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Happy Halloween~

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cinossu, Oct 31, 2015.

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    See, I can get the people that have the weaker computers taking offense to it. Even with my laptop, the site got the fans spinning pretty high (akin to watching a Twitch stream on Source quality.) But the ones basically moaning about it being annoying really need to get their panties out of knot and ruining "muh site experience". I remind you that the Emerald Hunt forced you into it once and you could either immediately cancel it or finish it then never see it again (unless you, like me, kept clicking the forum logo to take you back to the main page.)

    So how you got it in your mental cavities that this would be forced on you for more than its intended day. especially considering some of you are actually pretty smart, baffles me.

    But the concerns have been noted, regardless.
  2. Overlord


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    People genuinely thought that something that was as actively interfering as this year's Halloween gag would last longer than a single day? Last year's one might have stayed a while, sure, but not only did you have to explicitly activate it, it wasn't anywhere near as intrusive.

    The goal was to try and have a bit of holiday fun, not leave it on permanently. It's unfortunate that some people's computers struggled with it and that wasn't a goal to make the board entirely unusable for anyone (hence the existence of the off switch). Honestly, of the complaints so far listed, exactly one has some real merit behind it (sup Black Squirrel!)

    And for the record, I left it on the entire time, board flips and all. Why, even though I knew the passphrase? Because the intent was to have some fun.
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    Anyone make a video of what the forums looked liked yesterday since I couldn't even participate (Apparently because I have HTTPS on everywhere I guess)?
  5. I don't have any video but here's a screenshot
    (Still surprised this loaded on mobile).

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    I have to wonder why this board even exists, then. I mean, if you don't consider people not being able to use the forums a legitimate complaint, it follows that you don't want people to use the forums.

    Perhaps we should all just piss off.

    I turned it back on for a bit after guessing the passphrase, because I found it somewhat amusing. But not everyone finds it fun. And the problem they're having isn't (solely) with the fact that the forums had replaced being functional with a joke that gets old fast, but mostly because the method of turning it off was obtuse and unclear.

    So I ask: do you actually want people to use the forum? Maybe I'm entirely wrong, but I have just this tiny, tiny inkling, this little voice in the back of my brain, that says that responding to people's problems with "WE'RE CLOSED FOR TROLLING, GUESS THE PASSWORD OR COME BACK TOMORROW" isn't the best way of going about it.

    I honestly didn't realise this was such a contentious position to take.
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    This also happened to me. Not enough RAM, maybe?
  8. GeneHF


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    Because it's a tiny bit worrying, in my mind anyway, that not hitting up the board one day out of the year because of a silly prank is being seen as an offensive thing.

    I've had the effect on for the past few days to help debug it (and because it was just there) and I would largely just move off the site after a short time. So obviously, I spent less time on here.

    Maybe I just don't see it as a big deal because, you know... it's not. I genuinely do feel sorry for the people with weaker computers, but the ones just grumpy because they find it a problem they can't comfortably post for a day? I think there's deeper issues there.
  9. Holy shit.
    I love this site, and the people that run it. I have been on here every single day for around the past 7 years. If I can't really post for one day because of a little joke (which if you took measures, you could have gotten the code quickly, to an extent), I'm not going to lose my shit. This is a fucking Sonic forum. Why are you losing your shit of you can't visit a Sonic forum for 24 hours. As Gene said and I will reiterate my condolences to those with weaker systems, but for the rest of you, really?
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    And this is why I'm glad I always browse the internet with javascript disabled if it's not needed (e.g. Facebook, Youtube). I had literally no idea of what you were talking about until I saw Xeal's screenshot above.
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    I liked it, but it sucked that my computer couldn't load it. I wanna try it on my HP Stream 7 though to see what the full experience was like.
  12. TimmiT


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    You know, if we did it for much more than one set day a year, then I could get complaining about it like that.

    Except we only do it for one set day a year as a joke and it's already over. And really, if the people who'd be so annoyed by it that they'd piss off would actually piss off, then maybe it makes for a pretty good whiner deterrent as well.
  13. The KKM

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    You know, the reductionist "you can just stop using our community for a day" argument can easily be applied backwards. "You can just have an "off" button visible for when people've had their fill of the fun already". Why is the fact that people would like to use the forum, but not have to suffer through either computer problems or just straight out layout nonsense such a problem? It's less "can't take a joke" and more "would like to not be forced to take it".

    Saying this as quickly went to the code, got the password, and went on his way, and also generally loves these things. Please keep doing it, but there's also no need for the "what, you didn't like it, FUCK OFF" attitude :v:
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    As someone who's currently using a relic of a laptop (every modern laptop I've had has died on me why the fuck is that) and tethering with a 3G potato it was annoying but in all honesty I respect the intended fun it was supposed to have. I've personally enjoyed the creative trolling Cinossu has done over the years and don't want that to change.
  15. Endgame


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    Well I thought it was a fun little game to try and avoid the monitors, but it did get a bit distracting when you're trying to read (or create) posts/replies on here.

    So what I tried to do was to get as many of them in one corner, and move my mouse to where the least of them were - until the closest one was slowly being magnetised towards the mouse, lol. I'd have thought that taking your mouse of the page itself [eg. hovering your mouse over the SR tab] would've stopped it doing it, but it seems like there was no place to hide //>

    Unlike some people on here (for those who haven't had computer problems with what I thought of was kind've like 'experimental fun'), I could've stayed off this site for 24 hours, easily. I do have a life beyond Sonic Retro //
  16. amphobius


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    I think this is the mentality of most people complaining. Having an admin edit the post giving the passcode wasn't cool, either. It's an inconvenience for someone who just wants to read the boards and see what's new. I'm really not happy with the "take a joke" attitude going on here.
  17. Can we just stop bitching about this. Marc did a joke that kind of made the forums unusable for 24 hours, but guess what? There are so many other things you could be doing than visiting a Sonic forum for a day. This isn't "unacceptable". Find other things to do. If you can live during the several days that were when the forums were down due to the server malfunction, you can survive for a day when Marc pulls a scheduled joke on the boards.

    For fucks sake enough of this already. It's Nov 2nd. You can use the forums without any problems. You aren't going to see anything similar for another 364 days. Enjoy it.
  18. redhotsonic


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    What? No fireworks on here in 3 days time? :(
  19. I would quite enjoy that actually :v:
  20. The KKM

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    The bitching at this point is more down to that whenever you try and say "man couldn't you have done it a bit more user-friendly" you get "flooded" with "HUR HUR CAN'T TAKE A JOKE STOP BITCHING" :v: