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First level concept art and level design

Discussion in 'Mobius Engine Project' started by Sofox, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Sofox


    While we have slightly discussed this in that other thread, we need to focus on what the first level of this game is going to be like.

    We've decided that it's going to be themed on an English Countryside, but now we need to flesh the concept out a bit.

    Level design and themes have always been important in Sonic games, we need to focus on the experience we want to get across, and the environment of the level will be key to that.

    So two things we need:

    1- We need some concept art of the level. This to establish theme, style and aesthetics. It'll also help in deciding whether we want to go surreal or more realistic, bright and sunny or dark and raining (it is England after all), green fields or stark cliffs. Like any concept art, we may need to go through a revision or two as we try to find the best level style possible.

    2- Level design. Basically the route (or multiple routes) that Sonic will take through the level. If we have any cool level design gimmicks or ideas, that would be a good to mention. But also ideas about how the gameplay style could change over the level and exactly what the default gameplay should be (racing or platforming?). I'd say there should be a mix of styles. Starting relatively easy at a moderate pace, then mild platforming, some open fast sceninic routse, some more tricky environment, then a final fast stretch to the end.

    So if anyone is interested in contributing to either of these two areas, just post in the thread. We may split the conversation into separate threads if they get confused, but right now they are both joined in contributing to the experience of the first level