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General crappy hacking

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Xkeeper, Mar 5, 2007.

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    the bone zone
    Hover!, that 95 game, actually has some interesting crap in it. A while back I found the starting angle/position bytes in the .maz file but couldn't do much else, since I have no idea how to go about removing the "Press F2!" and just making it play the game normally... it crashes immediately on lad if you just rename it to maze1.maz or whatever it is...

    (the screenshot wasn't taken by me, someone else was hacking it with me and linked me to it instaead, but I did discover the weird faces)

    In another case, I got bored and played with Nephi (Link's Awakening editor, QBASIC) and decided to try optimzing some of their levels for the hell of it...

    I managed to get 9 bytes out of this room (and probably a few more, maybe)... That isn't a whole lot, but a few other rooms were even better, and I can always use extra space to add more decorations to other rooms... if I had any idea how to edit it further, even :P

    Honestly, Zelda 4 needs a better editor; I was working on the dungeon room format for a while but couldn't get very far, unfortunately.