Hidden Palace - Sonic Remix Album - Lava Reef update

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    So, I've been in this community for way too long, and I haven't given anything back to it in years.

    My band and I have been playing the shit out of my Sega Saturn as of late (showing people NiGHTS for the first time is a lovely experience), and between Sonic JAM and Sonic 3D blast alone I was immediately taken back and realized that Sonic is really directly to blame for my current love of listening to, and producing, electronic music.

    That being said - here's the first 'completed' track. This was a throwaway I did while feeling inspired, but I'm planning do about 11 of these.


    I make music for a living, so I intend to pluck away at one of these every couple days until hopefully after about a month it'll be wrapped up.

    Here's where YOU come in!

    I want to know what not just your favourite Sonic tunes are, but where those moments are and why. This is ideally pre-Dreamcast, although I guess it could be fun to take a look at 'Live and Learn' or something of Crush 40's.

    For me, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic CD, Sonic 3K have the most inspirational moments.

    Would you guys be down with this? I'd also maybe be interested in open-sourcing the track-by-tracks so they could even be re-remixed...


    Carnival Night - Sonic 3


    Rusty Ruin - Sonic 3D Blast


    Collision Chaos - Sonic CD


    Lava Reef - Sonic & Knuckles

  2. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    "He posted, as he was drinking coffee from a mug shaped like Sonic's head."

    Looking forward to more, that CC remix is pretty sweet.
  3. The KKM

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    If I may be an ass and challenge you, I'd love to see something audible worked out of the Sonic Eraser soundtrack :V
  4. Endgame


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    I would've requested Sonic 2's end of level boss battle theme, as it's one of my favourite tunes (I have it as my ringtone). But so far, every remake I've heard doesn't to the original justice; it doesn't have the 'oomph' of the original. But your list doesn't include Sonic 2.
  5. Crappy Blue Luigi

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    Quartz Quadrant JP. It's one of my favorite tracks from the classic games, and I've never seen enough covers of it.
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    For the love of God and all that is holy, my anus is bleeding White Acropolis - Snowy Peak. Please. <3
  7. Shadow Hog

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    Rusty Ruins (Saturn): Because I have fond memories of getting the Windows 98 version of Sonic 3D Blast for Christmas and tearing through as much of the game as I could that day, ultimately finishing it on Boxing Day (this version saving your progress helped immeasurably), followed by memories of listening to the redbook audio soundtrack while doing other computer tasks because it was that good. Rusty Ruins remains my favorite set of tracks from that game - something about the mix of piano, strings and choir just does it for me.

    Crystal Egg: A seriously underrated stage that few people will ever get to see because it requires you to get all the Chaos Emeralds in a game that's hard enough without having to jump through all the hoops necessary to pull that off. Probably the least final-stage-feeling final stage of the series. The oddly upbeat music only adds to how un-final the stage feels, but none of this is a bad thing - it's a pretty enjoyable stage, honestly. Finally figuring out the level select code for the game so I could see the thing outside of strategy guides was kind of a big moment for me.

    Aaaand that's all I got for now
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    I came in to request Flying Battery, Quartz Quadrant, and Crystal Egg.


    How about a take on Cosmic Eternity?
  9. T.Q.


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    For me, I'd like to hear instrumental remixes of Sonic 3D Blast's ending "You're My Hero" and Sonic R's ending "You're My Number One". The soundtracks from those games are terrific, yet no instrumental version of them are around, nor any remixes from fans.
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    Oh yeah, and this is a good point too. Do this.
  11. Billy


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    Something about Marble Garden Zone has always gelled with me. I have very vague memories of playing this level at an early age, which probably helps. But, I honestly think it's something about the atmosphere of the level, which the music plays a big part in. I've also lived in Colorado for most of my life, so maybe the mountainous environment just makes me feel at home. The song itself just feels like going on an adventure. Exploring the unknown, forging ahead against all odds. It also has a mystique to it, matching the mystique of the ancient ruins. I love studying ancient history, so this probably plays a part as well. It's not the most catchy track, but it conjures so many feelings in me, so I'd love a remix of it.
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    Hey, that's a good and quick one I can do without too much concern.

    Rusty Ruins is an absolute must. 3D Blast's music practically deserves it's own album of effort :P that being said, RRZ is on my top 5 list I think.

    Yesh. Marble Garden indeed.

