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Generations Shadow Mod, Other Game Improvements (Including Unleashed Improvements), and Tutorials

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Nikk Mann, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Nikk Mann

    I've always wanted to flesh out the old Shadow mod from a few years back. I've done a good bit of work on it already to improve things (which I will list below along with how I did it for anyone curious), but there a few more things I need some help with that I will also list below. I have attached download links to my mod as it currently is and the files I think need to be worked on near the end of the post.

    For the Other Game Improvements bit, read the end of this post after the download links at the bottom.

    There are 2 sections:

    WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR shows, well, the work I have done so far and to serve as kind of guide for anyone wanting to make a similar character mod in the future (and as a reminder for me in case I ever need to redo any of this stuff)

    WHAT I NEED HELP WITH shows the areas of the mod that I don't know how to approach, along with what I have tried in these areas and how it did not work


    The mod I am editing is is the Remastered Shadow v1.5 skating edition mod ( which is itself a slight mod of the Shadow Mod v5 (

    • Added new "READY, GO" and death quotes from the Shadow The Hedgehog game
      • [*]
        [*]Found the voice files I wanted from the Shadow The Hedgehog game's extracted voice files (
        [*]Edited the voice file I want to use for "READY" in Audacity to be louder and slightly faster to fit the game better, did the same for death voice file but not as much
        • Did this using the Amplify and Change Tempo effects
        [*]Exported them as .WAV files
        [*]Used PES Sound File converter to convert the .WAV to a .ADX file (
        [*]Used this CSB Packer to convert the .ADX to .AAX (
        • use L/R Mono sound and 32000Hz
        [*]Used the GenArcEditor ( to extract 32VCE_ACT_SN_EN.csb located inside bb3\voices\English\ from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
        [*]Used StreetFigherIV's CSB mod editor to open the extracted .CSB file ( from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
        [*]Played through the files to find the "READY" sound file and death sound file names and noted them down
        [*]Extracted all 22 .AAX files
        [*]Renamed my new "READY" and death .AAX sound files to be the same as the ones extracted from the mod's CSB and replaced those with my new sound files
        [*]Used StreetFigherIV's CSB mod editor to open the .CSB extracted from bb3\voices\English\ from this mod (
        • Did this because this mod edited the base to enable the "READY, GO" voice, whereas the one which came with Remastered Shadow v1.5 did not
        [*]Replaced all 22 .AAX files in the newly opened with the 22 shadow voice files (20 of which are the original from the mod, and 2 of which are the new ones I made to replace the "READY" and death voices)
        [*]Export your new 32VCE_ACT_SN_EN.csb
        [*]Use GenArcEditor to replace it into
    • Edited the longer homing attack trail color from bright yellow to a more fitting light orange for Shadow
    • Changed the boost energy that comes from killing enemies from blue to orange (also shown in the above video for the homing attack trail)
      • [*]Extracted from bb2\ (this is the main spark on the boost energy particles) from the base game
        [*]Edited it in photoshop using color channels to invert the red and blue channels, making it orange while preserving quality
        [*]Replaced it into
        [*]Extracted ef_if_hud_yh1_boostenergy.gte from bb2\ (this is the color of the trail coming from the boost energy into the HUD) from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
        [*]Use the Sonic Generations GTE/GTM converter to convert the extracted .GTE file to a .XML file (
        [*]Use a document editor like Notepad++ to open the .XML file
        [*]Go to line 72 and you'll see <Color R="X" G="X" B="X" A="1" />
        • The "X"s are values from 0 to 1, and these effect the color of the enemy boost energy trail
        • I changed them to <Color R="1" G="0.35" B="0.01" A="1" /> to make them more orange
        [*]Save your .XML file and drag it over the converter to change it back into a .GTE
        [*]Replace your new .GTE back into and place it into the bb2 folder in the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
    • Created a new HUD
      • [*][​IMG]
        [*]Changed the background color of the word BOOST on the HUD from blue to blackish/grey, along with all the other words in
        • Extracted, ui_gp_btn_guide_word, and ui_gp_trick_word from bb\Languages\English\ from the High-Res HUD mod (
        • Edited them in photoshop using the black and white filter to make the image black and grey, and made certain words and numbers with bright blue borders red and black
        • Saved and replaced them into
        [*]Changed the color of the X button in the HUD from blue to red in bb\
        • Extracted from bb\ from the High-Res HUD Mod
        • Edited it in photoshop using color channels on the X part of the image and brightened up the white edges
        • Replaced it into
        [*]Changed the HUD colors to red, white, and black in bb\
        • Extracted,,,,, and from bb\
        • Edited to make the boost bar black, white, and red, and made the HUD sparkles from collecting rings orange instead of blue
        • Edited ui_gp_signal_img to make other HUD elements black (this is the small HUD element below the rings, life count, and timer, along with the HUD element that shows up below the READY, GO! text at the stage start)
