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Genesis and Master System games (not) on the Atari Jaguar

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by ICEknight, Aug 3, 2017.

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    Somebody at Assemblergames has recently posted a few game listings sent by SEGA to Atari, showing the games that were available for them to release on the Jaguar as part of some settlement for something or other: Thread

    One of the interesting things in there is how they mention the third parties involved since royalties had to be renegotiated. Some of them I don't think had been known before, so I thought that these may be interesting for some of you to check out.

    "Enshant" is their own take on "Ancient", by the way. =P
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    [strike]The lawsuit in question is actually super interesting. Atari sued Sega over use of the ubiquitous db-9 pin joystick port that tons of 8-bit computers, as well as Sega's machines, all used. Atari had actually patented a specific implementation of that joystick port as the Atari Joystick Port (later iterated as the Atari Enhanced Joystick Port. Many retro systems, like the MSX, actually do not use the same pinout as Atari's joystick ports, but Sega's did.[/strike]

    Sorry, getting some history confused there. The actual lawsuit was related to a display multiplexer patent atari had:

    more info:

    The settlement eventually wound up being a $70 million, which Sega turned into a cash investment into Atari. Details of their licensing agreement can be found here:

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    Interesting stuff ... lots of royalties to renegotiate ...thanks for sharing it ...
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    "Dear Atari,

    We don't know who owns our games because Japan made them and we don't talk.

    Your buds,

    We do have a tiny bit of info on this:,_EQUITY_INVESTMENT,_AND_RESOLUTION_OF_DISPUTES

    It could do with a proper write-up and those scans* uploaded, though there's a lot of weird-ish Sega of America stuff from around this period.

    *these are presumably new scans, so that means the scanner has made a concerted effort to lower the image quality considerably and put them out of order. Why would you do thissss