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Having a little bit of fun looking for similarities in music

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by muteKi, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. muteKi


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    The point of this topic is to give people who find similarities in two songs, one of them from Sonic, to post about them. This is primarily do so as not to derail the topics about the MJ music similarity. Odd coincidences in melody, same chord progressions, stuff like that, though without any sort of intention of finding a song to fit with a Sonic song (a la "What MJ song fits LBZ from Sonic 3? Which one?")

    Stranger in Moscow we already know about. Don't need to compare it to anything in Sonic 3 or Sonic Adventure. And the Dreams Come True stuff is pretty much obvious -- don't mention it
    It's cool if the title or something continues to suggest a link between the two songs, especially if the Sonic song came first.

    I'll start off with an easy one hinted in the MJ music topic:

    U2: Vertigo -- Sonic 3 Credits
    Listen to the chorus. Once again, it's the same relative chord progression, only less noticable since the second two chords are placed an octave lower. Looked up the chords, and it's probably therefore a semitone higher than the credits mix, but it IS the same pattern (E, D, G, A).

    U2: Vertigo -- Sonic Adventure invincibility jingle
    Even stronger similarity, since the "Hello, hello" fits EXACTLY with the guitar line's rhythm in Adventure, and the bell line is similar but not exact to "At a place called vertigo" in rhythm.

    U2: Vertigo -- Speed Highway part 1 (SAdv1)
    Effectively the bridge of the song, starting with the lyrics "I can't stand the beats", is based on the same chromatic pattern as in the Speed Highway first guitar line, but it's more implied in Vertigo. Vertigo? Up and down and all around!

    Carbon Leaf: Traffic -- Speed Highway part 1 (SAdv1), US SCD Wacky Workbench GF
    You might be able to find this song for free somewhere, which is good because they're not as big name as most bands.
    Traffic seems like a slowed down version of another lick, the second one in the song (the up-tempo funk riff). Wacky Workbench also uses a similar bass line to these patterns. The title is interesting as well.

    AK4711: Rock -- Power Plant (Sonic Heroes)
    These ladies were on the FIFA 06 soundtrack
    The line that goes (wrong key maybe, but correct relative pitches) C, Eb F C, G F C etc. in the middle of Power Plant sounds similar to the opening guitar line in rock. Plus the drum pattern is similar. And plenty of synthesizer madness in both songs.

    Paul Simon's Graceland African Concert: Township Jive / "TOWN.mp3" -- Chao Garden (SAdv1)
    This song's on a DVD for the concert. It's a traditional tune that seems to have wound its way up in another variation on your computer: search for TOWN.mp3. I think you'll find it if you have XP, but otherwise I'm not so sure. The idea that these are similar is that we've basically got the same instrumentation and a very similar brass line. Actually, the similarity between TOWN.mp3 and the garden song is closer.

    U2: Elevation -- Choose Your Buddy! (SAdv1 CharSelect)
    There's a similarity between the acoustic guitar sound that you hear in the left speaker in Elevation that has a resemblance to the guitar line at the start of the character select thing.

    Carbon Leaf: Desperation Song -- Windy Valley 2 (Tornado - SAdv1), Red Mountain 1 (SAdv1), Ice Cap (S3) (?)
    Also check for a free download somewhere.
    The chromatic pattern in Speed Highway and the intro of Red Mountain can be heard again in the pre-chorus, but the bass line in this song bears a strange resemblance to that of Windy Valley 2, except made to fit the beats a little better. It's a bit of a stretch but not too far, I think. You may disagree. (Another similar bassline is on another CL song, Paloma.)

    Rie Fu: Voice -- Red Mountain 1, Chao Garden (SAdv1) or Heroes Special Stage
    The pre-chorus has EXACTLY the same melody as the intro to Red Mountain 1. The chorus and verses have a similar chord progression to the VERY start of the Chao garden, though you'll probably compare it to the Sonic Heroes special stage as it is more in tempo. The only difference is that half the time in the special stage it's meant to sound in a minor key.

    Another Heroes special stage comparison could be with Neil Young's Castles Burning. It stresses the minor key at the start of the special stage a lot better, and is basically that same progression.

