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Hello Sega Retro!

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Scarred Sun, May 9, 2010.

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    Welp, this.
    The Sega Retro subforum is meant to act as the discussion center (and mini-forum) for, which is also owned by Sonic Retro. In a sense, the forum is a blend of Site Affairs, Technical Discussion and General Gaming, where any Sega-but-not-Sonic topics go. This board also serves to coordinate work on Sega Retro and to act as an extension of the talk page system there.

    Hacking of Sega games belongs in this forum; hacks of Sega games either belong in E&RE or TD.

    The Sega Retro IRC Channel is #sega. You can use the Mibbit or CGI:IRC links at the top of the page to access IRC chat if you do not have a client.

    Wiki Editing

    We don't have your Sonic Retro accounts migrated yet, so just register an account with identical username on and get editing.

    When creating an article for a game, take a look at how other articles are written to get a sense of how to write your new one. This will keep everything up to a certain level of quality.

    Manuals are to be uploaded in cbr format. cbr, short for Comic Book RAR, is just a rar file with the extension .cbr. The files in a cbr file are formatted pageXX.ext, where XX is padded with 0s. So, for a 30-page manual, you go page01.jpg, page02.jpg, ... page30.jpg; for a 300-page manual (gasp!) it's page001.jpg, ... page010.jpg, ... page300.jpg. We are doing this to save bandwidth on the server, so get out your Comic Book Readers and get ready to learn!

    Files should be named consistently. Use the format gamename_console_region_mediatype.ext or similar. For example, the US Genesis Dynamite Headdy cover should be named DynamiteHeaddy_md_us_cover.jpg, DynamiteHeaddy_MDUSCover.jpg, etc.
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    Oh hey, when did this forum get here. :v: I was wondering just the other day when this forum would pop up.

    One quibble though!

    :( Why support such a strange filetype? Why not just leave the extension as RAR? I believe most comic book readers support loading from non-renamed RARs, and it's a bit more convenient for those of us who just unRAR the archives and view the images in more standard image gallery software.
  3. winrar unrars cbrs, I don't see the problem?
  4. Guess Who

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    It's just kind of a redundant, non-standard version of a more widely-accepted filetype. No big deal though, really, just not a fan of CBR.
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    With a CBR you can double click the file in Windows and it opens straight off the bat in a CBR-file-extension-assigned program. As noted above, you can open them in WinRAR either by renaming or with Open With... , so it's really not a problem.
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    I was going to suggest something like this, glad I don't have to! :thumbsup:
  7. Sega Retro is a welcome addition to the site. As its not all about Sonic :thumbsup: