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    As previously mentioned in the "Supreme Topic of Other Knowledge" I've posted that someone on Facebook owns a old cellphone with some of the games released by Gameloft and Sonic Cafe. Trần Gia Hoàng, a Vietnamese Sonic fan ripped the games from his phone and uploaded them on Onedrive and shared them in one of the groups I'm a member of. I've downloaded the games, and they seem to work in KEmulator Lite. Since he doesn't have a account here, I figured I'd share the games here. The following games are included in the download link: Shadow Shoot, Sonic the Hedgehog Parts 1 and 2, Sonic Jump, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Runners Adventure, and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. (The latter I wasn't even aware had a Java version... :V) Download here
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    Aw geez, I guess I misread your prior posts. But I think this is still incomplete? This is the most comprehensive list I'm aware of, but it ends around 2010, which obviously means it doesn't cover ASR, so there may be even more titles undocumented. Also: lotsa variants.

    Still, this has most of the more robust (as in not banal card/desktop) games. Sonic Shift-Up and Sonic Kart 3DX can't possibly live up to expectations, but they're the most lamentable absentees. Sonic no Jingen Ressha seems to be evocative of Chu Chu Rocket, intriguingly.



    Did this influence the Sonic 2 mobile remaster??
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    None of those are really from Sonic Cafe (except Shadow Shoot). The Sonic 1 and 2 ports you can find in Java sites are wildly different to the Sonic Cafe ports. I don't know if the Sonic Cafe games can be ripped and emulated at all, I think they can't sadly.
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    Many of these games are available in some form online - I've done several posts on Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing on hedgeblog, but the only version was in English.

    This also includes Sonic Runners Adventure, which only came out in 2017, and was a Java version of their iPhone game. Pretty competent version to be honest.