        • Edited the numbers in to be red and the small spiky circle in the top right of the file to be black (this is the small yellow HUD element below the boost button in the bottom left)
        • Edited to make the ring outline white
        • Edited to make the lives icon outline white
        • Edited to make the plus sign and small shapes shown during tricks red
        • Saved and replaced into
    • Replaced his eye texture to make it brighter and higher quality
      • [*]Old Eye Texture
        [*]New Eye Texture
        [*]Extracted from bb3\ from the Sonic Unleashed Model mod (
        [*]Edited it in photoshop using color channels to make it bright red
        [*]Rotated it 180 degrees so the highlight is on the bottom part of the eye (fits his eye layout better that way)
        [*]Saved the file and replaced it into from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
    • Gave shadow the much better looking glove cloth textures from the sonic unleashed model mod, and brightened his glove ring color
      • [*]Old textures
        [*][​IMG] [​IMG]
        [*]New textures
        [*][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
        [*]It's much more noticeable in game
        [*]Extracted sonic_gm_cloth.material from bb3\ from the sonic unleashed model mod
        [*]Renamed it to chr_Shadow_HD_cloth.material, then made a copy and renamed it to chr_Shadow_HD_cloth_1.material
        • Cloth affects the top half of the glove and cloth1 affects the bottom half
        [*]Saved the file and replaced it into from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
        [*]Extracted,, and
        [*]Brightened the yellow texture on for the ring in photoshop and saved it
        [*]Renamed the files to,, and respectively to work with the sonic cloth material
        [*]Replaced them into from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
    • Edited his shoes to be more reflective like sonic's and brightened the shoe ring color
      • [*]Can be seen in the above pictures
        [*]Extracted chr_Sonic_HD_shoe.material from bb3\ from the Sonic Unleashed Model Mod
        [*]Renamed it to chr_Shadow_HD_shoe.material and replaced it into from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod (this makes the shoes more reflective)
        [*]Extracted,, and from bb3\ from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
        [*]Edited in photoshop to be darker with more contrast, brightened the yellow part for the rings, and saved the file
        [*]Renamed them to,, and respectively
        [*]Replaced them into from the Remasted Shadow v1.5 mod
    • New titlescreen music (need some help fixing the titlescreen which I detail in the next section)
      • [*]
        [*]Used quickbms ( to extract the .AAX sound files from SNG00_SYS.cpk located in the Sound folder of the game, which houses the titlescreen music
        [*]Found the song I wanted to use and amplified it in Audacity to fit the volume of the other titlescreen music
        [*]Exported it as a .WAV and used the same process as the voices to convert it into a .AAX file, using Stereo and 48000Hz settings
        [*]Renamed it to EMBB001_Title_Long1_wav and placed it in the same folders as the original extracted sound files, replacing the original EMBB001_Title_Long1_wav
        [*]Placed the extracted file folders in a folder called Sound in my new shadow mod, so the directory is Shadow Modpack\Sound\SNG00_SYS\Synth\the 4 sound files for the titlescreen
    • Gave him a new jumpball (need some help fixing a small bug which I detail in the next section)
      • [*]
        [*]Extracted and from the base game's bb3\ using GenArcEd
        [*]Edited them in photoshop using color channels to be orange and packed them back into
        [*]Extracted ef_ch_sng_yh1_spinattack.gte from the base game's bb3\ (this file controls the glow of the ball and how well it blends with the jumpball's texture colors, very important to edit for this to work right)
        [*]Converted it to an .XML using the GTE/GTM converter
        [*]Basically had to convert all of the file's colors from blue to red to work with the new orange jumpball textures
        [*]First, go to lines 505, 561, 650, and 717. You'll see them in the format of <Color R="X" G="X" B="X" A="1" />
        [*]Similar to the boost energy file, change these to the colors you want. In this case, I wanted it to be red/orange, so I used <Color R="1" G="0.0862745" B="0.054902" A="0.25098" /> for most of them. Had to mess around a bit to find the right combo
        [*]Now go to lines 266 and 383. Here, you'll see a line <Animation Type="ColorR">, followed by some values which affect it. The lines that are important for us are 271, 276, 388 and 393 which say <Key Time="0" Value="X"> where X is a value between 0 and 255.
        [*]Similarly, a few lines after you'll see <Animation Type="ColorG"> with lines that affect it, and <Animation Type="ColorB"> with lines that affect it.
        [*]For ColorG, the important lines are 287, 292, 404, and 409. For ColorB, the important lines are 303 and 420.
        [*]Basically ColorR = Red, ColorB= Blue, and ColorG = Green, with the important lines that I listed affecting how strong that color is.
        [*]Since I want the jumpball to be orange red, I set the important lines for ColorR to 255 (the max value), the lines for ColorG to 190, and the lines for ColorB to 100. You want to use the same values for all of the important lines for each color
        [*]This gives the jumpball a nice orangish glow which works with the new orange textures, otherwise the textures would just be very dark
