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How Super Sonic music could be.....

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Shaddix Leto Croft, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Shaddix Leto Croft

    Shaddix Leto Croft

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    Super Sonic is a pretty cool and awesome unlockable in the Classic games and the 3D Boost games to play in the normal stages but one thing that has always bothered me about Super Sonic is the music that accompanies him after he transforms into Super Sonic.

    Now Super Sonic can sound pretty epic like in the video above but I've always felt when Sonic has Super music in a main stages (outside the final boss) it's never as grand or epic like Mania's. With Sonic 3, 4, Colours, Lost World and Forces, they just use loops of the main theme or in Sonic 3's case just the invincibility theme instead and never feel like you're "SUPER" like you do in Mania or even Sonic 2 does despite not being the greatest but better than other efforts.

    One thing that's always been on my mind that Super Sonic should either do what Mania did by making it feel like a special transformation music rather than 10/20 seconds of the main theme (Looking at you 3D Boost games) or go the Yoshi's direction like in Super Mario Sunshine by changing the beat of the track or adding something extra to the stage music without removing the familiar zone music kinda like the speed shoes item by changing the tempo of the music.

    Or they could do a Sonic Generations and have absolutely no Super music at all for Super Sonic :specialed:
  2. Hez


    I actually thought Mania's was a bit too much. Sonic 2 did it best IMO. It felt fun and corky.
  3. Devon


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    I think having a "super" remix for each stage would be interesting. More than changing the beat or tempo of the songs, like actual remixes.
  4. Aerosol


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    Concur with Mania's being too much and vastly preferring Sonic 2's take above all others. Dunno how I feel about remixing every stage for the super music though.
  5. McAleeCh


    Honestly, I thought Mania's was pretty perfect - a unique theme akin to Sonic 2's, albeit much more badass-sounding, and much longer than any previous Super theme to avoid the pitfall of it getting repetitive (particularly noticable in Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles where they just reused the short invincibility track as the Super theme). I like having a Super theme as it makes the whole transformation feel a bit more of a big moment than it would otherwise - there's something satisfying about finally hitting the moment where you want to transform, seeing the animation and hearing that theme kick in. I know there's some people who'd rather there wasn't a Super theme so that they could still listen to the stage music when transformed, and while having that option might be nice for those who want it I'd personally feel it would lessen the experience somewhat (case in point, Sonic Generations - there's even a Super theme in the game, but it goes completely unused for some reason...).

    Off-topic, but another thing Super-wise I don't get is the oft-requested feature of a de-transform button - surely that would just make the form incredibly broken and turn it into invincibility-on-demand? As it is, there's at least a bit of strategy in figuring out when's the best time to transform once you have enough rings, as although you gain the benefits of super-speed and invincibility you know that once you've activated it your rings will be ticking down slowly - transform too early in your run through a stage and you might find yourself transforming back with no rings during the stage boss or another difficult section. Having a de-transform button would basically make that double-edged sword element pointless, as if the player can turn off the form whenever they want they never run the risk of actually running out of rings, making the form even more overpowered than it already is.
  6. DigitalDuck


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    You kinda said it yourself. Super Sonic is overpowered, and he's supposed to be.

    Also you'd still have to have 50 rings to re-transform, so it's not like it "turns it into invincibility-on-demand". You could always add a ring cost for turning it on or off.
  7. Circlestar


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    One thing I really like about Phantasy Star Online 2's music is that when you achieve a PSE Burst, it adds an additional layer which includes additional instruments and forces the battle music to play.

    For example, Urban normally sounds like this:

    But the PSE version sounds like this:

    At least this way you still get to listen to the music, but in a more energetic form.
  8. redhotsonic


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    What this guy said.

    My only wish for all Sonic games is that they had an option to turn the Super Music off. Because even Sonic 2's after a few loops becomes a bit tiring.
  9. Nexeno


    Super Sonic Music never really bothered me(probably because I turn the volume down) but often it feels okay, in the case of Sonic 2&Mania. Mania is the only game I left the music on when being Super Sonic, since it is good.
  10. Ravenfreak


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    I love Sonic Mania's SS theme. It's better than hearing the invisible theme over and over again, so I think the future games that do have SS should have their own theme like mania.
  11. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

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    Super Sonic is more of an added bonus than a full fat gameplay mode that's meant to entertain for hours. All super themes are repetitive, but most people playing as Super Sonic in Sonic 3 have already finished the game and are activating him late in the level - it's a reward for having finished the game, not dissimilar to the likes of debug mode in terms of "extra things you can play with".

    That being said, I quite like the approach in Super Mario World, where jumping on Yoshi adds an extra set of drums to the music. This idea that rather than replace the stage theme, you "enhance" it. In a roundabout way, Sonic Team did this with NiGHTS, where there are happier and sadder versions of each of the themes (except there they all sound a bit strange and you're better off with the originals). It will probably never make commercial sense to compose entirely different tracks for this purpose, unless there are plans for Super Sonic-only routes and features.

    I don't think Sonic Mania's approach is "bad" though. It might not give you the option to pick music, but it does give you the option not to transform at all, and that's usually the more enjoyable way to play once the initial thrill wears off.
  12. Circlestar


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    S3 Complete's option to speed up the music is good as well, and it makes sense considering that Super Sonic's effects include speed shoes.

    Meanwhile in Launch Base Zone:
    go go-go-go go-go-go gogogo-go
  13. Beltway


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    Recently I'm been preferential to those suggesting going the Yoshi route and adding extra instruments to the stages when his mode is activated. Having a special theme is neat up until it starts being played in every stage once you activate the mode; which isn't really helped by how short the loops for several tracks become in recent years. It just starts becoming repetitive and grating.

    And while I do like the Super Sonic theme in Mania, I'm in agreement with others about the Sonic 2 Super Sonic music being the GOAT of the bunch that we've had.
  14. ICEknight


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    I think Mania did it mostly right, even though Classic Sonic can do without electric guitars. =P

    The key is achieving a tune that can be heard so many times without getting repetitive, like the battle theme of an RPG. Sonic 3 failed hard at this.
  15. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    I'd like to listen to a fan made example of what would be that epic remix approach, and I think it would work the same way Sonic CD music does, though in this case the character would be the one changing instead of the level. The SS theme in Mania is awesome, but it's a bit overkill after a couple of loops, and the theme in Sonic 2 is far more repetitive but blends better with the game instead of invading it. SS theme should be at some point between these two, but the form remix is something I'd like to taste first.
  16. Sgt Jack V

    Sgt Jack V

    Something like this:
  17. LordOfSquad


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    I'd go a step further and say "full takeover" themes should be done away with entirely. Make extra sound channels kick in, speed it up, pitch it up, anything. Just don't break my funky flow, keep the stage music playing seamlessly no matter what. I go out of my way to avoid power-up and 1-up monitors in Mania especially because the stage music is so good I hate to have it interrupted.
  18. Chainspike


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    If other people don't like the idea of Super Sonic music, then there could just be an option to disable it. As for Super Cancel, that just seems like a bad idea. If there was ever a point where I no longer wanted to be Super Sonic in Sonic 3, I just jumped into a Bonus Stage.
  19. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    "Super Cancel is a bad idea, why not just cancel in a way that makes you go out of your way instead."

    Wat :v:
  20. I'm with this, I used to avoid being super in 2&3K because the loop would drive me absolutely insane!

    Some kind of remix would be preferable to me