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    Flex 2 is a multi-purpose art and mapping editor for the Sega Megadrive.

    Key improvements in V2;

    • desktop version
    • project files
    • sexy flexible UI layout
    • custom mapping formats
    • undo / redo
    • ability to draw directly on sprites
    • multiple heuristics for spritesheet importing
    • full access to dplc/mapping data

    Various other additions have been made - a usage guide can be found in the documentation.

    source code / report issues

    The first version will likely have a flurry of various bugs or other issues. Bear with me and I'll try and keep on top of them.
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    Fixed a bug that causes imported spritesheets to be a pixel too short and wide.
    Fixed a bug where spritesheets without a surrounding empty border import as a single sprite.
    Removed google analytics

    Latest release is now 0.0.6
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    This project has been dormant for a little while but I intend to resume working on it.

    I've done two quality of life releases recently, here are the changelogs;

    • Tabs can be maximized
    • Sprite swapping keyboard shortcuts added - ctrl+] & ctrl+[
    • Sort imported spritesheet into rows properly
    • Compression now based on flamewing's mdcomp
    • Uses WASM and is much faster
    • Added ArtC42, LZKN1, Rocket and RLE compression formats
    • Autodismiss new mapping screen
    • Better error reporting & enabled devtools (F12)
    • Updated many dependencies, added performance improvements and other small tweaks

    • Changed default palette from Sonic 2 to the SCH unified palette
    • Fixed a bug that allows deleting mappings in drawing mode
    • Fixed a bug where up/down scrolls when there are active mappings
    • Fixed Kosinski-M compression
    • Added KosinskiPlus compression
    • Rebuilt colour picker
    • More dependency upgrades

    One often requested feature is support for other mapping formats. I'm currently working on making them a lot more dynamic so adding support for your custom formats will be a lot easier.