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    Problem is that the spring is used for some deadly effects, like running into it and being sprung into spikes or back into lava, I think that having the ability to break and run may spoil this.
  3. Amistat


    Something I've always wanted to be able to do in a Sonic game:

    Stand up.

    Okay, that sounds stupid but hear me out. When you're running, tapping down will cause Sonic to roll.
    How about making the opposite true as well? If Sonic's rolling, tapping up will make him unroll but keep his momentum.

    Admittedly this may not seem all that great an ability, it may even seem worthless to most, but it's small and unobtrusive enough that it could fit in quite happily none the less.

    I'd also like to make a (potentially controversial) vote for changing Knuckles' spindash into a rhino charge instead:
    Sonic - Rev on spot with each button press > release to roll away at high speed to damage enemies.
    Knux - Puts head down, scrapes foot on floor with each button press > release to run off at high speed to damage enemies (head would remain down until move ends, would have to be low enough to fit under obstacles that would be rolled under otherwise).

    It'd be mostly an aesthetic change, but one that would make Knuckles feel a bit more unique, he's a guy that fights in a different way to Sonic so small tweaks like this would give him a distinctly new feel without actually removing his original gameplay. Obviously it would still be necessary for him to have rolling animations to go through pipes / jumping and such.
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    Sonic Rivals did this. Pretty cool, as it happens.
  5. Amistat


    They did? Awesome!

    If it worked there, it should work here hopefully.

    I can't really see any real reason not to have it either, I can't see it breaking anything at least, just adding more quick reflex moments.

    Picture it:

    You're spindashing through the mountain zone with a fire shield, suddenly there's a large pit ahead (oh noes!) a simple jump isn't going to clear it and oh crap! You missed the spring you were supposed to use on the ledge just above you!
    Instead of stopping to go back and breaking your momentum, you tap up, Sonic unrolls allowing you to leap and use the fire special to clear the gap! (Jumping from a roll never allowed the special moves to be used, thus unrolling and jumping would be necessary) You tap down again the other side and continue the rolling joy

    *cue warm fuzzy feelings of small achievement*

    <.< >.> What?
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    Alternately I'd like to see the addition of the midair spin jump in Sonic Triple Trouble (Sonic and Tails 2).
    Some of you may be familiar with this move as the one that's performed when you press A in the air in Megamix. However it should only be done as a defensive measure -- if there is an enemy near a spring, for example, that it'll launch into, this allows the player to hit it without getting hurt.
    I don't think that special moves should be performable after doing that. Otherwise, for example, when Tails is starting to tire, one could press A and begin flying again, utterly breaking the game.

    I'm not sure I want to make it too easy to come out of a roll. Sonic Adventure allowed for that and it's one of a couple reasons that the spin dash is so broken in that game. After all, it's the easiest way of getting lots of speed and I don't think that it should be too easy for unskilled players to blast through a level like that -- this way gaining speed doesn't carry with it any significant risks. If we want to be faithful to the original designs it's important to keep in mind that, as others have mentioned, speed is indeed intended to be earned and not received so easily.

    However I do agree that when in the air after rolling (if from an upward slope, say) that it should be possible to perform any extra moves that the character may have, like the shield technique as you mentioned.
    One other thing I'll say is that
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    The way I see, it can work if it can only be done when Sonic's running full tilt.

    Just think about it. One could keep quickturning from side to side to gain speed in place. Boss battles could be radically altered with Sonic getting what's essencially full-speed dodging on demand. The spindash would become useless, as this technique doesn't need Sonic to come to a full stop. Depending on how physics work, doing quick-turns at a slope could lead to the birth of a "rocket sonic" exploit.

    Well, I suppose that, most of the time, the wall kick wouldn't see repeated use - only when there's a need to split an exclusive path for Sonic.

    Can't see why not. I need to think about it in-depth, though.

    Depends on how different rolling and running physics are. Also has the risk of being visually confusing.

    Could work if it was for a moment, like the Advance insta-shield (which lasts for a lot longer than the S3 one).

    The chief reason, though, was not needing to be at a full stop to use it.
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    The initial idea was to do this only on top speed. The boss battle screens are too small to build up enough speed.
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    This would be pretty cool if:
    1 - It's a Sonic only move (since it gives a feeling of speed)
    2 - Can be used only if Sonic is at least at $600 of speed (Sonic max speed in the games, so it cannot be abused)
    Argh, this was one of the reasons on why I think the Spindash is not broken.
    You can't get up after spindashing/rolling. The only way to get up is to jump, then returning to the ground, which is not something very easy, since the particular physic of the classic games make Sonic hard to control when he is jumping.
    But if something like this is added to the game, then Spindash abuse will be possible, since you can keep rolling indefinetely (Spindash->roll->get up/gain speed->roll again->get up/gainspeed->roll and so on)
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    That was the idea. It could only be used when he's going the fastest. You wouldn't get a speed boost if you were standing still. The idea was that you would be able to go in the opposite direction and still maintain your speed if you did a quick direction combination.
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    But rolling is usually faster than running, not the other way around, right? And you would slow down either way on an upwards slope.
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    Since this is the general thread I'm going to throw some ideas against the wall and see what comes back.

    There should be more than 6 zones. Sonic 2 had 11 + some scrapped, S3&K had 14, now I'm not saying we should have 17 zones, but 6 seems too few, in my opinion. The question is, how many original ideas (and art) can we come up with? What if the game is "split" à la S3&K so half of the zones are in a setting and the other half is in another setting? Maybe 5 zones can be on the Angel Island, 1 zone under the sea nearby (after all, both Sonic 2 and 3 and K didn't have a "real" water zone, after Labyrinth), 1 zone in space (lol Death Egg), or something.

    Also, super characters. As I said elsewhere, I'm all up to have both Chaos emeralds and Super emeralds, so we can have Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, and Super Tails. Super forms should be playable in all the levels (given that you have the emeralds and 50 rings of course), but on the other hands I'm in favor of a "super only" zone à la Doomsday Zone / Crystal Egg Zone. Beat the penultimate level without the emeralds, you get the "bad" ending (as in S3&K when the master emerald floats back to the space); beat the penultimate level with the emeralds, you can play "Doomsday Zone" and get the real ending.
  13. Jan Abaza

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    You're on to me.
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    I'd prefer no Super Emeralds. They were unnescessary to begin with. I prefer only having the Chaos Emeralds that will make you Super Sonic, Super Tails or Super Knuckles. You can go through the game as these characters + the good ending.

    If we insert a Sonic-only additional Super-level "à la Crystal Egg Zone" as you put it, you get double the reward for your efforts when completing the game as Sonic. :psyduck:
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    I know Crystal Egg Zone isn't a "super" level, but I included it in my post because it's a "all-emeralds" level, just like Doomsday.
  16. Amistat


    I'd throw in my vote for no Super Emeralds too.

    They always seemed like more of an easter egg than anything else and since Sonic3&K (and specifically only that version) we've never heard of them or the hyper forms again.

    I get the impression they're "non-cannon" despite being in a cannon game, a bonus unlock and nothing else.
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    I always though something happened to the Super Emeralds between S3K and Sonic Adventure, and seperate the the Chaos Emeralds. Perhaps this game could be used as a way to suggest what happened to them, like they become lost in the Atlantic Ocean after Tails goes Super, and no-one can find them.
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    The double tap method gets my vote.