe expanding on his non-fishing parts of his stages with some lite puzzle elements and exploration could give his stages a little more to offer. Anything to make Big more of a worthwhile inclusion and less of a slog... Like, literally anything.

    I'd much rather add to the game than change it. First, there'd be new emblems and rewards for collecting them. The first 130 would unlock you playable Metal Sonic, just like in SADX, except this time he has his own little side story. It doesn't have to add to the plot in any way, as it'd make sense if it didn't, but maybe a story about Eggman dispatching him to track down Gamma only to find out what happened to him in the end. A simple post game trip through the levels with a bit of story context would do just fine. After the standard 130, a new challenge mode would unlock that added an additional 5 emblems for each character to unlock by completing specific missions correlated to remixed action stages. The stages would be generally more difficult with harder and more punishing stage layouts and enemies, and some of them with time limits that force you to master you character's abilities and the stage layout. Four out of the five new emblems would unlock special costumes for the character you collected them with, but the first of the new emblems you collect will unlock a new upgrade for them. These upgrades should be really strong, since they're super end-game rewards. I'm thinking a fishing net for big, to make fishing even quicker and easier. An upgraded hammer for Amy, to give her even greater top speed and jump height. Sonic's upgrade would be the instant light speed dash/attack. Knuckles could get a different version of his glasses from SA2 that adds a new HUD element that gives him an arrow pointing him in the rough direction of the emerald piece. Tails would get a sort of drop dash, that gave him a boost of speed after landing from a long flying session. For Gamma, give him a nuke or something, I don't know. Some kind of ludicrously overpowered explosives. Maybe some kind of ricochet blast could be cool as well, giving you a bigger bonus the more enemies your blast ricochet off of. And of course, after collecting all of the extra emblems, you unlock playable Super Sonic in any of his action stages. Ideally, I'd like all of the characters to get a super form of some kind, but Sega would really hate it if anybody besides Sonic, Shadow, and Silver went super, so maybe not that.

    That's all I can think of for now... I'd just like some kind of modern representation of the SA formula from Sega. I think if they harness the power of the fans like they did with Mania, they could make something incredible.
  4. MagnusTheGreen


    Stop Calling Me Moonlight Member
    *Laughs In Legacy Modifications And Open GL*
    Seriously, that would be cool though. Sonic Team Jr. working on an official project.
  5. Hackwrench


    One change I'd make is opening more areas for other characters. No more glitching into Emerald Coast or anywhere else with Tails or Knuckles. Just open the places up and let anyone walk in and have fun.
  6. Laura


    Brightened Eyes Member
    I'd like this a lot too, but it would require a lot of work to do. It isn't something you can easily just put in.
  7. Hackwrench


    I'm aware. Sorry if I made it sound easy. The more the other characters' play style differs from Sonic's, the more work would have to be done to modify the stage so they can complete it. Especially considering Amy, Big and E-102.
  8. Here's how I would do things:

    + Sonic is the only "Required" story in order to reach the ending
    + Emblems unlock various major things, like how Game Gear games were unlocked in DX
    + Other stories have full sets of Emblems, to incentivize playing them to completion without making them mandatory
    + Each story is limited plot-wise to only things that the character experienced personally. You still need to see all the stories for the full plot.
    + Banked Rings can purchase Chao Garden items or things like 1-Ups or Fishing Upgrades
    + Each level has 5 Red Star Rings, used to purchase ability upgrades like in Sonic Generations
    + If not Game Gear games, Emblems unlock levels for multiplayer races or character skins (Shadow over Sonic, Tikal over Knuckles, Cream over Tails, etc.)
    + Multiplayer has online support. Imagine "Sonic Battle R" if it was an official game.

    + Nerf Spin-Dash so it functions closer to the Genesis games
    + Remove Tornado levels entirely. He's not piloting, so you don't get to fly the plane

    + Tornado levels are exclusive to Tails's story, since he's the actual pilot.
    + Full-length levels rather than snippets of Sonic's levels
    + If he doesn't have a reason to race another character, he doesn't
    + Non-racing levels have more unique level-design, to emphasize flight. See Speed Highway for example.

    + Include non-Emerald Hunt levels - Example: Badnik steals Shard, straightforward level to reach it and take it back. Badnik is level boss.

    + Keep Amy's slower speed. Levels emphasize either stealth or alternate navigation
    - Amy isn't fast enough to navigate loops or use boosters
    - Amy's Hammer Vault has enough height to find alternate routes
    - Set-Pieces to show off stealth to get past Zero in sections (Imagine Batman: Arkham Asylum's Scarecrow segments)​
    + Alternate Level Idea: Amy needs to catch a fleeing Sonic. Use Amy's Hammer abilities to take shortcuts against an obviously faster character

    + I've got no real idea here, sorry.

    + Exploration-Based: We want to FIND Froggy, not just fish him up. (Imagine a linear Zelda dungeon, with Wind Waker's Grappling Hook)
    + Alternate reasons for fishing mechanics
    - Example: A Badnik steals Froggy. Use the Fishing Pole to try and snag the robot before it escapes. Post-Level cutscene shows this backfired and it carried Big away as well. This is how he reaches Egg Carrier.​
    + Levels have no time limit. You can freely fish in any body of water as desired.
    + Pokemon-esque fishing system. Catch every kind of fish and turn them in between levels to unlock fully-optional goodies such as concept art!

    + Super Sonic has original un-nerfed Spin Dash. Spin Dash appearance changed to resemble lightning effect during Perfect Chaos fight, implying it's the precursor to Boost in later games
    + Mandatory level prior to Perfect Chaos: Flooded Station Square
    + Optional Bonus: Can enter Sonic's levels via Adventure Field to play them as Super Sonic if desired.
    + Post-Game Content: Revisit stages with Super Sonic unlocked - Eggman is trying to gather residual samples from Chaos for future use. Ends with Super Sonic vs. Eggman Mech. Ending shows that while Sonic saved what was carried on Eggman's mech, it was a diversion for Badniks to escape with the rest. Ties into Sonic Adventure 2 and Heroes via explaining Artificial Chaos and using the last of the samples on Metal Sonic. (Hence the phrase "Powered by Chaos" prior to Metal Overlord battle)
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  9. Nova


    Personally I think I would refine each character's gameplay in different directions.

    Take Sonic's levels and make them more like Unleashed/Colours/Generations. Possibly the same with Tails, except make you genuinely slower than Sonic and you had to take alternate routes and flight shortcuts to grab a win from him. Knuckles levels I would make a little bit bigger but make his methods of traversal more effective and maybe shove in more enemies while giving him a rudimentary beat-'em-up control set-up for dealing with them. Amy's levels would play pretty close to the current SA gameplay model we have but speed her up a bit to the point she feels like Sonic did in these games (he himself is going to feel way faster thanks to Boost gameplay). Gamma and Big are fine as they are but obviously I'd just tweak the fishing and make it... You know, fun.

    It's probably for the best I don't get to do this as it would definitely piss off more people than it would please.