    I'm working on my Carnival Night one for y'all and I will post results shortly. <3
  13. Dark Sonic

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    Agreed with Marble zone, I just love that tune for some reason.

    And while we're at it, Green Grove Act 1 (Saturn) or Special Stage Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn). That soundtrack is wonderful, and I'd love to hear some modern takes on both of those songs in particular.
  14. Felik


    I think that Knuckles Chaotix tunes (aside from Door into summer) don't have cool remixes, like at all. Which's a shame considering how great KC soundtrack is.
  15. My favorite track from Sonic 2 would have to be Sky Chase, but Wing Fortress's intimidating tone seems like a remix would be amazing!

    I also have the same sentiments towards Hidden Palace (in regards to how I feel about Sky Chase), and Sky Sanctuary (comparing with Wing Fortress).

    Thing is, I don't think that the Game Gear games have gotten enough love. They have tons of great music!
  16. Tichmall


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    Here are my suggestions :

    -Sonic 3D's Gene Gadget (MD version) : that tune is epic, as you are entering Robotnik's lair. Then again, as said before, all the levels have good music.
    -SMS Sonic 2's Scrambled Egg zone : the first try, I was completely lost, and the tune helps to give the feeling that if you don't give up, there is something special at the end of the level.
    -SMS Sonic 2's ending : nice and relaxing tune as the night falls, with a twist at the end depending on the emeralds you got.
    -Sonic 3&K's Death Egg Zone : it was the first time the Death Egg was a full level ! And surprisingly, the music wasn't that scary for a deadly giant weapon. Actually, it was like the music was on Sonic's side, while giving machine-like vibes at the same time.
  17. Trying to go for ones that aren't obvious. In terms of personal feelings and moments at the time of playing the games.
    - Diamond Dust - Sonic 3D Mega Drive. Nothing too obvious really. It was just like I got to the level and it started snowing outside. Which was nice.
    - Ice Cap (yeah I know, everyone has done Ice Cap) - More for the moment of actually getting past the barrel room and getting on that snowboard. I mean the Sonic 3 hype was unreal (in my mind anyway) because EVERYONE knew that Sonic got onto a snowboard and that Ice Cap was after Carnival Night. No idea on how to get past that room though.
    - Lava Reef - Playing as Sonic you have Robotnik's face staring at you and because Sonic The Comic was the shit and everyone should read it, you knew that those eyes were laser beam things and that made the level a bit scary looking back at it. Worrying about it doing something.
    - Metallic Madness - going to the bad future. Yeah just a bit bleak and kinda reminding me of various Sonic medias where Robotnik wins and ruins everything. But that theme was awesome.
    - Showdown (Spinball) - Kinda like the harshness of the music in the level and to be honest, I never thought Spinball was easy so I thought getting this far was good.
    - Stardust Speedway BF. Lets be honest its the Metal Sonic race.

    In terms of just music that I don't tend to hear remixed that often.
    Sonic Spinball Boss Theme
    Volcano Valley Act 2 Mega Drive
  18. Lostgame


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    I haven't gotten back to reading all these posts yet, but I have finished the second track!


    Hope you guys like it. :eng101:
  19. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    I would also like to nominate Rusty Ruin Zone from the Saturn version of 3D Blast. That song blew me away as a kid.

    Other recommendations:
    Metallic Madness Good Future (JP version) - Listening to the Japanese soundtrack before I got the chance to play the game with it, this song was just like "whoa". It was just really uplifting to listen to after the crazy insanity of Metallic Madness Present.
    Stardust Speedway Present (JP version) - Just a really funky tune that I was happy to hear in MP3 form as opposed to MIDI form.
    Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic 2) - When I little I used to go through the sound test in this game and play every song in it, and this one always mystified me. It sounded so beautiful and sad, and I would always wonder what it was from and why it wasn't played anywhere else in the game. Who would've thought that many years later I actually would hear this music in the game by accessing the lost level via Game Genie? And when I did, it was amazing.
    Hydrocity Act 2 - Dat funky opening, and then the rush you get from running and spin-dashing the hell away from the wall about to crush you. :P
    South Island ~ Lovers - Sonic the Fighters has some pretty underrated music, IMO. I actually first heard this in Fighters Megamix, and every time I heard it I would dream of what it would be like to actually play StF since at that time it wasn't readily available in the US.
  20. upg


    My suggestion would be Sonic 2 (game gear) bad ending