HDTV and platformers?

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Toasty, Jan 9, 2013.

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    I just filed taxes and I'm getting a measly $1100 back, but its enough to buy what a I want, a new HDTV. My friend has one and it has a handful of problems, the biggest one being a very noticable lag for platformers, especially Sonic and Mario. Those games happen to be a very big part of my gaming life, especially Sonic Generations, a game that came out the year his TV was manufactured. There is at least a 1 second delay with the controls. He has a 42" Vizio 120hz with a bunch of useless internet apps. I've done my research, but I can't seem to get a clear answer, what exactly do I have to avoid to get a TV without this atrocious lag? Is it the 120hz? Should I invest in 60hz instead?

    If you have a decently priced TV that works with older platformers as well as Sonic Generations and/or NSMB, please post your make and specs. I really don't want to buy an expensive TV just for it to be absolutely worthless with video games.
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    Well, first thing about Generations - the console versions are really jarring when you play them after playing the PC version. In my opinion, the PS3 version is so laggy and unresponsive when you've played it at 60fps.

    The TV I have, I have used for old emulated games (from my PC) and other PC games, like Just Cause 2. I'v never noticed any lag or annoying side effects from using the PC, and console games are great on it. When I play Gran Turismo 5, I have the wheel and pedals attached to the desk so I'm very close to the screen and there's absolutely no input lag or delay that causes problems. Platformers like NSMBW and NSMBU are also smooth as silk.

    The TV is a Samsung LED TV, UE46C6540 (Had to get the receipt for that, no model name seems to be on it) and it's 100hz, 46". Does me fine for everything, Blurays look crisp and gaming on it is great. I will say though, if you do get an LED TV, get some cover on it, mine eventually broke and it fried the mainboard. If I didn't have cover, it would have cost me £100 before they even fixed the problem. I guess getting cover for any modern TV is standard now anyway.
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    All the latency comes from image processing. Some TVs allow it to be turned off or at least reduced. Only way to know is trying it out at the store. Do not buy a pig in the sack.
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    Awesome that you got all that money. Enjoy yourself with it. Question about Generations. I've heard reports particularly from the gaming press that for some reason the console versions aren't as fluid as the PC version? I remember reading somewhere that someone tried the PC version (on a ridiculously amazing PC) and said the performance jump was a quantum leap. Is it just the PS3 that is plagued with problems? Or is the 360 hit hard too? I ask because I'm saving for a new 360 and really want to play the game. As for my PC it's more of a word-processing/Internet laptop that can run 2D games like Rayman Origins and even more graphically intensive games like Quake 4 at 60 frames per second but that's about as far it goes. I downloaded the Generations demo on Steam and I really had to nerf the settings to get it to run on here with a stable framerate.

    So how does the PC version compare to the 360 version?

    PS. I don't want to derail the thread so I'll help you out. I did a quick Google search for you and this thread on another forum should help you. The guy even has the same television you're talking about. According to the posters there the concensus is that it absolutely is the 120Hz refresh rate which is causing the lag. 120Hz causes "input lag" for games. Apparently some 120Hz HDTVs have a "gaming mode" which forces the television to drop down to 60Hz for playing games. You could also manually change the settings and switch it to 60Hz mode. If I were you I'd just get a badass 60Hz television and enjoy all the games you want knowing for certain that there will be no lag. Hope this helps.
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    I found that thread too, actually, but I wasn't totally certain if that was the issue. I also own a PS3 version of Sonic Generations, but it plays great on my standard TV. I haven't found any issues with it. My friend's Vizio actually has a gaming mode too, but it is totally worthless. I'm not seeing much of a change, just an entire second of lag instead of like, a second and a half. I saw a Samsung 42" with 60hz refresh rate, maybe getting that one. I don't think a 120hz is really worth it anyway, I'm not a fan of the super clear picture, especially since I watch a lot of 80s movies. It takes the awesomeness of the 80s movies away when they look HD.
  6. I've found that on the same TV, the 360 version of Generations is much more responsive than the PS3 version.
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    For the 200$ you can get a video card AND a CPU that can run Generations awesomely. Its up to you if you prefer playing on the console with 720p @ 30fps.
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    My Vizio VW42L 42" does not have any lag issues, so I doubt it's a brand issue. It's also an older model from 2008, though, before 120hz was really a big thing. In the vast majority of TVs, you can simple disable 120hz mode. "Gaming" mode should do this, but just disabling any smoothing or other enhancements almost certainly will. I don't know if the internet apps are running in the background, but if they can be disabled you should look into that too.

    That said, avoid the hell out of Westinghouse. Their TVs have lag problems for no reason at all other than generally sucking. I cannot give any manufacturer a lower recommendation.
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    I've never had any issues with a HDTV and platformers. I've used Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Bush HDTVs, no special settings or anything.
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    Gods, I have. The TV my parents bought for the Lounge (a low-range LG) has no end of input lag problems - a good half a second, it makes Sonic Colours near unplayable for me. Thankfully my little HDTV in my room (which is a few years older) doesn't seem to have that issue.
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    I'm either too used to input lag, or my Panasonic Plasma has none of it, because I never notice any when playing my consoles.
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    I have never seen a TV with lag that poor. Seriously.

    One thing that I have found with HDTVs is that excluding notable exemptions like ridiculous Black Friday deals, there are no "sweet deals" on HDTVs. Let me clarify: for the most part, you will get EXACTLY what you pay for, no less, no more. If you shell out for a high-end 1080p 120Hz high contrast ratio Sony/Panasonic/Sharp TV, you will get a great picture and great home theater experience. If you pay less for a Vizio/ViewSonic/Coby TV, you will get a sub-par experience, EVEN IF THE SPECS ARE THE SAME.

    Also, if possible, don't buy from an online retailer or catalog. Go to the store and get a good look at the TV itself. Play with the picture settings, listen to the audio quality, check to make sure it has all the AV inputs that you need, etc.

    I'm really envious of you. I've been planning my dream home theater setup for years.