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    I haven't thought of that, it would make sense, especially since they reset the board revision counter to 0 as well, in the middle of the MD1 production. But that would mean that they reset twice in two years, since they definitely did reset around when the Master System came out (SG-1000 and SG-1000 II use different syntax, Mark III seem to follow it but without the board revision, Master System in Japan seems to have board versions but with nonsequential numbers...).

    However I think we just don't have enough samples for the post Megadrive models. I know that I have extremely few USA Genesis samples.

    Any system released from 1990 and up (minus Dreamcast) will definitely use the serial format we have cracked, however. Starting from the Game Gear, at the very least. And in that format, the OEM codes go from 0-9, then A-Z, then AA, AB, AC, etc up to AG.
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    Not sure if this is the right topic but I wanted to ask a quick question.

    Is that "Sega Genesis Classic Game Console" any good?

    I've been in the market for a Sega Genesis for a while because my original Model 2 Genesis died a long time ago and I would like to have one to use all my genesis carts on. I've been looking into buying an original Model 1 (the first batch that came with Altered Beast) because I read it was apparently the best Sega Genesis model.

    I have an HDTV but I plan to get a old tube set in the future. I saw the console at Target but didn't want to buy it if it had sound issues or input lag.
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    Well, I never owned that one, but I've always heard that those "genny-on-a-chip" consoles are not very good, specially if they accept any cartidge as they seem to only un fine certain games ( the ones it includes in memory). For that price, I would reccomend to get a real genesis with a RGB scart cable.
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    Dunno if this is the right place to put it, but there seems to be other stuff posted here with similar information content:

    You know the Crusader of Centy beta? After looking on the thread here, I decided to do a bit of digging. I noticed that there seemed to be a screen mode that was skipped over at the end of the Sega screen. To see it, go to address $C3D in a hex editor and change the $C to a $6. The result removes a seemingly quick patch to the level and loads a neat animated copyright screen, by GAU Entertainment. According to Sega Retro, GAU only worked on one game, Ranger-X, before getting bought out by NexTech. This copyright screen incidentally isn't used in Ranger-X. Is it possible that GAU Entertainment were working on this before they were bought out?


    Dunno how interesting or relevant it is, but perhaps some of you with a little more insight would appreciate it?
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    There's no real lag I've noticed and they play really well - I've noticed no issues with the graphics emulation or controls, etc.

    The reason you wouldn't buy one of these is the sound emulation though: it's fucking ATROCIOUS. Here's an example from Ashens on Youtube:

    All the systems use the same chip and therefore sound/play the same, don't worry that it's different looking. He says it's different on the earlier one, but I think that's just the crap speaker - I have both units and they do the same thing, as do one or two of the plug-into-TV-ones (yes, I have loads of these - don't ask). Jump to 13:47. Yeeeaaaaah. :(/> It's such a shame, these are otherwise great units.
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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
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    I already posted in another thread about an early mirror of;


    Here's an early mirror of They seem to have stopped updating it in the middle of November 1996, but as it was left up for some time after with a link to it had enough time to get scraped several times by, and seems almost complete. mainpage was first archived prior to this (Oct 18, 1996), but most of the content wasn't archived until Dec 24, 1996. Even then, there are still many dead links, or pages which have been over-written with newer content.

    For example; SEMIANNUAL REPORT 1996 FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED SEPTEMBER 30,1995. Frustratingly, the content of this was over-written with the following year's semi-annual report on the archive of, but remains intact on

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    I'm pretty sure this hasn't already been asked, but does anyone know the names of the sound engines/drivers Sega uses in the 80s and 90s for arcade and 8-bit games? I've been wondering for ages, but I haven't found anything concerning this.
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    Found this inside a British computer trade paper (stuck to a VF PC ad) dated 27 May 1996. Product code "680-6016-50". Has anyone seen one of these before? I can't find any mention of it online.

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    Might it have been bundled with NV1 graphics cards?

    There's more variants of this thing than we're currently documenting.
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    I think that those came bundled with the full game, this one's just a demo disc. As far as I can see it hasn't been dumped, so I'll look into making an ISO of it.
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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
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    This is getting complicated :p

    One of your uploads;


    So there is actually a different version (just called "Virtua Fighter"?) released for NV1 in November 1995. We don't seem to have that version documented on the wiki, or even whether it's based off of "Virtua Fighter", or "Virtua Fighter Remix".

