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HEDGEFUSION FRAMEWORK (For Clickteam Fusion 2.5+)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Chopps, Jul 27, 2023.

  1. Chopps


    HEDGEFUSION is a collaboration between me and darknn_ (along with a few other people for contributions) to create a flexible and accurate framework for Clickteam Fusion 2.5+

    Download and find more information on the website

    (Includes links to a repository of beta builds and an alternative stable partner system build)
    Hope anyone can find this useful!


    Now a bit of a excursion about the creation of HEDGEFUSION because I feel bad for making such a short forum post about this lol.

    The idea to make this came around in a point in time where the Sonic Physics Guide was being more actively updated with correct information, but the surrounding environment of open Sonic Frameworks was dominated by Sonic Worlds and its derivatives. With a mix of being bored and wanting to know how to make my own framework, i set to work on making the first iteration of the project. Which, at the time was known as HEDGESPIN. Around the same time i was working on this, darknn_ would work on FusionSonic, which is basically the same thing as what i tried, but ended up being significantly better by the time SAGE 2021 rolled around lol.

    Though after we stopped working on these, when 2022 rolled around, I brought up the idea to darknn_ directly about making some sort of hybrid framework where we collaborated to combine what we had both made. Hence the final name of the project, HEDGEFUSION. Although, the final product was more along the lines of us just collaborating on the framework, not really a merger project.
    That being said, I'm still incredibly happy with what we managed to pull off. (not meaning to toot my own horn here but) the final result feels amazing to play, especially in comparison to other contemporaries.

    Also something of note: the framework has a mascot! Coil the Squirrel is a sonic character a friend of mine came up with when I pitched the idea to her (because i was bad at creating characters at the time lol). She essentially plays the role as Bump the Deer did in "The Bumper Engine", but due to me just kinda forgetting, her presence in the current iteration and version is very minor. Only appearing on the menu as small sketches. During the HEDGESPIN iteration, she had alot more of an actual appearance. Including her in multiple pieces of key art and an Amy like cameo in-game (i.e. Sonic CD). Maybe ill rectify this if i ever get around to making a "techdemo" of sorts with the framework, I'm not really sure lol.

    The only real regret (kinda) is keeping this on CTF only. The game engine gets a ton of slack and is now alot harder to really get (unless you care enough to catch a steam sale during either the winter or summer). I have somewhat of a plan to rectify this, by making a framework in Godot (which actually has some progress but i only really touch it semi-often due to me bouncing around from project to project). But Godot is quite the far cry from something like CTF so the transition between the two has been quite rough. you might see footage of it in the future, who knows.

    Anyways, as stated before, I hope this is useful to anyone who happens to come across it!
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  2. Akrenix


    This looks fairly promising! I look forward to trying this out when I can.
  3. AbsoluteG


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    There seems to be a bug in the partner build you linked. Whenever you gets hurt with rings. the game will crash not long afterwards (anywhere from instantly to a few seconds afterwards. at least in testing it. I'm not sure if it's something on my part with CTF2.5, but I thought i'd mention this.
  4. Chopps


    VERY late reply, but I kinda fixed it. This is caused by older versions cough trying to read an action introduced in a later version of CTF2.5. In the most recent build, if you crash on getting hurt you can go into the ring loss code an swap the groups around.

    The group you should use should be the one with the long warning text added on to it, can't remember what it was called lol
  5. RetroRespecter


    I hope this get used to make some good fangames. Nothing else can come out of it.