Help: .HKX skeleton files from M&S Rio 2016?

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    Greetings to all of you.

    I'm trying to rip the models from Mario & Sonic Rio 2016, and while the skeletons come in .SKL.HKX format (same as Lost World) modelfbx always outputs a blank file/model that lacks a rig.

    I know it's already possible since models from this have been ripped and posted on the Models Resource before.

    According to this thread over at the VG Resource they use skeletons from Havok Engine 2013.2.0, which HKXConverter (seems to) not support.

    Also, I haven't gone through the textures yet, but from what I heard those also use a different format, but trying to convert those should come after. If you can share the solution to this and the rig problem, that would really be appreciated!

    October 6th, 2019 Edit: After a rather lengthy search, I found a modified version of modelfbx that can convert Rio .model files with their bones ->

    As for the textures, they can be renamed to a .gtx extension and processed through GTXExtract. ->
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