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    Maybe someone will find this useful.

    I made a simple tool for viewing .gsx format data. I used to use Regen's debugger to check object RAM for leaking objects, but it was kinda laborious.


    Full object RAM debugger
    Palette viewer / save lines to .bin
    VRAM viewer / save to .bin / save to .png
    Clicking the palette line number will change what palette the VRAM viewer is using
    Ability to save for easily linking to others for viewing the data - please see this link for an example

    Also, hitting the quicksave key in an emulator and reload on the page seems to work if you want to just keep grabbing stuff on the fly, should work with most emulators.

    If anyone has any other ideas, let me know so I can add them. This was quite easy to do so I might make a web based mapping/art editor in future if people seem to be into it