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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Rokkan, Dec 1, 2008.

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    ...although I'm not sure how to do it there is also a very obvious game concept that nobody as far as I know seems to have made regarding the 2player in the Sonic games.

    Clearly, when Knuckles Chaotix was born Sonic Team were trying to find new ways of making Co-Op incorporate new characters in the sonic franchise (outside of the standard Sonic runs Tails flies down). However, with the ring system thing it seemed to fail miserably.

    Now, this may not work well with the other characters but how about a Sonic and Shadow 2p Co-Op.

    Think about it, if Shadow uses chaos control not only do two players play side-by-side with the best hedgehogs in the game but you also would be able to carry on much faster then waiting for tails to land, particulally if sonic's running.

    I think the duo would work much better.
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    What if they did it Need for Speed MW style? Where the next level is probably a good minute and a half away, but you can press butan and skip hub world.

  3. Suggestion, whether you use the real deal or the emulator, the red palette would be more appropriate for a game starring Knuckles, perhaps :v: ?
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    Never played. But it sounds workable... as long as the Hub has some purpose beyond fulfilling some collectathon garbage.
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