    Then a version was developed for Pentium/Windows 95, which released in the US in September 1996. This is known as "Virtua Fighter PC". The disc I have is a demo disc of "Virtua Fighter PC" from May 1996, probably only meant for UK trade. Maybe it's a non-final build, I'll have to install a Windows 95 partition to run it. The Wiki gives a UK release date of June 1996 (sourcing CVG) for Virtua Fighter PC, but I'm sure it was delayed, monthly magazines are published too far in advance to have accurate dates. Looking at the ELSPA sales charts from June / July 1996, there is no sign of Virtua Fighter in any of the weekly TOP 40 PC CD-ROM charts. Unfortunately I can't find the charts for later that year from around the US release date.

    There's a Virtua Fighter PC demo on's archive, the file is a lot smaller than the content of the demo disc.

    Then we have the Lasersoft demo/trial. It sounds similar to their Sega Family Fun Pack, also from 1996. As it released several weeks after the full game release I expect it to be based off of that build.

    We should probably document part numbers better;

    680-6001-50 PC Tomcat Alley [Jewel Case Back Inlay]
    680-6002-50 PC Tomcat Alley [Manual]
    680-6003-50 PC Tomcat Alley [Disc]
    680-6004-50 PC Tomcat Alley [Box]

    680-6005-50 PC Comix Zone [Disc]
    680-6006-50 PC Comix Zone [Box]
    680-6007-50 PC Comix Zone [Jewel Case Back Inlay]

    680-6009-50 PC Ecco the Dolphin [Disc]
    680-6010-50 PC Ecco the Dolphin [Box]
    680-6011-50 PC Ecco the Dolphin [Jewel Case Back Inlay]
    680-6012-50 PC Ecco the Dolphin [Manual]

    680-6016-50 PC Virtua Fighter PC Demo Disc [Disc]

    680-6017-50 PC Baku Baku [Jewel Case Back Inlay]
    680-6018-50 PC Baku Baku [Manual]
    680-6019-50 PC Baku Baku [Disc]
    680-6020-50 PC Baku Baku [Box]

    680-6021-50 PC Virtua Fighter PC [Jewel Case Back Inlay]
    680-6023-50 PC Virtua Fighter PC [Disc]

    680-6025-50 PC Sonic CD [Jewel Case Back Inlay]
    680-6026-50 PC Sonic CD [Manual]
    680-6027-50 PC Sonic CD [Disc]

    Those PC games consist of four parts (box/disc/manual/jewel case back inlay), there's three unknown part numbers before the Virtua Fighter PC Demo Disc, possibly demo discs for some of the other games?
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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
    You're more than welcome to create a big fat list of part numbers on Sega Retro - maybe a miraculous source of protein will part with his info too.

    There's Bug! that was meant to be released before Sonic CD, also apparently versions of Ecco, Comix Zone and TomCat Alley that shipped with another Diamond Edge card - the Stealth64 Video 2001XLe.
  15. Speaking of PC demos, was there a physical demo for "Sonic 3D Blast"? I now there was a downloadable demo on "SEGA's" website, but I was curious if there was a physical one as well.
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    I had a demo of the first act and a special stage that was included in a demo disc from some PC gaming mag that I've since forgotten. Can't remember which, but the demo disc in question was featuring a bunch of sports games (the label for the packaging was "Score!" and had art from a football game, probably the Madden of the time) and I think was from either 1996 or 97? Had a yellow edge around the disc case.
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    Some years ago, I remember my cousin had a Sega Genesis and 32X. I distinctly recall the 32X had a warning label saying not to play 16-bit games while the 32X was installed. This obviously makes no sense, since MD games work perfectly fine when using a 32X.

    Is this a "false memory", or did some 32X systems actually come with that warning?
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    Welp, this.
    This is the first I've heard of this:

  19. I know that the "SEGA NOMAD" was based off of the "SEGA MEGA JET", but was this also the contribution to the "SEGA NOMAD"?
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    this is what KLF is about Wiki Sysop
    It's news to me - I'll have to look into it.

    This was something that apparently got to market, but there doesn't seem to be much sign of Sega so far...