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Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Rokkan, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Rokkan


    Yeah, the phrase below the topic title kinda sums it all.
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm an addict of creating game concepts. When I was a kid and I bought a Playstation one, I was so amazed at the extensive library of games that I were kinda like "what if this game were like this and that", so, I created concepts of fan-games in my head and even a console of my own lol Well, nowadays I still create concepts of games in my head, much fewer than before, but I still do, specially Sonic games.
    So I was wondering if anyone here actually experiences the same thing. What would be your Sonic game if you were to create one? I'll post mine later, I wanna hear some of yours first.
  2. Jayenkai


    It ain't exactly "Sonic!" but it's my own little character, and I'm happy at that..
  3. GasparXR


    I'm back! Member
    I remember having an idea for one that used the 5 2-player zones from Sonic 3. And that's the only one I remember. =P
  4. Rokkan


    Just a note to anyone who's reading the topic: Many of you might think it's redundant because you already have your own hacks, but think, what if you had no limitations, if you could do anything that you want to the game?
    I wanna hear some good ideas before I throw in my two main ideas :p
  5. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    Basically take Sonic Heroes and apply a variation on the mechanic to Sonic 3.

    Actually I thought this was a good idea like 5-7 years before Heroes even came out.

    Obviously VRam, sprite, and color issues would mean you probable couldn't do this on real hardware very easily.
  6. NioZero


    Concepción, Chile
    Tornado Sky Fighters
    I also like to create game concepts, and to program those concepts too. I have lots of game-concepts thinked. I like more to think in the game-logic of those concepts, mainly because I am working on a library that allow to easily program game-logic for games. The game-logic is the more important affair in videogames programming.

    Now I'm working on a Sonic-game that isn't platform but Shoot 'em all.
  7. Ell678


    Am I Annoying You? Member
    Barrow, England
    Sonic Incursion
    A real Sonic game with no new characters or gimmicks.

    What? It's been done? Really?
  8. Rokkan


    Okay, I think this topic needs a push forward, so I'm spilling my ideas:
    1st- A Kirby SuperStar alike Sonic game
    What do you mean by a KSS alike game? Well, a Sonic game that you had various short games inside that has the same base in common (graphics, sound, etc) but different gameplays. It would be a 2D Sonic game that uses Knuckles Chaotix alike graphics and would be launched as a real title and not a downloadable one (like Wiiware) because it has too much content on itself to do so.
    First mode you have is the Story one, where, as I mentioned, you would get through various alike games but with completely different gameplays. How so? Well, you would have for starters a Sonic 1 remix, which is a Sonic 1 completely re-made with the game levels, graphics, sound and engine (things like Spin-Dash, autosave and Super Peel-Out are included). Graphics and Level design are completely different, as well as some of the bosses. This is just so that you can get used to the game. After beating it, you'll unlock a Sonic 4 game (that has completely new Special Stages, new monitors, etc, etc) and a Knuckles Chaotix 2 (which is the same gameplay from the first, but it has a LOT of improvements over). There are tons of games to unlock, including a spin-off game that you play as completely original characters in a Tails Adventure/Metroid/Cave Story kind of gameplay. It's more slow paced and focuses on defeating enemies with the different abilities of the characters (I.E., one is a swordsman, other is a psychic, etc) I know, not very Sonic-ish and very fan-character-esque, but I think that if done right, it could be an awesome short game.
    The secondary mode of the game is one called Adventure Mode, where you play with the characters and the stages unlocked throughout Story mode. How so? You choose a character, difficulty level, Special Stage type (you can choose Sonic CD's Special Stages or Sonic 3's, for example, and even exclusive ones), and number of zones (6/8/12/16/etc) you want to go. Then, the game will randomly select an order of zones for you and you'll play them without knowing what zone will be next. It will also randomly choose which bosses are you going to fight against, because there's no certain boss for a zone, you can fight against "x" boss in "y", "z" or "w" stage. Just sub-bosses are stage-specific. Then, you go through all the levels, beat the bosses and collect Chaos Emeralds (maximum Chaos Emeralds is 8, but you still can go through more Special Stages and win more bonuses), and the final score will be at a ranking. You can even send your ranking online. After some progress in Story Mode though, you can choose which stages you'll go for and which bosses you'll fight against. Heck, you can even put Scrap Brain as your first level if you want to. Speaking of which, you can choose what names you'll give to your zones and which pallette will they use (because in Story Mode, you'll face the same levels twice, but in different Story Mode games, with different difficulty, different pallette and name), also, there are a lot of characters that you can choose to play as, even Ristar or a redesign of Shadow to look like it's from a classic game.
    Other game modes includes "Trial Mode", which you choose an individual stage and play in it (you can even select alternate missions like in Sonic Adventure 2), "Museum"; think of Super Smash Bros. Trophies, but instead, everything about the Sonic Universe in deep details about (like, what are rings, why do they float in air and spin, and why do they dissipate when in direct contact with the ground), "Mini-games", "Options" and etc.
    One more thing: When you clear all Story Mode games, there will appear a secret game... "The Arena"? Nah, boss rush is unlocked even earlier than you think. It's a worse nightmare than a boss rush, it's a game called "Eggman Empire". You play as Sonic, and Sonic only, and you go through every single level of Trial Mode in a specific order, with darker and creepier color palletes, and fight every single boss, but all in Very Hard difficulty (a difficulty which you unlock after beating Eggman Empire), this game is made so that the player is driven insane: Exploding checkpoints, lots of Eggman monitors, and traps everywhere. It's like a japanese Megaman 2 hack but with Sonic. And, in the last level, you'll not only face a small boss rush (with the 3 hardest bosses of the game) but also a completely new boss, the ultimate Eggman machine. I'm not sure how it will be, but boy it's gonna be a tough boss.

