Green Hill Vs Emerald Hill: Which Zone is More Memorable?

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Green Hill Vs Emerald Hill: Which Zone is More Memorable?

  1. Sonic 1's Green Hill Zone

  2. Sonic 2's Emerald Hill Zone

  1. XCubed


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    I chose Green Hill, but only for that fact that it's been redone 4,672 times.

    Don't take this the wrong way, I love me some Emerald Hill and I will be the first in line to say that it deserves more attention. It's off to a sad start seeing its very first reprise in the form of Splash Hill.
  2. Jayextee


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    After thinking about it, this question is pretty redundant -- Emerald Hill Zone is naught but a remake of Green Hill Zone in the first place. Didn't they even have the same name at some early point in Sonic 2's development (though I could be wrong there)?
  3. Hukos


    If memory serves me correct, you're right. It was called Green Hill Zone in one of the prototypes, unless I'm remembering wrong or something.
  4. Afro Thunder

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    Both of you are correct. Early game magazine features called it Green Hill Zone, and Sonic Cult reffered to it as such in the prototypes section. Though, I'm unsure whether or not the magazine feature was from Sega Vision.
  5. Kampfer


    Although I like Emerald Hill better as a level because it facilitates speed better (even without spindash), Green Hill is more memorable. The checkerboard in the ground makes the zone not only memorable, but iconic, with later levels like Palmtree Panic and Seaside Hill making homages to that pattern in the ground. Green Hill also had more obstacles that the player encountered. Six Badniks (if you count each variety of Newtron separately), walls to break through, the spiked log, spiked pits, crumbling ledges, and S-tunnels. There is simply more to do in Green Hill, and more to draw back upon when thinking about the level than Emerald Hill.

    I think Emerald Hill is a better first level. The loops had descending inclines after the loop to keep the player going the right way, multiple paths that intertwined, and less obstacles that suddenly stopped the action (for example, Green Hill has rocks that unless you know they are there beforehand will likely make the player come to a grinding halt unless they have quick reaction). But memorability goes to Green Hill (even though Sonic 2 was my first video game ever).
  6. Knucklez


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    Oh, I don't know.. Green Hill Zone? Is this even a contest?

    Emerald Hill is practically a complete rehash of Green Hill.
  7. SpeedStarTMQ


    Green Hill is definitely more memorable- much, MUCH more. The chequered hills, the perfect looking palm trees, the original badniks, the water fall sounds (which you don't get in Emerald Hill), the extremely high routes, the hidden boxes in trees, the friggin' boss for crying out loud.. what else can I say!?
  8. Green Hill Zone. The first zone I ever played in a Sonic game, and it simply has alot more going for it aesthetically and gimmick-wise. There was more to see and do in this zone, and especially learning this was one of the last zones finished in the game, it shows the design of Sonic games better than Emerald Hill where its all RUNRUNRUN with its corkscrews and hills.
  9. Uberham


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    Oh god no.

    If you want a player to go lower after a loop, make a hill after the goddamn loop, if you want a player to stay on the same level, with an EHZ loop, you have to make a retarded looking "dip then hill" thing, or worse, ramp-to-hill-to-flat bullshit.
  10. Joltanz Mantis

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    Judging from the level art, this is a good thread.
    But judging from gameplay, this is Sonic 1 vs Sonic 2.
    Of course GHZ wins. It's THE Sonic level. Sonic 2 is simply continuing a tradition.
  11. Peace Of Mind

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    I was mainly talking about older gamers, who've at least played Sonic 1 or 2 once.
  12. Chibisteven


    Green Hill Zone, even though I played Emerald Hill Zone first. The music... Just everything I guess. Emerald Hill is more like a Green Hill replica to me. Both of them look and still play amazing to this day.
  13. Clutch


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    I played Palmtree Panic and Angel Island before either of these, so initial exposure isn't the issue.

    I guess I'd go with Emerald Hill because despite Green Hill's music and aesthetic being shoved in everywhere and Emerald Hill's aesthetic basically being Green Hill 2.0, Emerald Hill is the one I remember more of in terms of level design, while I remember little of Green Hill beyond the first screen and thinking "oh hell, there's a third act?" the first time I played it.
  14. Tyty


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    I honestly played Sonic 3 first, but...

    I'm gonna have to say Emerald Hill for this. The fanfare at the start of the song just sticks out and it's way more memorable to me than Green Hill's music, despite green hill being reused EVERYWHERE. The boss is also way more memorable. Again, ball and chain is kinda iconic, but the drillcar tends to stick out way more to me. The art between the two is quite similar, and both don't really stick out to me in level design because, well, they're both first levels. They tend to have somewhat simplistic level design, so it's the boss and music that really make EHZ beat GHZ for me.
  15. Sapphire


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    Emerald Hill. Its music is (besides just plain better) catchier and a lot more memorable.

    And I'm pretty sure I played Sonic 2, and in turn, Emerald Hill, before Sonic 1 and Green Hill.
  16. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    Neo South Island is the most memorable.

    Kidding, Green Hill all the way!
  17. Deef


    In terms of being "memorable", Green Hill. Its music is a big deal and the level is built perfectly for Sonic 1's Sonic.

    Emerald Hill is a more fun level in my opinion but, as someone else mentioned, to me it feels a bit like they made a good level then dropped Sonic into it. Of course its built for Sonic 2's Sonic and personally I don't believe either zone is better than the other from a level design standpoint; they're both great and the difference in motion between the 2 games has a greater affect on the player than any other factor in the zones' designs (and thus I enjoy playing EHZ a more). But Green Hill feels like it's a Sonic world, all wrapped up and around Sonic. Emerald Hill is more a really good run. The only thing I can think of to explain myself in less vague terms is that EHZ allows the player to devour the zone a little too freely. Although this also makes it great fun in flamewing's Sonic 2 Heroes hack.

    But yeah, memorable? Green Hill.
  18. I know games aren't just about the artwork, but the artwork is a really big reason I like Green Hill Zone better than Emerald Hill Zone.

    For starters, in Green Hill, the background is beautifully designed, in it's quaint pixel glory. You have nice colors and contrast, with a good amount of detail but not enough that it is actually distracting. The ground itself is made up of a checkerboard, and I am not entirely sure if nostalgia is speaking here, but I feel like the checkerboard goes really well with sonic games.

    Emerald Hill Zone however has an awful background. While it isn't too distracting, it is just not pleasant to look at. There is much less detail, the gradient of texture in the trees cuts off way too sharply, and the water is just a blue bar with a few stray pixels. The ground is made up of dirt-colored tetris blocks and really isn't aesthetically pleasing either.

    That being said, I enjoyed both games, but I enjoy playing through Green Hill Zone again much more, and nostalgia isn't really a factor because it applies to both of them.

    Ultimately, Green Hill Zone seems much more polished and well built, graphically, and gameplay.

    So there is my two cents.
  19. djdocsonic


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    Emerald Hill for me. The music was fantastic for a start off and I LOVED the fast pace of both zones plus the different routes you could take.

    Green Hill Zone is a VERY Close 2nd mind you. Again the Green Hill Zone Music was memorable and the level design was pretty good if a tad too easy.
  20. Dakt


    Emerald Hill! It seems like such a magical place, with a better theme, and much more to explore.

    If I could have my way I'd go live there :(