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Hidden Palace Theory

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Kama, Jul 20, 2003.

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  1. Kama


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    I think the palace was intended to be one of those "secret" levels that you would gain access to if you got all the chaos emeralds.

    Sometime ago I played this hacked savestate for Sonic 2 It featured the Hidden Palace`s original Beta look and layout but was still somewhat glitchy and would transport you back to the final`s Hidden Palace if you died. Debug was enabled so I decided to fool around a bit.I went to the last section of the palace were the level was cut off in the beta (the submerged floor beyond the waterslide) and placed a star post there.I then killed myself and was transported to the final`s hidden palace. I notice that there were parts that you could normally stand on that were beyond the cut off point.

    My theory is that act 1 was completed but by the time they completed it the game`s release deadline was nearing.They wouldn`t have enough time to input a boss let alone the second act. So they probably figured "the hell with it" and put it out of it`s misery.I find it kinda weird that the level can still be accessed in the final while the wood zone and genocide city cannot. I guess the other 2 were killed at an earlier stage.

    I personally think they should have got rid of the Hill Top Zone and replaced it with something else. The level`s a complete bore and has tiles that were borrowed from the Emerald Hill zone. That`s just my opinoin though
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    I guess there's no real evidence either way. But I think the nixed time travel theories better support it.

    This actually won't prove anything either way... part of the glitch also makes a lot of glitched out floor data. What I'm not sure is whether that data is just "Random" (I.e. read from areas of the ROM that are not level data) or if it has floor mappings that, through some software upgrade/changes along the way, is no longer valid. (Is there a level format difference between S2B and S2F?)

    In all fairness, GC is never accessible. Just a name with no data. It's quite possible it never got any timeshare to be worked on. Other than that, what you said is pretty much boiler plate; not enough time, let's throw it away and bypass it completely. :P Oh well. The level, while very unique in style, really becomes less and less interesting as time goes on and mystique is ruined ("The emerald is just a breakable block, fools!")

    Still, I did once accidently discover that "item" that would cause Tails to start moving on his own a la a cinematic moment. But who knows...
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