    Second idea I'll post soon, after this text there's no way I'll post my second idea now lol
  9. The Segan

    The Segan

    RIP 1991-1998 Member
    First I'd get rid of the dash pads in front of every loop. I'd bring back the concept of momentum and speed vs energy, where instead of just blowing through the level, you need to gain sufficient speed to get through a certain part, and it would be up to the player, not scripted events, to reach that speed. It's probably the main reason why 3D hasn't worked, it's not 3D's fault it's just Sega's failure to implement this concept since the Sega Genesis. So yes, a more physics based Sonic game is what I would do, with some new concepts such as the ones introduced in Portal and Mirror's Edge.
  10. I would make a 2.5D on-rails game.

    Sonic would be fast, running along highways, and using the man-made concrete jungle to his advantage.

    He would grind the side rails, run alongside hills, use truck stretchy bed covers as bouncers, and dodge traffic.

    View could go to Isometric in front of Sonic when it was necessary to see where to go, but it would stay in 2.5D 95% of the time. No 3D.

    Bosses would race along side you, and you wouild have to find ways to beat them and keep up your speed.

    Thats what I would find cool.
  11. Sonic Warrior TJ

    Sonic Warrior TJ

    Have an ice time Member
    Reposted from the "Sonic Unleashed 2 ideas" thread.

  12. Cap


    If it were an anything goes kinda thing, no limitations. Then...

    It would firstly have 2.5d gameplay and would play like the 2.5d games, like Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Rivals, with levels from Green Hill Zone and space zones, to new level designs, and even perhaps levels from Sonic Unleashed, like Spagonia and eggman land.

    It would firstly have a main story gameplay that would have players playing through all the levels like a normal sonic game, no hub worlds. Plus cutting edge cutscenes, and a boss level for each area.

    The other type of gameplay would be race. Much like in Sonic Rivals, players could race against each other through all of the levels in the game. This would also include online support for races. The races would also allow up to 4 players. I always thought that 2 players was a bit boring, 4 is much more competitive. It would also have to include a gran prix mode, where you choose so many tracks, and points were awarding for winning races.

    The characters available for the story should be a basic list, or maybe just Sonic. Whilst for multiplayer and free play, you can play as almost any character, from Mighty & Bark, to Shadow & Blaze, just to add extra variety. Each character would also perhaps have there own special abilities to use during races.

    Also, a brawl type battle mode would be more than welcome. Though it should be closer to the likes of Digimon Rumble Area. Less chaotic and random, more skill involved. So it would work, having a primary 3 combo melee attack, power attack (like sonic spindash, or blazes flames) , grab, and special attack, like final smash for each character. Plus power-ups etc.