    Carbon Leaf: Under the Wire -- Heroes City Team Battle
    Yep, those guys again.
    The chorus of this song is basically the same RIGHT DOWN TO THE MELODY, let alone the chords in the chorus, once you get to the "meat" of the Heroes song -- about six seconds into it.

    Carbon Leaf: Bright Lights -- Sonic R paradigm
    OMFG another one by these guys. BTW I'm now living in Virginia.
    I can't really pin this song down to a specific Sonic R song. The sythesizer line in the chorus is very similar to Back in Time (a little like Can You Feel the Sunshine). However, there's also a strong connection to the intro to Diamond in the Sky in the pre-chorus especially.

    What's the name of the calypso-ish song on the iPod commercial that sounds like the first part of the menu theme for Sonic 3?

    Mannheim Steamroller: Greek Thinkers Suite: Day Party -- Electoria (Chaotix), Sunset Park 3 (Triple Trouble Train Ride)
    From Fresh Aire 8
    It's that same C to Csus4 chord used in actually a lot of songs, but the guitar lick is surprisingly similar to the pattern of the keyboard sound in Electoria and the bass lines are not very different. Day party is a lot slower, though. When it picks up tempo at about 1:39, the chords and a little of the melody seem to be based on the same idea as what might be considered the "chorus" of Sunset Park.

    Mannheim Steamroller: The Big Bang -- US SCD Quartz Quadrant GF
    Same place as above
    Compare at 3:16 to the introduction to QQ. It's a similar synth pattern, and the underlying melodies are close.

    Mannheim Steamroller: The Steamroller -- Sonic 2 GG Invinciblity, SCD US
    Yet again
    The resemblance to the Invince song is clear -- the sax line (about 1:10 into) is the melody of the jingle. The bass line, however, suggests something from SCD US, like Wacky Workbench (steam SFX, too) or Stardust Speedway.

    The Rippingtons: Moonlighting -- SCD J Little Planet / S3K Lava Reef 1
    From the album named for the song, this is a stretch, but the fretless bass and the bird calls must count for something! The pattern once the song gets up to tempo is more like that of Lava Reef 1's syncopation. Not a huge deal -- it's a common rhythm, but still possibly worth noting. And at about 41 seconds into another song, Open All Night, you hear a sound similar to the spin dash. Still not earth-shattering but interesting to note, I think.

    More Rippingtons, from the album Black Diamond

    The title track is another one similar to the Sonic Heroes special stage (please note that in each case I mean the emerald challenge), especially since the chorus starts out with the same two notes as the chorus in the emerald challenge.

    Deep Powder -- Ice Cap 3: Snowboarding (SAdv1)
    Now, I don't think that you'd see the similarity in style, as one is a slow tempo, calm, song. The other is fast paced and intense. But the melodies in each are what give these songs their similarity. Start at about 19 seconds in on Deep Powder and 29 seconds in on IC3. Funny how they have the snow sport similarity, no?

    Angelfire -- Angel Island Act 2 (S3)
    Now, when we compare these songs, it easy to think that our views of each song's title may influence our selection, but I was thinking that the melody to Angelfire was occasionally reminiscent of AIZ2's second phrase (with what sound like low sine waves; since I don't know how far into the song it is I'll give hints on the specific phrase). But the bass line for AIZ2 sounds eerily like that of SMB's cave song.

    Botectoeletro: Coco Nutz Mass -- LBZ
    Another FIFA 06 song
    Compare the CNM bass line to that of the start of LBZ. When I've heard songs that reference others while trying to avoid copyright infringement (I.e., Jeopardy! theme song references), they can be about this similar. Main similarity is rhythm, though.

    Speaking of game shows, Big fishing music sounds eerily like Wheel of Fortune at times, no?

    Joe Jackson: Night and Day (album) -- compare to Sonic 3D and Sonic R Latin tunes: Resort Island, Green Grove
    This is probably because both of them are British composers interested in Latin and dance music, so they share a bunch of influences. But one song, Steppin' Out, seems a lot like the intro to the classic Sonic song, GHZ S1.

