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Discussion in 'Project: Sonic Retro (Archive)' started by Mobiethian, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Triple Trouble would like to have a word with you...
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    Though triple trouble had this fight I would love to see metal sonic done in the sprite direction we're heading in.
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  4. I just wanted to chime in again with how badass I think Chimpo's revamped version of my Fail sprite is. I can see Tails up against this as his true moment of proving he's a hero in his own right. This isn't the lesser of three Bosses This guy would have given any of them trouble and it's Tails that has to do it alone.

    Tails battling a Metal Tails would just be him defeating a knock off a sidekick. This is him battling a suped-up version of something that was a real threat to Sonic when it first appeared.

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    This may have been a product of my half-conciousness at six in the morning today, but maybe something like this would go this way:
    The new Metal Sonic would still be an enemy of Sonic's, but it wouldn't be revealed until Tails gets to it. The story would be that Sonic was supposed to go to a certain area of [insert Robotnik's new warship's name here], but Robotnik, knowing that Sonic would get to the bomb and take it out before the new Metal Sonic was timed to appear and stop them, set a trap to try to slow them down. Tails and Sonic were split up, a trap door opens underneath Tails (think SBZ act 2-3 cutscene but Sonic gets past the barrier), and Sonic, desperate, tries to find a way to get to Tails when ultimately he is blocked by Robotnik and some sort of robot. Sonic defeats it and finds out that that was the trigger to drop the bomb. Cue Super Sonic final level. Tails, on the other hand, falls into a warehouse-like area of the ship, and goes through another act of the level. He gets to the end and meets up with the MK-III.

    Now, the SCD Metal Sonic is wondering why Robotnik keeps using all his resources on new copies of Sonic when he's already there. He gets kind of jealous and starts attacking some of Robotnik's giant robots, trying to even it out by helping Sonic get to Robotnik, appearing every once in a while after some bosses and quickly flying off. After Tails finishes his final battle, and Metal Sonic appears behind the defeated MK-III. Metal Sonic goes off in search of Sonic, and Tails leads the way, only to have MK-III take the chaos emeralds and go into a super form. Cue all-emeralds-final-battle sequence.

    EDIT: Yep, it was the half-conciousness. I just sounded way too much like I was quoting Omega's story, wasn't I?
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    Inspired by this:
    Helper Monitor:

    Appears only when playing as Sonic & Tails.
    How to use:

    1 - Sonic breaks the Monitor
    2 - Whistle
    3 - Tails starts to fly and grabs Sonic automatically, even if not controlled by the player

    Depending on where is located, allows the players to use Tails' flying skill to reach areas that can't be reached normally. Usually, to do this thing in Sonic 3, there is the need of a 2nd controller/player, but with this monitor you no longer need them. After Tails has reached a certain height, the player can control his movements until Tails gets tired.
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    I think we definitely need a true Sonic vs Metal Sonic fight.

    The closest the series has come was the Triple Trouble battle as someone pointed out earlier. Other instances have seen him fighting inferior versions in Sonic 2 and S&K, the race in Sonic CD and the lame ass final battle in Sonic Heroes. We need a real battle between the two blue hedgies.

    The idea of the organically covered character works, perhaps Sonic comes up against himself but with blank eyes (blank eyes are creepy) after a few hits his skin breaks away to reveal the true metal form.
    Even better, what if Metal was disguised as another character? I know we seem against new stuff, but encountering Shadow, who then attacks you could be interesting. You beat on him and it turns out he's Metal Sonic trying to fool you.

    The fight could be similar to the Silver Sonic battles but as your opponent is smaller and faster it'd be somewhat trickier. Especially if he broke the battle up by hovering above you and hurling lightning for you to dodge.

    In fact...*wanders to the boss battle concept thread*

    Oh yeah, that was the other thing. I like the idea of the assist monitor but it may feel clunky and a little forced at times since it'd only appear in places it's needed.
    Perhaps if it was just made a special skill you get when Sonic and Tails are together? If Sonic jumps then presses Up+Jump again, Tails leaps up and grabs him, you can then fly for a bit. Meaning if you take Sonic and Tails together you essentially get both their powers. That may seem like it makes Tails alone redundant and in kinda would, but it seems like a logical step none-the-less :specialed:
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    Perhaps a two phased thing, like
    Phase 1: Race similar to Sonic CD (Metal encased in Sonic Suit/Skin)
    End of Race, Sonic crashes through door and fake sonic falls (Similar to Sonic CD)
    Metal raises up and the Sonic shell falls off to reveal real Metal
    Phase 2: Actual Boss battle between Sonic and Metal

    PS: idea of an assist monitor is a good idea, though I think it'd benefit more in Sonic-only gameplay, as with 1-player Sonic and Tails gameplay, the second player could just lift Sonic up (similar to Sonic 3)
  9. Seen as everyone wants Tails to fight Metal Sonic, how about something like this, except: the first part of Tails' boss is Metal Sonic, then after the 8th hit Metal Tails comes and fixes him, then Tails has to land 8 hits on each of them? This is when the suggested combo attacks could come in.

    EDIT: It might also be cool to make it seem like each character is fighting him directly after another characters battle (assuming all 3 fight him), for example, when Sonic beats him, he falls through the floor, and in Tails' story he falls through the roof, and we possibly hear Sonic spindash away.
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    These ideas about metal characters remind me of the Black Saints in Saint Seiya. Basically there is Seiya (the hero) and Black Seiya (the anti-hero), and they fight eachother. Same goes for 4 other Saints.

    But I can already see that Black Sonic would make some people scream "omg u racists".
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    Maybe it should be a recolour that's his inverse, like Cinos ;P
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    Ideas are starting to fly wildly again. I predict Chimpo's fury descending down on this thread like lightning.

    Looking back on the thread, I've warmed up to the idea of Tails fighting Metal Sonic. Tails' solo game needs a suitable adversary, and since Sonic already has Eggman it would be fair to let Tails battle Metal Sonic as his shining moment.

    I'm even imagining a cutscene where Sonic clearly leaves Tails to fend off Metal Sonic, confident that his buddy can do it.
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    I actually like this idea, that's a nice touch.