    My other Idea would be a Super Mario 64 or Banjo Kazooie type gameplay. Various overworlds, going around collecting star/jigie equivalents. Looking at the sonic word in sonic Jam, I think it would actually be an extremely fun concept.
  13. Super


    The ever vigilant GSWAS. Member
    But we all know that Sonic doesn't worry about cars.

    In all honesty, There isn't much I want in a Sonic game. I want large, open fields to run in and experience Sonic's speed. I want the ability to play levels with Tails by my side, controlled by my friend. I want to grab on and fly off to secret areas in levels that aren't just item compartments, but a whole new segment in the level.

    I don't want to see any bottomless pits where they don't make sense. This means no pits in cities, jungles, or on lazy green hills. I don't want Sonic or any other character to keep shouting words for the helluvit. If they must say something, put it on a random track that doesn't repeat itself for at least three vocals. Variety is the spice of life.

    They are truly on to something with the 3D to 2D. Unfortunately, they based the 2D route changes on split second reactions, and the game was too fast for it. The only real change here is to tilt the camera so that you can see far enough ahead to react to changes without having to know where they take place before hand. Shamar was horrible with this.

    The one thing I will say is that in my ideal Sonic game, I'd like to see some online modes outside of Race. I want an open world hub, large platforming levels specifically designed for more then one or two people. Tackle giant stages with up to four people, working together for the end of the stage. Like Crises Core, but all at once and all on the same path, and no annoying mechs slowing you down.

    Ont he note of big levels, I want them to take a long time to complete. But without a bunch of one hit killing mechanics like bottomless hits. Also, in the multiplayer modes, we've had two people racing through stages, but when they die, they appear back at the last checkpoint. No black-out screen. Just a loss of life and the game continues on. Why can't they do that in the main game. I want to run and play, not hear Sonic scream and wait as the screen blackens and finally returns to Sonic just standing there. This would cut down on quite a few things like replaying events in the stage. And for destroying segments, where everything is blowing up behind you, if you die, you should be well able to traverse the rubble that has now settled, and would make for some challenging platforming segments. Of course, Boss Battles would retain the black out screen.

    Oh, and lastly, we need some new voices. Even in Unleashed, they were far superior to the past attempts, but Tails and Amy were still ear-harming.

    Okay, so maybe I want a lot in my Sonic concepts, but come on, I'm not alone here, especially with the online coop stages. A game reacting to drop ins and drop outs is not un-heard of, and even a major selling point in a lot of recent games, like Left 4 Dead.
  14. WiteoutKing


    The artist formerly known as WiteoutKing Member
    Worcester, MA
    Two-Bit Pictures and The D-Pad
    I still have old Sonic Horizon stuff shelved for a later time when I have the time to work on it. For those who haven't heard me vomit ideas about it around here, an RPG that takes place over the course of the Sonic games from Sonic 1 to Sonic Adventure 2. I think the old thread is still kicking around here if you search "Sonic Horizon" or "D-Series: Black & Blue".
  15. Well, my input on this would be to use the hedgehog engine, and convert the levels to 2.5D, whilst still keeping a 3D overworld. It would maintain a 3-act classic Sonic formula, with the boss being in the third act, and as you got farther into the game, you would learn new abilities that would make new zones accessible in the overworld. The new Sonic would also have 3D special stages that would be accessible from the overworld, and collecting the chaos emeralds would be necessary to truly beat the game, like in S3K. Also, no new characters there are plenty of characters, and for this new Sonic to work it would have to be Sonic, Tails , and Knuckles only with the other characters maybe making a small cameo. As for stages, again maintain the classic formula. Have a tropical type zone, factory/mechanical type zone, ruins type zone, desert type zone, ice type zone, water zone, and then a space station Eggman's-lair type zone.
  16. Anthall


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    Leicester, UK
    Sonic the Hedgehog - The Final Showdown
    This is hard to explain, but my Sonic game will be in a straight foward Sonic game, and it will basically feel like a 3D version of Sonic 3. There will be NO missions, but it will be 100% platforms.

    All the classic monitors are there, there is only Sonic, Miles and Knuckles. No Shadow, Silver or any other characters who are just colour changes of Sonic. Sonic can spin dash, knuckles can break through walls and tails can temporarily fly, but none of the new skill-breaking moves such as double jumps or homing attacks.

    Voices will be in there, but they will have proper voices, not the five year old voices that Sonic games usually have. Sonic and Co will sound more grown up.

