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Game Gear Micro

Discussion in 'General Sega Discussion' started by Pengi, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Vangar


    I'll purchase one for the novelty. But yeah the lack of a '4 sonic' system is bad. And they could have loaded it with master system and gg titles as the hardware is pretty mucn the same. Disappointing.
  2. Sid Starkiller

    Sid Starkiller

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    Even aside from the ridiculous price, the thing look WAY too tiny to play comfortably. Hard pass.
  3. Black Squirrel

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    PlayStation 5 news so far consists of "we're making a console" and "here is its logo" - I think this beats that ;)

    Currently this is a Japanese product aimed at the Japanese, and given that it's probably too small to use, I'd wager it's more of a decorative thing you put on your shelf. Like those mini replica arcade machines that retail around the £30 mark.
  4. doc eggfan

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    I've always wanted something like this, just wish it was closer in size to the Game Boy Micro.

    In fact, I've always simply wanted a usb controller that was similarly shaped to the Game Gear, for that authentic-ish experience when firing up a game gear emulator. You could even take this further and potentially include a usb powered second screen housed within the controller to drag and drop the emulator window into your hand.

    It'd be nice to think the gg micro could be hacked to plug into a PC as a game controller, but it's probably not very comfortable to use anyway. I wonder whether it could be hacked as a PC second screen? Could be ideal for displaying a vmu window from a dreamcast emulator. It would probably even slide into a Dreamcast controller, it's about the same size as a VMU.

    Huh, maybe it won't be that uncomfortable to use then, I used to while away many hours with VMU Tetris on the bus ride into uni back in the day.
  5. Mana


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    The thing is Sony doesn't HAVE to put anything else out about the PS5. Their systems have become coessential with the concept of being THE place to game that they could literally just release the logo and release date and nothing else and STILL break sales records whenever it drops.

    I didn't expect much from SEGA either if it wasn't the SEGA rebranded Xbox Series X but there's a huge difference. A PS5 level announcement should have been industry changing. I don't even want one of these things.
  6. Overlord


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    GG Micro is adorable but that price considering how few games you get... ouch. Will have to see how this one pans out.
  7. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Apparently it's not meant as a successor to the MD Mini, and it's only getting a limited release through a few specific online retailers. SEGA just dropped it out of the blue on their birthday. It's a collector's item more than anything else, designed just as a fun little celebration of SEGA's big anniversary. There's an interview with SEGA about it here. It paints the device in a different light when you look at it from that perspective. Other plans of theirs got scuppered by the current pandemic. It's still overpriced and way too small to be a nice way to play, but at least I understand it a little better now.

    Can we split off discussion about the GG Micro from this thread? Cause the GG Micro and the big SEGA news teased by Famitsu are two entirely separate things, and it's frustrating to see people getting pissed at SEGA for hyping up a big announcement only for it to be the GG Micro. SEGA didn't tease anything, and the GG Micro isn't even what was being teased by someone else.
  8. Ayu Tsukimiya

    Ayu Tsukimiya

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    It's fine as a neat little novelty, albeit overpriced to hell.

    That's reassuring to know.
  9. LockOnRommy11


    The Game Gear Micro is just so cute. I never had a Game Gear but do love me some Sonic 1 and Outrun, so if it comes out over here (which I really, really am hoping for) then I guess I’ll be getting the black one, which is the quintessential SEGA colour of the 90’s.

    That magnifier looks to make the things so bloody unwieldy though!

    Maybe Nintendo will follow suit with a mini GameBoy, seeing as they only support one console now anyway :colbert:
  10. Gestalt


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    Oh yeah! Game Gear, baby! I'll buy one, maybe two. Dunno. Games seem REALLY good too and that's what matters. Sega is doing the right thing.

    "Fog gaming" sounds too good to be true, honestly. I'm so sick of indie games. xP
  11. MartiusR


    You know, I remember that back at the end of 90'/beginning of 2000' I had met relatively often (in the press) phrase "so small that you need magnifying glass to see it" in terms of any game/device with some issues regarding visibility.

    And now someone will make it as a "feature" and will sell magnifying glass as accessory.

    Not going to comment amount of games, this comments well by itself.

    By the way - I've bought about 6 years ago AtGames handheld ("Arcade Gamer Portable") with Game Gear/Master System games. It costed less than half of the price of this device, have 30 games (no "trash" games), good emulation quality and control device, small size enough to be convenient but big enough to have normal screen. AtGames handheld is eating GG Micro stuff on breakfast.
  12. Vangar


    I wouldn't call the AtGames emulation good, but it was passable. I had the mini GG/SMS AtGames and it was fun to mess with every once and a while. You're right, the micro should probably have at least as many as that system did...
  13. Mana


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    M2 produced the emulations for the Sega Genesis Mini last year. Odds are they have their hands on this one too.
  14. Diablohead


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    Not a huge fan of there being four different micros, i'd love to own the black one with sonic 1 as it's a childhood game and my first sonic title.
  15. Mana


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    I think they had the right idea with there being different colors and the big window being acquirable but I think this would have been better if all the games they showed off were included on each of these.

    4 games for $50, even with a cute little dedicated console just is too much for me. I might just get it for when the hacking community has their hands at it and lets you add any roms you want to it...
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  16. FollOw


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    Some one will hack it to play more games. I'll buy it.
  17. LockOnRommy11


    Quite possibly it’ll be able to play more than Game Gear games too, if the screen resolution allows!

    Someone on Instagram printed a Game Gear out in the same scale to show what it looks like held and compared to other items. They mention that it’s roughly the same width as a GBA SP, and roughly the same size as a DreamCast VMU, with the buttons and D-pad virtually being the same actual size. I think it’s gonna be more wield-y than people think.
  18. Ravenfreak


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    I really want to get one if it ever makes it's way here in the US and once people start hacking them. I'm just happy to see Sonic Chaos is on one of the consoles, since it's my favorite 8-bit title! Still $50 for just four games is a bit too much...
  19. Papa Rafi

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    This is either an April fool's prank with some Internet Explorer-level lateness or this is part of some new "Made For Hamsters" product line because.....

    Holy mother of tiny overpriced gadgets, Batman!

    It's cute and all, but hardly seems like an efficient way to play these games. But if it's merely just a trinkey to celebrate Sega's birthday like someone else mentioned, then I guess it makes sense. Still seems overpriced, but that's just me.

    "Chief, is this it?"

  20. MartiusR


    I didn't told AtGames devices overall have good emulation. I was referring to this particular device, which is, in opposite to most Atgames devices, emulating GG/MS games, and doing it good.

    I can understand scepticism about anything with AT label on it, but since I've personally tested this one, I could verify its performance and outcome was positive.