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Genesis/Mega Drive VGM Export by Channel

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by JaredAFX, May 22, 2021.

  1. JaredAFX


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    Hello all,

    I have had a sudden burst of inspiration to do some Sonic 2 covers in FamiTracker, and what I usually like to do is use a program like Audio Overload and record each channel individually so I can have an easier time listening to each of them. The problem with Audio Overload is it hasn't been updated for Windows in years (it's primarily a macOS app) and the most current Windows version doesn't have the ability to toggle each FM channel on/off (it's missing two of the six channels), so it is impossible to record channels individually.

    Is there any program available that will allow you to export Genesis/Mega Drive VGM by each individual channel? I can do this with so many other formats (Nintendo NSF, Super Nintendo SPC, even Playstation PSF) but not Genesis VGM.
  2. rata


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    VGMPlay allows you to toggle individual channels for all the chips supported (YM2612, SN76496, even SCD Ricoh PCM, 32x PWM [albeit there's no channels to separate there as it's full digital] are included), as well as logging the audio into wave. This way you could get all tracks individually loaded on audacity or whatever.
  3. Flygon


    The Multidumper integrated into SidWizPlus can split most .vgm files into separate channels. I don't think the emulator it uses for its various FM chips is the most up-to-date tho.