    They Might Be Giants: Damn Good Times -- Sonic 3D Blast
    A YouTube flash video exists for this one, which combines the organ sound at the start of Gene Gadget 2 with the general chord progression of Green Grove (C, D, F, Gsus4, G). It's a common chord progression though. You can also hear it in Phantasy Star 3's overworld. It's a variant on the chord progression in Sonic Heroes' special stages. Also see: Without Love, Hairspray; Texas Stars, Carbon Leaf;

    Final Fantasy: This is the Dream of Win and Regine -- Emerald Hill (S2)
    Another Youtube video, with more drums than its album version. Both songs have a similar propensity to seem in the minor key because they go from the major chord (say, C) to the scale's minor chord (Amin) regularly. But the string line on Dream is a lot like that of Emerald Hill in terms of actual notes played. Very pretty.

    I feel that there's a slight similarity between Ralph Meyerz' Deepest Red and the Red Mountain songs, but it's slight and based more on style than the actual riffs used in either song. The bass lines are similar, but not quite close enough to really worry me too much.

    Compare Red Mountain 2 to Sexy Back. It's a C to C# pattern in each, and the melody for the verses seems to borrow heavily from the guitar solo line.

    Vitamin C: Vacation (yes, I did this) -- Heroes Special Stage (AGAIN!) and Zero's song (SAdv1)
    It's that chord progression again, and I think the same rhythm pattern for the chords as in the Spec. Stg. They're in the same key, the SStg. and this song. However, this song also tries to have a more major feel, brought about by the fact that the middle note in the fourth chord of the pattern is actually not in the key but a #4 (tritone) compared to E, which is used in the ZERO song to give it its strange sound. The song to me screams "AMYAMYAMY" in its lyrics. As another bit of info, both songs kinda jump back in volume and compression to use what sounds like an extra sample at about 57 seconds, though the ZERO song is still well within its idiom -- the sample in Vacation has no connection to the key of the song.

    Windows Welcome Music -- Rusty Ruin SAT S3D
    This one is pretty clear. It's the same smooth jazz feel with light drums and a choir, with many similar rhythmic and melodic patterns. The similarity is almost eerie. I don't know if it comes with Vista, unlike WWM with XP, though, sadly.

    Chaotic World seems to be based on a Celtic reel that I think is from Donegal called The Flowing Bowl. (I'm not very sure on the title.)

    Younha: Houkiboshi -- Sonic 3D Blast SAT
    The music for the Saturn version of S3D was based around an ascending minor second (C to Eb, for example), which can be heard in this song's guitar line in a couple places.
    And the chorus uses practically the same chord progression as the intro, I believe. If you overlaid that melody in the right key over the rest of the song it really wouldn't sound out of place. In a perfect world, a fun AND pretty song like this is what closes a mostly dull game.

    And one last note: the start of AIZ 1 involves an organ line that goes (these are notes, not chords) E+G, F+A, Bb+G. It's a common progression I've heard on a few 70s rock tunes, the names of which escape me now. One song that comes to mind is Tom Jones's rollicking cover of Ring of Fire, but I know a commercial used a song that had that line on a loud 70s rock organ.

    The music for LBZ 1&2 on S&K Collection is pretty cool. It seems to have been based on a couple of marches that might have been from the American Revolution. (BTW, ICZ on S&K Collection is almost certainly based on Crystal Egg from S2GG.)

    I can only find two songs from Sonic games that are based around a 12 bar blues (per measure, C, C, C, C, F, F, C, C, G, F, C, C). These are Surprise! from Chaotix (which is actually in a minor key) and the Saturn S3D special stage song.

    That's really all that I can think of that have a decent similarity. I could put more but I'd be stretching them out too much. And it's 2:30 AM here, and I'm tired. If you know of any others, though, post them.
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    Welp, this.
  3. muteKi


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    Two questions:

    2. That's freaking sweet... I thought that was fake at first, like you put that in the background of the song. Yet it's from 1997, two years before the game was released. Makes the connection even more interesting. Do you know anything about where the heck that screaming sample is from?
  4. Tweaker


    Chances are that it came from sort of CD with a bunch a bunch of drum loop samples, just like most come with the Amen Break (which is much more widespread). It's nothing unusual, really, you'll probably find more songs using the same sample.
  5. muteKi


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    I wouldn't be surprised, but I would figure that since it's not something wavemaster themselves must have done, that we so rarely hear about them. I mean, the old songs from SEGA (SoR, Virtua Fighter, etc.) all used pretty much the same set of samples.
  6. Scarred Sun

