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Gameplay Habits

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by upg, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. TheUltimaXtreme


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    Let's see... Always jumping on loops in Sonic 2, spindashing repeatedly at level ends, spindashing before Eggman or Zazz in Sonic Dash, repeatedly spindashing DURING Eggman or Zazz.

    I always bounce attack on City Escape and Final Rush rails to increase my speed. I always spam Tails and Eggman's guns rather than target anything. I unintentionally always suck at Sonic CD's special stage 4 and have to grind time UFOs. I always accidentally discover Sonic's air dash and homing attack in the Advance games. I always Up+R on the ramps in Advance and Rush. I always use Ancient Light on the Golem in SA2.

    Not a lot else I can say.
  2. Hukos


    I always beat Robotnik in Labyrinth Zone. Always. No better feeling than giving that fat man what he deserved.
    I don't do the fake transition stuff but I do spindash like mad, repeatedly while waiting for the next act to happen.
    I always activate the Megajump glitch in Oil Ocean.
    I always activate the no gravity glitch in Carnival Night. Makes for some fun shenanigans.
  3. AkumaYin


    At the beginning of the Aquatic Ruin boss, I like to hop on one of the totem poles and see how long I can fight the boss on top of them until I get forced off.
  4. Shockwave


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    I tend to jump in the middle of loops in attempt to gain a bit more speed after landing on the slope below. It's always a very satisfying and helpful trick whenever I manage to time it properly.
  5. Andrew75


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    Collect rings! Woooo
  6. Dr. Corndog

    Dr. Corndog

    I always do the teetering thing on the edge of the Prison Eggs, too. Let's see...

    When fighting Robotnik in Mushroom Hill 2 as Sonic, I'll wait for the engines to shut off before hitting him, simply because it's more fun (and seems more fair) than running up underneath the ship.
    I'll often go for a perfect on every special stage in S3&K by collecting all the rings.
    I like to stand on top of the blue discs in Marble Garden before spin dashing, to see Sonic bounce off while still in his revving-up animation.
    Speaking of Marble Garden, I always try to beat Robotnik at the end without letting Sonic fall off the screen.
  7. Spehiroth


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    Let's see...

    I always take the secret upper path in Chemical Plant Act 2. Always. Going up that underwater shaft traumatized me so much when I was little, and ever since I discovered the alternate path, I developed the habit of always taking it.
    In Sonic 3 and Knuckles, I would wait until I have 100 rings until I turn into Super Sonic. I always was afraid I couldn't keep my ring count up so I made sure to collect A LOT before transforming. I feel this habit is gone now for the most part.
    I always spindash under Silver Sonic in DEZ when he lands to get some easy hits, and let go at the last second before he spins.
    In Casinopolis, I always lose the pinball games with less than 100 rings, go through the sewer, collect TONS of rings, and avoid getting hit all the way through. I find this method faster, although risky.
  8. Aerosol


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    Oh I've got one more for SA2. Whenever I have to jump off a tall object (and time is not an issue of course), I do a somersault jump.
  9. AkumaYin


    Same here. I've gotten over it, though, so I don't really take the special route.
    Oh you. *quietly walks out of the room, grinning*
  10. TheOcelot


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    I do a lot of the habits which have been mentioned in this topic.

    I also do the following:

    Sonic 1:

    I like to try and beat Sonic 1 without dying once, without losing any rings once and I try collect as many lives as possible. My record on the mobile version is 55 lives. Here's a screenshot from my android phone;


    Sonic 2:

    Once I've beaten Eggman in Emerald Hill act2, I always jump over the wheels which scatter from Eggman's vehicle wreckage. The wheels of course can't hurt Sonic but I fill compelled to avoid them.

    I like get at least one 150-ring jackpot before I finish Casino Night zone.

    I always take the secret upper route in act2 of Mystic Cave to avoid the dreaded pit. Well, I did until I played StealthTax's remasterd version. Now I feel drawn to the pit for some reason..... :)/>

    Sonic CD:

    When Metal Sonic kidnaps Amy at the start of Collision Chaos zone 1, I jump up to a higher ledge so that MS doesn't pass by Sonic.

    I like to finish zone 2 in the Good future so that it transitions seamlessly to the Good future of zone 3.

    I always feel compelled to visit the Angel statue in Wacky Workbench zone 1 (Past).

    Sonic 3&K:

    When knuckles presses the switch at the end of Angel Island act 2, I jump to the left when the bridge breaks so that Sonic doesn't fall down. I then look up at Knuckles who never stops chucking.

    I always try to collect 999 rings (the maximum amount you can collect) in each act in Sonic 3&K (which you can achieve thanks the generous amount of rings awarded in the Glowing spheres bonus stage). I also like to see how quickly I can reach 99 lives.

    At the beginning of Mushroom Hill act1 after the cut-scene where Knuckles suspiciously closes a door with a switch; I then jump on the switch with Sonic to open the door to the giant ring. I jump on the switch again - so the door starts closing - and then immediately spindash so that Sonic makes it to the giant ring just before the door closes. Sonic is trapped in the area with the giant ring!
  11. Donnie Paradox

    Donnie Paradox

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    I always have to get all the Toxic Caves rings in 16-bit Spinball. I don't know why, I just do. I also seem to have a habit of being impatient with platformers and it has cost me so many lives. I always have to bust certain 1-up monitors in 16-bit Sonic 2 as well. Picky gaming is picky.
  12. Fantastic


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    Thanks to your playthrough on the Sonic-A-Thon (and I believe you also did this on the FTCR playthrough?) I saw what that was like for the first time after reading about it in the manual for that game.
    I wasn't missing out on much.
  13. LoneDevil


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    Without any logical reason, Skidding is my habit because I find it stylish. (that goes for every Sonic game)