        [*]Save and convert the .XML back into a .GTE and pack it back into
        [*]This took forever to figure out lol
    • Changed the color of the trick jump effects from blue to orange/red
      • [*]
        [*]Have to link the next videos instead of embedding them because the forums don't allow more than 5 embedded vids :(
        [*]Extracted ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick1.gte, trick2, trick3, trick4, and trick5 from bb3\
        [*]Converted to .XML using the GTE/GTM converter
        [*]These are the same deal as the second part of the jumpball edit, where you have to find ColorR, ColorG, and ColorB and change them
        [*]For ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick1.gte
        • Important line for ColorR is 125, for ColorG is 136, and for ColorB is 147. Made them 255, 125, and 16 respectively (basically just switched red and blue)
        [*]For ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick2.gte
        • Important line for ColorR is 147, for ColorG is 158, and for ColorB is 169. Made them 255, 125, and 16 respectively
        [*]For ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick3.gte
        • Important line for ColorR is 218, for ColorG is 229, and for ColorB is 240. Made them 255, 125, and 16 respectively
        [*]For ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick4.gte
        • Important line for ColorR is 243, for ColorG is 254, and for ColorB is 265. Made them 255, 125, and 16 respectively
        [*]For ef_ch_sng_yh1_jump_trick5.gte
        • Important line for ColorR is 401, for ColorG is 412, and for ColorB is 423. Made them 255, 125, and 16 respectively
        [*]Saved and replaced back into
    • Changed the front end of the slide from bright blue to bright orange
      • [*]
        [*]Extracted ef_ch_sng_yh1_sliding.gte from bb3\
        [*]Converted to .XML using the GTE/GTM converter
        [*]This is similar to the first part of the jumpball where the format is <Color R="X" G="X" B="X" A="1" />
        [*]Located on line 330, swapped the red and blue values
        [*]Saved and replaced back into
    • 2D 1-Up symbol is now shadow themed
      • [*][​IMG]
        [*]Happened to work thanks to all the other edits
        • I guess this pulls from the same textures that I edited
    • Edited his boost to have a brighter center, greater fade off on the sides, and removed the long orange trail that follows his boost
      • [*]
        [*]Extracted all of the boost .MATERIAL, .DDS, .MODEL, and .GTE files from bb3\ from the Unleashing v8 mod (
        • I'm pretty sure this is it, been a while since I did this so not 100% sure
        [*]Edited and in photoshop using color channels to be orange and saved the files
        [*]Replaced them and all of the other boost files into bb3\ from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
    • Added his jet shoe sound effects (need some help fixing a bug which I detail in the next section)
      • [*]
        [*]Extracted the base game's bb2\, which is the shadow boss fight
        [*]Extracted 52BOS_BSD.csb, which is shadow's boss sound effects file
        [*]Opened the file in the csb editor and extracted jet_bst_add.adx, jet_bst_left.adx, and jet_bst_rgt.adx (his shoe sound files)
        [*]Converted them into .ADX using the csb packer
        [*]Extracted 22PLY_SNC_PAM.csb from the base game's bb3/
        [*]Opened 22PLY_SNC_PAM.csb and 52BOS_BSD.csb in different instances of Csbbuilder from SonicAudioTools (
        [*]In 22PLY_SNC_PAM.csb, added the 3 extracted jet shoe sound files as sound references in the top right window
        [*]In 22PLY_SNC_PAM.csb, every material type (grass, wood, stone, etc) has an associated "walk" and "run" sound directory, which you can find the bottom left window
        • The ones we care about are the directories ending in "run"
        [*]Edited all of the "run" directories to match the jet shoes directory structure from 52BOS_BSD.csb (in the bottom left window of the other Csb builder instance) using the new jet shoes sound references
        [*]Saved the new edited 22PLY_SNC_PAM.csb and replaced it into bb3\ from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod
    • Changed his idle animation back to Sonic's idle so it blends the animations correctly (need some help with this which I detail in the next section)
      • [*]Original Mod Idle Animation(Bad Blending)
        [*]Better Blended Sonic Animation
        [*]Extracted all of the "idle" .HKX files from the games original bb3\ and replaced them into the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod's file
    • Gave normal shadow better Unleashed physics from the Proper Unleashed Speed and FOV mod
      • [*]Replaced the file in bb3 from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod with the one from the Proper Unleashed mod (
    • Gave classic shadow better physics from the Classic Sonic Improvement mod
      • [*]Replaced the file in bb3 from the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod with the one from the Classic Sonic Improvement mod v6.1 (
    • Fix his jumpball glow (and some other effects) disppearing when using the Quickstep sound fix
      • [*]When any of the available Quickstep sound fixes are used in generations or the unleashed project, the glow from the jumpball disappears and his boost gets alot more transparent
        [*]The files in questions are and #Application.arl which come with the Quickstep fix (
        [*]This doesn't seem to happen to the base game's sonic, but maybe I'm just not seeing it
    • Fixing his title screen