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    Oh, most likely—it just freaked me out the first few times I played Sonic Adventure. :P
  7. Sakura Courage Solo

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    Well, dunno if it counts since they're both songs from Sonic games, but might I again bring up the slight similarities between Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone BG music and the Lee Brotherton/Jun Senoue version of "Dreams of an Absolution" during the lyrics, 'And I might know of our future, but then you still control the past... Only you know if you'll be together tomorrow.' *shrugs*
  8. muteKi


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    Maybe mention Bad Religion's Supersonic in here? The coincidence with about 90% of the Sonic CD intro (I wonder if parts that show Sonic going from zone to zone in the ending part would fit in... I have a new weekend project).

    I guess slightly less obvious references to GHZ are okay, but since it's still GHZ it's probably a reasonable link, not a completely fake one.

    But if we were to go that route, I would say that there are a few motifs in Stardust Speedway GF (US) that seem to show up in the pleasure castle and mirror room songs from Twinkle Park. I occasionally wonder to myself if that song was intended for the cart ride instead of Panic Puppet 1 Gen. Then I think about how I'm not getting any action, and how stuff like that doesn't help. :P
  9. Rosiero


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    Fuck that, the only thing Supersonic has to do with Sonic is retards who think it's clever to make Sonic AMVs with the song.
  10. PC2


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  11. ChaotixTails


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    The fact is there's only so much expansion pop chord progressions can take. You will be able to easily find identifiable traits in songs that obviously use the same chord progressions; it's largely due to an introspective mindset of composition for a videogame: A melody that stands up to being heard repeatedly for extended periods of time without getting boring. Knowing that you're obviously going to identify the simillar chord progressions and basslines (Sonic music isn't free jazz, there's not a lot of variety) and even the odd melodic/harmonic similarity. You could go on forever listing songs that are vaguely familliar because Sonic music isn't exactly unique.
  12. muteKi


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    You were saying?

    Though what you say is certainly true; one of the main reasons for posting this was that I was bored and there's not so much to do until something new from Rush Adventure gets leaked or something. I just found it interesting that a few groups seemed to have, almost down to instrumentation as well as riffs and chords, the use of several key phrases from different games.

    I mean, I've heard the one guy with his routine about Pachelbel's Canon in D -- how all pop music sounds like it, so I don't want to sound like this sort of idea was previously unheard of.
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    While we're on the topic of similarities (and in, for that matter), one part of that track keeps reminding me of that "Bubble Level" from Gradius III.
  14. CloverCC


    As ridiculous as it sounds, I could have sworn I heard this; When I was like 4 or 5, watching the food channel once, I think there was a show called "emeral live" or something that had a band playing the Casino Night zone song so similarly and accurate. The Exact same song, only played by a band.. Can anyone clarify this? I haven't heard it again since.
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    OK, I know this isn't about the MJ similarities, but I take advantage of this to say that FM channel 1 in the two IceCap musics sound identical to the main instrument from Smooth Criminal (is that the correct name?).

    By the way, take into mind that all Japanese games had somewhat similar music style, so you shouldn't get surprised due to that. In fact, you should expect that.
  17. Hayate


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    Moved my post from the other topic now:

    That's the boss battle preparation music from Sengoku Rance, a completely unrelated game, with Chemical Plant music superimposed on it between 12 and 27 seconds. As far as I can tell, the tempo matches perfectly and that part of the music sounds almost exactly the same. I just found this a rather interesting coincidence between two very different games.

    Ignore the sound effects, I'm having little luck downloading the OST so I'm getting my SR music from the videos.

    Also, if the link doesn't work, try later. My site has problems with randomly not working for no reason.
  18. Deathbyteacup


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    I keep seeing this advert on TV, and it keeps putting me in a Sonic & Knuckles Theme frame of mind.

    I'm probably going nuts and there's nothing similar about the two whatsoever, but I'd like love a second opinion, even if it's "lolz u crazy that aint nothing similars".

    = /
  19. nineko


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    I can see where you got the resmblance from. Some of the structures are the same. A bit too few to talk about "similarities", in my opinion, but not wrong either. Nice.
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