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    Rather than a game, Hang-On - Against the Clock is a driving simulator just like Out Run but with less gameplay and no stage elements. It features 5 characters from SEGA's Super Scaler arcade games, 21 music tracks and other features. Just have fun and race against the clock.

    The game can freeze sometimes, due to it pushing the limits of the Scratch engine (which is have been using for my previous fangames) and has a long loading time at the start of the game. To make it more stable, the app runs at 30fps, although it could be optimized. It needs all of the libraries in the folder to work.

    --- Credits (sources) ---

    Engine (re-coded from scratch): https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/393244182/
    Sprites: Hang-On, Out Run, Space Harrier, After Burner and Galaxy Force for the Master System (ripped manually)
    Backgrounds: Galaxy Force II for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis (ripped manually)
    Hang-On Logo from The Cutting Room Floor
    Music: https://vgmrips.net/packs/ (original music tracks from SEGA arcade games)
    Text: https://nfggames.com/games/fontmaker/

    Download Link

    Update 1: added a random ground color system and different backgrounds
    Update 2: fixed the backgrounds since they didn't look good


    Screenshot 3.png Screenshot 4.png Screenshot 1.png Screenshot 2.png
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