Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics

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    So, hey, there's this one gaming site I'm on. It's called Hardcore Gaming 101. They're cool dudes. Point is, they're doing a book I figured some of you should know about. So, basically, what this is is 168 pages about various classic Sega arcade games. Among other things, they've got stuff like Space Harrier, along with more obscure stuff like Quartet. I figure that anybody who's big on Sega arcade games would want a look at this, especially since it's only $5 if you buy it on PDF form.

    There's also other volumes in the pipeline, including one entirely about Sonic.

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    I didn't play many Sega arcade games. I played Golden Axe and Altered beast and saw Afterburner. The Sonic volume sounds nice. Might make a good gift. I hope they cover the unreleased games and use my wiki articles as a source. I did most of the research for those articles so it'd be good to have my name in a book somewhere. I did get a poem published in a book before but this'd be more mainstream.
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    I'd consider it if it wasn't just a compilation of trivia I can look up myself online. Like, every other "story of videogames" book released in the past 10 years.
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    Hardcore Gaming 101 is, as the name suggests, pretty hardcore when it comes to finding information and do the vast majority of the work themselves (I.e. it's not all just grabbed from the internet)

    but... that's when they're doing niche "hardcore" topics like the history of gaming in Korea or tat from early 80s Japanese computers. The Sega stuff... not so much, but that's mainly because these subjects have been gone over a million times before. HG101 is at its best when its covering topics nobody understands - it's pretty good at that - this seems like an odd choice for a book because documenting this history has been attempted 53892432 times (not least by Sega Retro) and the nature of the topic (aka the story is hiding in Japan) means it will never be "complete".
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    My buddy Jon did the cover art for this. (I helped him with the logo!)

    Here's some fun stuff: http://personasama.tumblr.com/post/37157956912/hardcore-gaming-101-presents-sega-arcade-classics
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    It's not just a random book. HG101 has some impressive coverage even on well-known series and games, usually with nifty/curious background information on iconic parts of the game and development, with interviews and etc.. They usually cover whole series of games in a single article.

    The book itself is tailored to look and feel like a 80/90's game mag, filled with cheesy humor, PROTIPS and even fake rumors. Although all of the articles included in the book are already on their site (wich I visit regulary and made me a true retro gamer) they're updated (some of the SEGA articles they have are their oldest) and re-written to fit the style they're going for the book.

    It's pretty interesting.