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"Hardcore" Unreleased Mega-Drive Game coming to PS4 & Vita

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by TheOcelot, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. TheOcelot


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    Hardcore was originally developed by DICE for the Mega-Drive, Mega CD & Amiga back in 1994, however was never released.

    Well, DICE have decided to finish the project using Mega-Drive hardware, which they're then going to port to PS4 & PSvita:

    There's a bit of info regarding the original cancellation on SEGA Retro

    An unreleased game finally getting finished and released 25 years later sounds really cool!
  2. 360


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    Well this is fucking cool and beyond awesome - and kudos on DICE for being quite the legendary developers with this. It's really cool seeing them care about their legacy so much that they do something as cool as this. Story makes complete sense too as the Megadrive was fading away at the time this would have released so the cancellation is understandable.

    And yet decades later it rises like a phoenix. Thanks for the heads up dude!
  3. Yuzu


    This is really cool.

    I'll definitely pick this up. Very happy to see DICE working with the publisher on this.
  4. ICEknight


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    That looks very cool. I hope that they include some kind of composite video simulation, the dithered graphic style in the cutscene(s?) would greatly benefit from it.
  5. Can you play it in any Genesis emulator if you extract the rom? I'm not asking for piracy reasons just more curious about the technical side of this. In fact, what are the odds of a limited run cartridge print? That would be nuts. The wiki page claims the game was 99% complete. Do you think they just fixed whatever bugs they found in assembly and threw an emulator ontop? I doubt they'd recode the entire game and then leave it in letterboxed 4:3. That's what got me thinking, the lack of widescreen makes it seem like it's just a rom. This is a weird but awesome development. Are there any other games that have gone through this kind of limbo? I had never heard of this before. I'm shocked something could be so complete and be thrown away.
  6. Flygon


    Would love a cartridge release!
  7. ICEknight


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    If it counts, there's the "Director's Cut" of Super Turrican which was recently released alongside the Super NT.
  8. Tets


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    Surely StarFox 2 counts as well. It was close to complete before focus shifted to the hot new N64, similarly fallen victim to its host console's end of life. Then it found a proper commercial release on the SNES Classic last year. Pretty good game to be sure, but I don't blame Nintendo for focusing on StarFox 64 - it's a timeless classic now, and the SNES sequel would certainly have felt dated even in its own time.

    I'm definitely interested in trying to extract a ROM from this and run it on my Everdrive, it looks fucking dope! Those graphics really take me back to my DOS gaming days, the tiles have a real Alien Carnage look to them.
  9. Ritz


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    I don't think I realized DICE was founded by The Silents alumns. One hell of a supergroup between them and Zyrinx spinning off into IO Interactive. I really, really hope Matt Furniss did the soundtrack, but I'll take Jesper Kyd. ResQ needs a release like this too, while we're at it.