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How to replace the intro, pencil test and endings of SCD 2011 to any video

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by hav, May 16, 2020.

  1. Many of you may know of or have already installed the mod for PC Sonic CD 2011 which replaces the new intros with the instrumentals (JP) with the originals. Which made me think, “If this mod could replace the videos that already exist, could I do it with ANY VIDEO?” And here we are now.

    Step 1: Getting your video
    This is the most basic step. Get your video. Do I need to explain?

    Step 2: Convert your video to OGV
    Now in order to actually get your video to play, you need to convert it to the format the game will understand, which happens to be OGV. If your video is already in OGV format, skip this step. Otherwise, you will need to convert the video to OGV.

    Step 3: Change the aspect ratio
    If you already put the OGV into the sonic CD video directory, then you may have noticed there is no video, only audio. That’s because sonic CD only uses the aspect ratio the default videos are. So take your video and change the aspect ratio to 654x386.

    Step 4: Put it into the Sonic CD video directory
    There’s 2 ways you can get to the video directory...
    1. Go into steam and go to “Browse Local Files” for Sonic CD.
    2. Find the file yourself. It should be in .../steam/steamapps/common/SonicCD

    Step 5: Delete, backup, or move the video files you wish to replace
    there are 4 files with the proper names of the title of the video in Sonic CD. Move your OGV to the Sonic CD directory and rename it to the title of one of the 4 videos you wish to replace. So if you wish to replace the intro, rename the file to “Opening”

    After this step, you should be done! Here’s an example of the process if done correctly:
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