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High Quality GBA OSTs (Technically...)

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Captain VG, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. It worked great once I switched the soundfont. Thanks.

    I found something interesting. Play song 007 of the MegaMan Battle Network soundtrack, but use the Mother 3 soundfont. It sounds almost like boss battle music against a very watery opponent. Strange considering the song is usually fairly upbeat.
  2. Here are some packs:
    Sonic Pinball Party
    Final Fantasy IV Advance

    Fortunately the MIDI files produced by gbaMusRiper are easily editable.

    Slightly OT: I made this edit of a song from MOTHER 3 so I could play it on the piano. What does a guy have to do to print some decent sheet music from a MIDI? Most programs I use go apeshit with the file and add tons of notes in odd clefs with weird time and key signatures, or the output does not even follow standard notation. I've tried MuseScore, "MidiSheetMusic", Finale Notepad, and Rosegarden --> LilyPond.
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    Chances are you won't get a nice sheet music output from converted game music without giving them some heavy tweaking. They're sequenced based on how they should sound, now how they should be displayed on sheet music, so they often have little timing offsets that tend to screw with sheet music converters. For example, the track you indicated begins with some arpeggiated chords. This would be indicated in sheet music by a squiggly vertical line next to the chord, while this would be achieved in MIDI by setting different start times on each note. When trying to convert the MIDI sequence to sheet music, the output for those chords depends on the timing threshold on the program that's doing the converting. If it has a large threshold, it might display all the notes of the chord at the same time. If it has a lower threshold, it might have the later notes start 1/64 note after the first notes. Personally, I've never seen one that will recognize it as an arpeggio and notate it as such.

    If it were me, I'd use the MIDI for reference and transcribe it using a MIDI notation program. It'll take some effort, but I haven't encountered a sheet music converter that's able to accurately transcribe the little timing offsets and such that come out of MIDI conversions.
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  5. Would it be possible to rip F-Zero: GP Legend and F-Zero: Climax with this?

    Also perhaps Advance Guardian Heroes and Gunstar Super Heroes?
  6. My friend tried to rip Gunstar Super Heroes, but he was not able to. After a quick look up, it seems that game does not use the Sappy driver, making it ineligible to be ripped with this tool. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
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    As somebody who just wants MP3s of this stuff, this sounds like kind of a hassle.
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    Using Highly Advanced (in_gsf) in Winamp with something like the Nullsoft disk writer plugin is your best bet. For quality comparable to what you're getting here, go to the Highly Advanced settings and turn on linear interpolation.

    (I'd forgotten I'd turned that on, so when I did a comparison between these rips and the stuff out of Highly Advanced, I couldn't tell the difference and it took me a while to realize that was probably why.)
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    You know, there is probably a much easier way to rip some games's soundtracks.

    A prosounded GBA, GBA SP, or GBA SP with a headphone jack would be sufficient, and the recordings would probably require mixing, but the games are limited by accessibility to levels or music test screen instead of sound driver. With the prosound mod you get a pure unamped signal, and a legitimate GBA render. Personally, I think it would be easiest (and best sounding) to do this with a GBA SP with a DIY prosound mod, and an EZ flash IV so you could flash any ROMS you needed to record and use cheat codes/hacked saves to access sound tests, etc.

    Just a thought, for those of you vying for non-Sappy sound tracks.
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    I'm really not sure it would be easier trying to hack each game into its own custom sound test mode...

    Also, this way you automatically get the whole music + sfx set. You'll probably go insane before you manage to record each and every one of those by hand. =|
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    You'd still wind up with PWM filtering. Which is the main point of the MIDI+SF2 rips, to avoid the filtering.
  12. Golden Sun:
    Lost Age:
    Mario Golf: Advance Tour (uses GS engine):
    Mario Tennis: Power Tour (uses GS engine):

    Problem is, as you know, Camelot uses a custom version of the "Sappy" engine, and thus there are instruments missing. I have discovered, by playing with a MIDI editor, that the problem lies with the soundfonts. If someone could fix the soundfonts, I would be most grateful!
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    Did you use the -sb option?
  14. Didn't make a difference. Had another go with MidiEditor, and discovered something interesting about the midis - it seems the track data is present but much of the instrument data is not!

    For example, I tried changing some of the silent parts at the start of "Wintery Imil" to a recognized instrument and this is what I got:
  15. Merry Christmas!

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    Wait a minute... How comes the size of the Pokémon Emerald soundtrack is roughly the size of a CD? o_O
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    Hahaha Its the samples. Plus you've got these unused voice synths that got ripped with it as well. To be honest, I could have left them out, but I'm a bit of a purist. :v:
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    So...what exactly did you do? And it can it be done for other games?
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    ? Oh, all I did was run a script which converts sappy to midi and converts the samples to sf2 soundfonts. If you grab the right plugins for Foobar you can listen to most GBA songs in high quality due tot he samples not being nerfed by the gba or the gsf format. And yeah, as far as other games go, check the first post. Its basically anything sappy based. :P