      • [*]On the title screen, when the unleashed fxpipline patch is applied to the SonicGenerations.exe, the title logo and the fur on both shadow's chests get moved up and out of place
        [*]When you start the game and shadow jumps over the logo, his chest fur does not follow him (same for classic shadow)
        [*]I tried moving the shadow .MODEL, .MATERIAL, .HKX, and .DDS files from the mod's to the base game's file in bb2. The issue with the fur and title still occurred.
        [*]If this can be fixed, I plan to change the Shadow Generations logo in photoshop to be more in line with the game's original title screen
        • Or, if it's possible to do something like the title screen in the Episode Metal mod, except change it to say Shadow Edition or something like that, that'd be awesome too (
        [*]I would also like to make classic shadow smile and normal shadow frown if possible, but I know that would require 3ds max work and I only have a very basic understanding of 3d modelling and don't know how to texture in 3d programs
    • Fixing his jet shoe sound effects lagging behind
      • [*]When applying his jet shoe sound effects, the sound from the left foot lags behind by about half a second and its very noticeable. This does not happen on the right foot
        [*]It should be evenly timed just like the beginning of the shadow boss fight
        [*]I believe it is tied to the way his modded skating animation registers a footstep, because when I replace his skating animation with sonics default run, it looks super wonky but the sound effects are properly timed with the footsteps
        • The files affecting the run animation are sn_jet_loop.anm.hkx, sn_idle05.anm.hkx, and maybe sn_run_loop.anm.hkx and sn_jog_loop.anm.hkx but I'm not sure about those (in bb3\
        [*]This also happens with the default sonic footstep sound effects that come with the original mod, they're just so quiet that you don't notice
        [*]Once this is fixed I can much more easily go in and tune the volume levels for the sound effects
    • Fixing his smile during the idle animation
      • [*]Since I reverted his idle to sonic's, the only downside is that now he's smiling, which doesn't fit haha
        [*]If the smile could somehow be edited to the frown he had in the original mod, that'd be awesome
        [*]OR, even better, if the the original mod's animation could be made to have a smooth blend with the other animations like sonic's default idle, that'd be sick
    • Changing the 3D 1-Up symbol to be shadow themed
      • [*][​IMG]
        [*]Like the title says, first would need to find where the model and it's effects are housed
        [*]From there, would be pretty easy to edit the effect and texture colors to be red/orange
        [*]The hard part would be changing the 3D model to be shadow themed
        [*]Tried editing the color values inside of the ef_ch_sng_yh1_1up.gte file located in bb3\ and it's associated texture, but didn't do anything (included it in the final mod in case it changes something else)
    • Fixing his wonky grind animation
      • [*]When grinding, probably because of the way shadow's skeleton was converted to sonic's for the mod to work, his quills get this really weird pointing up look that's always bugged me on both his normal and boost grinding animations
        [*]I've figured out that the files which need to be modified are sn_grind_boost_l_loop.anm.hkx, sn_grind_boost_r_loop.anm.hkx, sn_grind_long_l_loop.anm.hkx, and sn_grind_long_r_loop.anm.hkx in bb3\
        [*]I've tried replacing them with shadow's grinding animation files from the sonic vs. shadow boss fight located in bb2\, but it glitched him out, again probably because of the way the skeleton was converted
        [*]I know this will definitely require 3ds max work and I've tried watching some youtube tutorials but don't understand how to import the animation along with shadow's model and skeleton to edit it, and then export it
        [*]He has the same issue with his quills when going through boost rings, jump pads, wall jumps, and skydiving, maybe could fix that too if its simple enough
        [*]Since it seems like a skeleton issue, as it affects basically every animation that was originally sonic's, it might be easier to fix his skeleton as long as it doesn't messup his skating animation
    • Fixing his wonky custom A and S rank animations
      • [*]A rank
        [*]The main problem is the way his animation just cuts from the back flip to looking at the score, and then his super weird eye movement at the end
        [*]S rank
        [*]At the very end you can see the top bit of his white eye model poking through his head
        [*]I assume it'd be a pretty easy fix, maybe just cut off the top bit of his eye model since it doesn't ever get exposed anyway because of the way his eyes are modeled
    • Adding his flames to his shoes
      • [*]In the sonic vs. shadow boss fight you can see shadow has flames coming out of the holes in his shoes, would love to be able to add that
        [*]A good start would probably be to figure out which files (mostly likely a GTE/GTM and dds) from the sonic vs shadow boss fight in bb2\ give his shoes the effect
        [*]I'm 90% sure that the files are for the jet texture, bo_sha_yh2_tailR.gtm to convert the texture into a material (this is done for alot of stuff in the game), and ef_bo_sha_yh2_jet.gte to implement the material as an emitter (the same way the boost and jumpball work)
        [*]I've tried straight up dumping these in bb3\, didn't work (as expected lol)
        [*]I've tried renaming these to the boost.gte files and replacing the boost files with these hoping to maybe trick the game into implementing the jet shoe during boost, didn't work

