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    I own a Japanese copy of Dynamite Deka 2 for the Sega Model2A arcade board. I even wrote the article on the password system. HOWEVER, my PCB has bad RAM and VRAM. And for some reason, it USES the password system. Something I could not do with an emulator!

    Typical Dynamite Deka 2 Game Over Screen:

    My Dynamite Deka 2 Game Over Screen:

    "SUGOI NE" is the set password in the Game Assignments menu. It looks like this feature was used in the Ages 2500 copy of Dynamite Deka:
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    Do we still cover animation studios? Well I got another for the pile: "Silver Ant"

    SEGA All Star [sic] Racing is the only Sega game they currently claim credit for, but considering none of the Nintendo work they've done*--Metroid Prime Hunters, and Pokemon Sword and Shield--aren't, it's possible they've done more for Sega.

    *However, curiously, this cinematic of prohibition era cops and robbers fighting Matrix-style for "pachinko" has a Nintendo copyright.
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    The latest episode of Sonic the Comic the Podcast, on issue #32 (which is excellent and everyone interested in the minutiae of being a Sonic fan as a kid in the UK in the '90s should listen to it) includes discussion of that issue's advert for Marko's Magic Football. The advert mentions that you could get a free promotional Marko comic from branches of Boots.

    I realised: hey, I have that promo comic! (Though I'm not sure if Boots was where I got it from.)

    I dug it out and took photos of it:

    Unfortunately there are no credits on the comic at all. The strip is different from the Marko comic that Lew Stringer and Gary Andrews later did for STC - but I wonder if either of them had seen it?

    That comic, and the advert for it in STC #32, are not mentioned under promo material on the game's Sega Retro wiki page. Unfortunately my old scanner has never worked on anything more recent than 32-bit Windows XP, and I don't think my photos are good enough quality to upload to the wiki. (Also, this evening I'm getting lots of Cloudflare 524 timeout errors on the forum and wiki, so I'm reluctant to even try and upload them tonight.) I could try and take better photos of it tomorrow, if you think the quality would be acceptable?