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How to disable the blades for S2 Beta & Final

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Mustapha, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Hayate


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    LOL. Well, I find Nemesis' guide rather confusing.
  2. Mustapha


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    SHB - Are you willing to include some of my boss information?


    I have found the locations for Sonic 2 and Knuckles (a SMD converted to binary using Esrael's Sonic Editor II)

    $328A46 - Replace the "7000" with "4E75"
    $3288ED - Replace "0002 001C" with "0000 000C"

    There may be some bugs associated with this method, try to find them :P
  3. Icy Guy

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    In spite of the fact that S2&K is just a quick 'n' dirty combination of S2 and S&K, it's cool to see that someone cares enough about it to open it in a hex editor and do some poking around, even if they're just looking for something from S2 in there. Nice work. :)
  4. LOst


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    Actually. Quick and dirty is not the real truth though. It's a whole new Sonic 2 version. Actually the last version I have seen being developed. With no scroll bug in EHZ and with that cool title screen, I must say I have been inspired of it a lot.
    If there is a Sonic game I would dream about having the whole source code for, it would be that game.
    With all the data, and with Sonic and Tails enabled, it would be the most complete Sonic 2 out there.

    It isn't a hack like all those ROMs you'll get with SMC and SMC+. It's actually built from the source. It got a soul!
  5. Sonic Hachelle-Bee

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    That's right.

    The UPMEM of S2&K contains all the game, and it's a bit different compared to the original S2.
    There is this EHZ scroll bug, but also the level select code "01 09 09 04 01 00 01 08":
    Under S2 final, 00 is used to end a code.
    Under S2&K, it's FF, because 00 is used for the debug code.
    Under my hack, the debug mode of S2&K Long Version won't work properly because of this.

    Talking about bosses, all sprites are under the UPMEM, as well as raster effects, start positions, level order, pallets, rotating pallets, pattern load cue's, some sprites placement, and others... There is almost everything, except the art data and almost every sprite placements (under S2) and Knuckles sprite with some data about the end of game sprite (under S&K).
    So yes, this is like another S2 version.
  6. LOst


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    And it is the last version of the Sonic 1 engine ever compiled for the Motorola 68000. The Sonic 1 engine was used in Sonic 1, 2, and Sonic CD... Even though Sonic CD was way different in data handling.