    If anyone knows how to fix this stuff and/or wants to collab please let me know! You would of course be credited once the full mod is finished.

    I have also attached my edits to the mod so far for anyone curious on exactly what I did.

    You can play with it and if you want to show it off feel free, just credit me (Nikk Mann) along with the Remastered Shadow v1.5 mod's original author (쉐도봉) and maybe link to this forum so I can get more help :), but please don't go around redistributing/claiming it as your own. Thanks!

    MEGA Download Link:!XfQl3SRB!fqNdrLiumU9kBrRdtobjlhkeGyw_j0liV9GE9Ol-dhQ

    GoogleDrive Download Link:

    EDIT 10/18/2019: Updated Shadow WIP 1.1 download. Fixed some voice and HUD issues with bosses. Fixed trick jump sparkles randomly glitching out.


    Along with this shadow mod, I plan to release a big game mod pack for Generations and the Unleashed Project which incorporates the best technical aspects of the various graphical mods currently out (through sceneeffect editing) in addition to the Unleashedfxpipeline render, and my own custom Reshade which adds ambient light bloom and ambient occlusion soft shadowing so the characters look more grounded in the stages (but not so overblown that they drown out details thanks to ALOT of tuning), sharpening, and SMAA.

    I also removed the boost filter from the music for both Generations and Unleashed Project (through the Endless Loading Screen fix []), while preserving all other musical effects and other stage music (like the underwater filter in Chemical Plant Zone and the skyscraper police chase sequence music in Speed Highway)

    The same Endless Loading Screen Fix Boost Filter Removal combo has been applied to Unleashed Project Low End mod

    This is all already done (the videos above are outdated in terms of these graphics mods)

    I plan to release all of these together with shadow (once he is done), a (already finished) modded Generations' sonic (that makes him look like Unleashed sonic but uses Generations' animations and work in story cut scenes, and gives him unleashed sonic and classic sonic improved physics), Episode Metal (with unleashed and classic sonic improved physics [also already done]), and an optional unleashed camera from cmsunite's mod as a big modpack later.

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    Many a game.
    It's clear you put in a lot of work into this, but it's a bit tough reading your post; I'd reccomend formatting it by putting the changes under some spoiler tags.

    Other than that, I don't have the knowledge to help you with this mod, so best of luck!
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    Updated to make the article easier to read using spoilers, and updated the Shadow WIP Mod with some fixes.