    The following things will NOT be in my Sonic hack:
    1. Rail sliding. I want to control my character!
    2. Guns
    3. Vocal Songs
    4. No high speed shows with no control of my character
    5. No questionable Sonic ability such as Were-Sonic and Sonic with a sword.

    Oh yeah, a level editor would be included, which will allow complete control over how the Sonic level works, not like these lowfat editors that video games usually give you. You can go on line and find levels of others to play.
  17. Overlord


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    Long-term happiness
    You mean something like an in-game version of this?
    (God the US dub of Sonic X annoys me, but there's no easily findable JP audio one XP)
  18. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    If they did that the way they do such things in Unleashed I can't help but think it would look like that one part of Road Avenger. That's probably a good thing.
  19. Rokkan


    Now there's some progress on this topic~<3
    Okay, I'm ready to Unleash my second idea on this topic. If you didn't notice from the pun, it's based on Sonic Unleashed this idea. It's actually Sonic Unleashed 2.
    First, get Sonic's gameplay from Sonic Unleashed and apply some changes, which are:
    1st- Less road-based level design and more open levels, with some parts when you have to speed down to do some platforming. Those who played Crash Bandicoot do know what I'm talking about "road-based level design", Unleashed's level design is completely based on roads and less open like the Werehog parts.
    2nd- Ring Energy more like Infinite Energy. Unleashed's level design does not let your Ring Energy bar to deplete, ever. Ring Energy will be something more rare to have it full, and rings aren't gonna be so common like in Unleashed, heck, you could get 600 rings there in one level. Also, there will be air tricks exactly like Sonic Rush Adventure that gives you more points and lets you access different paths (unlike having the RTEs actions)
    3rd- Speed control. Before starting the level, you can select what speed will Sonic dash with, from Mach 1 to Mach 5. Having less speed makes it better to access different paths, and it makes easier to newbies to get used with the controls, before being raped by high speed stages. But having less speed also means smaller Ring Energy bar, because, at Mach 5 you definately need a bigger bar since you run so fast that you can't see what the hell is in front of you. Also, some missions do obligate you to use a speed equal or higher than the asked. And some alternate paths can only be reached with a certain speed.
    4th- Level-up and Skill system of Sonic and the Secret Rings. You know you love it!
    5th- Something that I created called Support Partners. It's similar to Tails in Sonic 2, but still completely different. As you progress in-game, you'll achieve different partners to progress with you on your adventure, then, before starting a level, you can choose what character will be your Support Partner or if you don't want to. Let's say you're in Adabat and you chose Tails as your Support Partner. He'll appear in some parts of the stage with his Sea Fox, destroying some enemies for you and clearing paths, making it easier for you to get through. He'll not destroy every robot, and he's not something automatic. If you go on that level with him and you do it again, he'll not shoot projectiles and torpedos at the exactly same robots. Depending of the level, he appears with his Tornado biplane or he'll just fly around, following you, just like in Sonic 2. In that case, he can lend you a hand and let you fly through shortcuts that cannot be reached without his help. Support Partners can be controlled by a second player. In Tornado/Sea Fox's case, the second player will control the aim of the projectiles, and in bare Tails, he'll control his movements and attacks. Also, they can be attacked by enemies, and if they take too much hits, they'll escape from the stage. So yeah, they look out for you but you need to look out for them.
    Yeah, that's pretty much all of it about Sonic's stage gameplay. Sonic's stages will be divided in 3 different Acts. Since there's no Werehog in it (reviving him would be even more forced than SA2's Knuckles "I'll break the emerald into 100 different pieces that will fly through the globe so that Eggman doesn't kidnap it!"), Act 1 and 2 would be at daytime, and dawn/dusk (no specific order) while Act 3 would be at night (sometimes, Act 3 is dawn/dusk, but most of the times is at night). Act 1 and 2 would be directly connected to each other, like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, while Act 3 you need to unlock it on the Overworld. Oh yeah, about the Overworld, it will be similar to Sonic Jam's Sonic World. A really open and wide stage, with a lot of stage elements, like rings, springs, baloons, loopings, floating platforms, you name it. There are even ocasional robots and monitors. At first, the overworlds will not be connected to each other, you'll have to do a small mini-game to go through a continent to another (like Tornado Defence, but there are even more mini-games, like one with the Sea Fox, another with an ice jet, etc) but after you first do it, you can go through a continent to another, they are completely interlinked in the Overworld, it's like a little planet.
    Enough about Sonic, there are two other playable characters in it. First would be Knuckles. He's the exact replacement of Werehog's gameplay. His gameplay though, would have a ton more improvements than Werehog, such as:
    1st- More fast-paced. Enemies would be killed in few hits, and would take at maximum 1/4 of a minute to beat them, and if you take more than that, you're retarded. Also, not only the battle, but his movements are a lot more fast-paced. And enemies does not trap you like in Unleashed. Also, standard-based enemies (like Egg Pawns) are NOT allowed in this game. Enemies will be a little more alike the original Genesis games. Enemies would be theme-based and it is very unlikely to have the same badnik appearing in more than two different zones.
    2nd and 3rd- Super Mario 64 alike level design. Levels would be open and really explorable, like in Super Mario 64, but even a lot more wider. Because of Knuckles' movements (glide and cling) it's very difficult to construct a linear level to him, but this isn't a linear level, it's a completely open one. There are, however, wooden arrows that indicate where to go (because some levels are just a fucking labirinth) and there are alternate missions just like in Super Mario 64. When you go through those alternate levels, the wooden arrows change their directions to help you on that specific mission.
    4th - 2.5D shift just like in Sonic's gameplay. To make some platforming parts a whole lot more pratical.
    5th - Power-ups like Shovel Claw are back. You can upgrade the power-ups in three different levels, for example:
    Shovel Claw
    Level 1- Gives you the ability to dig¹
    Level 2- Boasts attack power and gives you the Drill Drive ability²
    Level 3- Makes you dig faster and unlocks new combo attacks
    ¹=digging is not the same as Sonic Adventure's. Digging here is made on a certain ground that breaks when you dig. Just like Kirby Squeak Squad's Animal ability or Knuckles' ability to destroy walls in Sonic & Knuckles (but instead of walls, blocks)
    ²=Drill Drive can be directed anywhere you want. Up, as a second jump and an uppercut, down as SA2's, and to the sides to improve your gliding/attack multiple enemies at once.
    6th- Co-op. You can go co-op in this gameplay and the second player plays as Espio or Vector (not sure who...) (also, none of them are in the game story, unless if I change my mind. This is just so that this gameplay can have co-op.)
    And, at last, the third character is Tails. It's pretty much an evolved version of Tails' Adventures gameplay with more Classic Sonic added to it (loopings, speed, etc), and the gameplay is completely 2.5D, no changing to 3D. The only 3D-ness is at the Overworld, where everyone is almost the same gameplay (just that Tails can fly and Knuckles can glide and cling), anyway, Tails would have a lot of weapons, like that hand that comes from the ground and that hook with the boxing glove at the tip of it, both from Sonic Battle. He would also have Co-op much like Knuckles. His partner is Geemerl. Unlike Knuckles, which partner has different attacks and slightly different abilities, Geemerl has almost the same moves as Tails.
    Game locations include London, New Zealand, Japan and two mini-stages at North America (Grand Canyon, which only has 1 Act, and Las Vegas that has 2; one at dusk and other at night)
  20. synchronizer


    I have many zone concepts and I imagine so many things that I would dream to apply to a Classic Sonic game. All of my zones like Girder Gadget, jade Jungle, or an un-named one which is a sky level similar to Ancient Greece. I have been drawing so many ideas. When it comes to artwork direction and gameplay:

    Art would be a combination of Sonic 2/CD
    Gameplay would be once again a combination of Sonic 2/CD including the physics and spin-dash from Sonic 2 and the Super-Peel-out from Sonic CD
    Zone transitions would be made in a style similar to Sonic 3 and Knuckles' yet longer and more advanced. You would see the next level right before entering.
    EX: At the end of aforementioned Sky level have an elevator that would lead all the way down to Girder Gadget.
    Many new sorts of machinery and objects would be implemented, many multiple paths, and many more switch puzzles.
    Characters would only include Sonic, tails, and Knuckles.
    Music would be Sonic CD Japanese-esque.
    Graphics would be custom
    My good levels would be added, but ideas would be culled from everyone since a game is not made by one person's imagination.

    Yes I have many ideas, and it would be my dream to have them come to life. Thanks for making a topic such as this.
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